Advanced Shrimp Preparation Technology

Strike has been very disappointed in the lack of responses regarding the shrimp recipes from the last edition. Only two people contacted Strike saying they had tried them. Naturally it was the best food they had ever had. Strike can't understand what was wrong. Was it a problem with translation for the Europeans (hint: 'shrimp' in European is 'prawn', possibly 'langoustine')? Was it that all of you can't afford shrimp? Can't cook? If you can't cook then this book is of no use to you.

Actually, the problem is clear. If all of you would stop taking amphetamines you would regain your fucking appetites! Here's the recipes for when you get out of detox.

Shrimp Diablo

Jumbo shrimp

Jalapeno peppers (seeded and halved) Bacon strips (blanched 1 min in boiling water) Teriyaki sauce

-Cut the blanched bacon strips in half. Place one jalapeno half against 1 shrimp, wrap with a bacon piece and secure with a toothpick. Place all of the shrimp 'brochettes' into a bowl and marinated at least 30 minutes covered with teriyaki sauce. Broil 5 minutes and serve. Yum!

Shrimp aia Strike

Jumbo shrimp

Thinly sliced prosciuto or pancetta Gruyere cheese

-Cut the cheese into french fries-sized pieces, place one piece

with a shrimp and wrap with a slice of prosciuto. Broil this for five minutes and serve as is or with a dipping sauce of butter and lemon. Double yuml!

The following is the tastiest shrimp dish ever! It is complex. But the reward is heaven.

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