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Krysania's A NON USING TEENAGE Point of View

In my last article, I discussed how I view medicinal marijuana as a teenager. Since discovering my father is a legal user, I have had the opportunity to inform and educate many people on the subject. More often than not, the response I get isn't a negative one, but in fact a very positive one. I find that to be rather surprising actually, considering the bad image it gets from the media.

What I find even more surprising is that many of the people, who support it, are doctors and teachers, some of the very people who harp about how bad marijuana is and all the bad things it can do to your body. While I may find it a little shocking, I am in no way disappointed by it. I feel that it is important for people of some influential status in our society to support such a worthy cause.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into the librarian from the school that I attended last year. After talking about what I've been up to the last little while, the discussion turned to my previous article and this very magazine. The librarian seemed rather pleased hearing about all this and then asked something I can honestly admit I didn't expect. She was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a couple issues of the magazine. After talking it over with my parents, it was decided that we'd be more than happy to give them to her. I later learned that our local public library has received and would further receive copies of this publication for free. I feel that it is a very good thing for the public to have access to both sides of the story so they can decide for themselves what their stand is on this topic.

Hopefully I will be able to further educate people on the importance of this plant for medicinal purposes, by continuing to learn and being able to share what I have learned with others.

Krysania, age 16

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