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Guilt Free Deserts

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Cannabis Chocolate Icing

If you crush a bud of freshly dried marijuana between your fingers, you may notice a chocolate-like aroma mingled among its fragrances. There is no real similarity between cocoa beans and cannabis. The likeness is only in our perceptions. But it is strong enough that a high grade of aromatic grass grown in Mexico is referred to at least in that country as chocolate (pronounced cho-ko-lah-tay). It is possible to take advantage of this curious similarity and apply it in certain recipes such as the following Melt 4 ounces of cannabis tar in a double boiler. Add one teaspoon or more of vanilla extract. While stirring, add 4 ounces of honey. Thoroughly blend all of the ingredients. You now have an icing that can be used in bakery recipes of your own selection or invention such as cannabis layer cake, frosted cupcakes, stoned-out ice cream topping or you can just spread it on crackers. It's so damned finger-licking good that you may never even get past the finger-licking stage. This icing...


Though it is an addictive psychoactive which some believe mimics the effects of marijuana, not much is known about its pharmacology and cognitive effects. Caffeine may account for some of its psychoactive properties, but some researchers state that most of its effects are attributable to theobromine, an alkaloid found in chocolate that is similar to caffeine but which does not have as strong an effect on the nervous system. Researcher Daniele Piomelli has found that chocolate contains anandamide, a natural chemical also found in the brain, which reacts the same way marijuana does it also contains two other ingredients that inhibit the natural breakdown of anandamide. Still, researchers agree that the high produced by chocolate is extremely mild in fact, researcher Christian Felder of the National Institute of Mental Health calculates that a 130-pound person would have to eat the equivalent of 25 pounds of chocolate in one sitting to get anything close to a marijuana high. Theobromine...

Chocolate Thai

The Chocolate Thai was another being entirely. Chocolate Thai came in larger wrapped sticks of a deep, rich, roasted coffee color and a coffee-chocolate aroma that was heavenly. It is my uncertain estimation that the Chocolate Thai was a lowland variety. The imported product itself was unique not only in its aroma and flavor but in its strength as well. This was a dreamy, sleepy, narcotic high that was long lasting and consistent. The aroma possessed a deep, rich chocolate, appeal.

Choosing Your Parents

I used three Pi strains to breed Blueberry, Flo and others. They were the Highland Thai (also called Juicy Fruit Thai, a first-generation Thai seed grown in the Pacific Northwest) a cross called Purple Thai which was a first generation land-race Chocolate Thai crossed once with a first generation land-race Highland Oaxaca Gold and an Afghani Indica which came to me one generation removed from Afghanistan via the California Southern Oregon growing community.

Syndromes of Anxiety and Their Treatment

In sodas and chocolate, not just coffee and tea. Although you may feel calmer when you first drink alcohol, it causes a rebound anxiety when it wears off that may last for some days. The act of smoking may be a habit that relaxes you, but the nicotine in tobacco worsens anxiety. Cocaine, hallucinogenics, and amphetamines can make people acutely anxious during the period of intoxication.

USA Availability Prescription and nonprescription drug also in food Pregnancy Category C

This drug is responsible for the stimulating jolt that coffee drinkers get. Many drinkers would probably be surprised to see caffeine listed as an ingredient in medicines they take. Caffeine is so widely used (typically in coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate) that it is scarcely considered a drug. Yet an overdose can be fatal.

DOSAGE and Preparation

Peyote is even more difficult to eat than San Pedro as the taste is extremely bitter. Some people find that by accepting the flavor and not cringing from it they are able to get past any aversion to eating it. One friend even told me that dried Peyote took on the flavor and consistency of good chocolate. However, those like myself who find the taste intolerable can pulverize the dried buttons and pack them into gelatin capsules.

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 50373 Formal Names Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Informal Names A, Acid, Acido, Angel Tears, Animal, Backbreaker (combined with strychnine), Barrel, Battery Acid, Beast, Beavis & Butthead, Big D, Bird-head, Black Acid, Black Star, Black Sunshine, Black Tab, Blotter, Blotter Acid, Blotter Cube, Blue Acid, Blue Barrel, Blue Chair, Blue Cheer, Blue Heaven, Blue Microdot, Blue Mist, Blue Moon, Blue Vial, Boomer, Brown Bombers, Brown Dots, California Sunshine, Cap, Chief, Chocolate Chips, Cid, Coffee, Conductor, Contact Lens, Crackers, Crystal Tea, Cubes, Cupcakes, D, Deeda, Delysid, Domes, Doses, Dots, Double Dome, Electric Kool Aid, Ellis Day, Elvis, Felixthe Cat, Fields, Flash, Flat Blues, Ghost, God's Flesh, Golden Dragon, Goofy, Grape Parfait, Green Double Domes, Green Single Dome, Green Wedge, Grey Shields, Hats, Hawaiian Sunshine, Hawk, Haze, Head Light, Heavenly Blue, Instant Zen, L, Lason Sa Daga, LBJ, Leary's, Lens, Lime Acid, Little Smoke, Live Spit and Die, Logor, Loony Toons, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Mellow Yellow,...

Contraindications Precautions And Interactions

When xanthine bronchodilators are administered with sympathomimetic drugs (see Chap. 22), additive CNS and cardiovascular effects may occur. If a patient eats large amounts of charcoal-broiled foods while taking the xanthines, a decrease in the therapeutic effect of the xanthines may occur. Certain foods contain xan-thine (eg, coffee, colas, or chocolate) and may increase the risk of cardiac and CNS adverse reactions. Cigarettes, nicotine gum and patches, barbiturates, phenytoin, loop diuretics, isoniazid, and rifampin may decrease the effectiveness of the xanthines. There is an increased risk of xanthine toxicity when the drugs are administered with influenza vaccination, oral contraceptives, glucocorticoids, p-adrenergic blockers, cimeti-dine, macrolides, thyroid hormones, or allopurinol.

My Cataloguing System

The P-1's are simple enough, they are the original breed-stock and labeled for what they are, i.e. Highland, Purple or Chocolate Thai, Oaxacan or Santa Marta Gold, Pure Afghan, etc. The f-1's were equally simple as they were of uniform expressions and I simply chose to label them The Cross . The f-2 generation was equally easy to identify with the label Double Cross , or the progeny of the f-1 cross. However, when the f-2's were grown out, extreme diversity ruled the making of the f-3's (or the descriptions of the f-2's selected to breed further with) a tougher call to make.

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 8008604

Informal Names Ah-pen-yen, Aunti, Aunti Emma, BigO, Black, Blackjack, Black Pill, Black Stuff, Chandoo, Chandu, Chinese, Chinese Molasses, Chinese Tobacco, Chocolate, Cruz, Dopium, Dover, Dover's Deck, Dover's Powder, Dreamer, Dream Gun, Dreams, Dream Stick, Easing Powder, Emma, Fi-Do-Nie, Garden-Poppy, Gee, God's Medicine, Goma, Gondola, Gong, Goric, Great Tobacco, Gum, Guma, Hard Stuff, Hocus, Hop, Indonesian Bud, Joy, Joy Plant, Mawseed, Midnight Oil, Mira, Mud, O, Oil, OJ, OP, Ope, Pen Yan, Pen Yen, PG, Pin Gon, Pin Yen, Plant, PO, Pox, Skee, Tar, Tongs, Tox, Toxy, Toys, When-Shee, Winshee, Yen Shee Suey, Ze, Zero

Past Selection Processes Review

Fine herb since at least the early 1970's, what their favorite all-time herbal variety was, and the answer will be something to the effect of Santa Marta or Acapulco Gold or Highland or Chocolate Thai or Punta Roya (red-tipped gold Highland Oaxacan) or Guerran Green or Panama Red etc. et. al., all of which were equatorial, or sub-tropical, origin sativa and hermaphroditic. Even the great hashish of the era such as Lebanese Red and Blonde, all Moroccan and Nepalese were produced from seeded stock.

Q Is Marijuana Addictive

Neither more nor less likely to overindulge in cannabis than in anything else. On a relative scale, marijuana is less habit forming than either sugar or chocolate but more so than anchovies. Sociologists report a general pattern of marijuana use that peaks in the early adult years, followed by a period of levelling off and then a gradual reduction in use 9 .

Prescription cost compliance

Outside of hospitals, determining the correct dosage is hazardous spoons never contain standard volumes (soup spoons, dessert spoons, tea spoons). Oral suspensions should be prepared with a specified amount of clean water, and well shaken prior to administration. There is therefore a risk of overdose or giving an insufficient dosage.

Fungal Poisons

The caps of this mushroom range in size from 1 to 5 . The color is whitish with a smooth and glossy to fibrous surface. The gills are free from the stem, having a deep pink color that becomes brown and then dark chocolate brown in maturity. These gills are covered with a thin white partial veil when in the button stage. Stems are 1 to 2.5 long and .5 thick, sometimes tapering slightly to the base. The taste and smell are appealing.

The Birth Of Methamphetamine

Ephedra With Meth

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug, similar to cocaine, which is derived from the coca plant, but made entirely of human-made chemicals (synthetic). Some stimulants are used every day by many people others, like amphetamines, are available only with a doctor's prescription and some, like cocaine, have no legal use whatsoever. One everyday stimulant is caffeine, which exists naturally in coffee, chocolate, and many sodas. Whether natural or chemical, legal or illegal, stimulants speed up the nervous system. Stimulants in regular doses can make some people feel awake, alert, energetic, and not hungry. Too much stimulant can create unpleasant skin-crawling, jittery sensations for some, but euphoria for others.

Enhancing performance the American way

The most outspoken anti-doping critic in Germany was Professor Dr Otto Reisser, Director of the Pharmacological Institute of the University of Breslau (Hoberman 1992). In 1930 he reviewed a range of potentially useful substances for enhancing performance, concluding that the few of some value were phosphates, caffeine, theobromine and chocolate (Reisser 1930). He maintained that the physiological complexion of the athlete could not be manipulated by such straightforward processes as adding new substances to their diet. This is an important point, though he was not representative of the wider scientific community. To argue that the human body was too intricate to be simply 'adjusted' by one drug or another ran contrary to the blossoming science of doping. He was also aware that athletes had a one-dimensional view of performance and stimulants. They would ignore scientific advice in their quest for the holy grail of performance enhancement. With that in mind, he addressed the German...

An Ancient Mushroom Ceremony

Simple Jewish Tree Life

First thing which they ale at the gathering was small, black mushrooms which lliey calLed nonoeotl. These are intoxicating and cause visions lo be seen and even provoke sensuousness. They ale these mushrooms before dawn, and they also drank chocolate before daylight . They ate these little mushrooms with honey, and when they began lo be excited by them, lliey began lo dance, some singing, others weeping, for they were already intoxicated by the mushrooms. Some did not want lo sing but sat down in their quarters and remained there as if in a meditative mood. Some saw themselves dying in a vision and wept others saw themselves being eaten by a wild beast others imagined that lliey were capturing prisoners in bailie, thai lliey were rich, I hat they possessed many slaves, that they had committed adultery and were lo have llieir heads crushed for the offense, thai they were guilty of a theft for which lliey were to be killed, and many other visions which lliey saw. When the intoxication...

Word About Mutagens

I am not certain, but I suspect that the Highland and Chocolate Thai may have been the results of a mutagenic regimen. The reasons I make the speculation is due to observations witnessed in the growing cycle of the Highland and Chocolate Thai and their progeny. Both were extremely freakish in some of their expressions, as were a number of subsequent generations. These freakish anomalies are similar to many of the abnormalities documented by mutagenic experiments published in journals such as High Times and Cannabis Culture. These abnormalities include asymmetric growth patterns, albino mutations that affect parts of the plant such as half of a leaf, various polyploid expressions and mild to extreme leaf mutations. I am very interested to learn about any first hand experience anyone may have had in this capacity. Having said that, one of the most important

Now Revised And Updated

Ten years ago the original edition of From Chocolate to Morphine was recognized immediately as the definitive guide toHegal and illegal drugs. Now best-selling author Dr. Andrew Weil and coauthor Winifred Rosen have revised their popular Extensively illustrated, supplemented by helpful comments from drug users and nonusers, From Chocolate to Morphine is a'unique resource. This clear-headed, authoritative book is now more valuable than ever.

Balzac On Stimulating Foods

The destinies of a people depend on Iheir food and diet, Balzac intones in Eleanor's melodious voice. The English government permitted disposal of the lives of three condemned prisoners, who were given the option of being hanged according to the usual practice of that country, or of living exdusively on tea or coffee or chocolate without additional food or drink. The unhappy fools accepted. The man who lived on chocolate died after eight months, The man of chocolate died in a horrible state of putrescence, devoured by lice. His limbs fell off one by one, like those of the Spanish monarchy. Over the years coffee became domesticated and socjalized-lhe lonely worshippers' drug of fortification became a pleasant beverage, a sparker of lively conversation. The traditional method of making coffee-the roasting, grinding and brewing of beans-was developed in the thirteenth century In 1554 the world's first coffeehouse opened in Constantinople, and soon hundreds more sprang up alL over the...

Formal Names Methylbenzoylecgonine

Informal Names All-American Drug, Angie, Applejacks, Aunt Nora, Baby T, Bad, Badrock, Ball, Barbs, Base, Baseball, Basuco, Bazooka, Bazulco, Beam, Beamer, Beans, Beat, Beautiful Boulders, Bebe, Beemer, Bernice, Bernie, Bernie's Flakes, Bernie's Gold Dust, Big Bloke, Big C, Big Flake, Big Rush, Bill Blass, Billie Hoke, Bings, Birdie Powder, Biscuit, B.J., Black Rock, Blanca, Blanco, Blast, Blotter, Blow, Blowcaine, Blowout, Blue, Bobo, Bolivian Marching Powder, Bollo, Bolo, Bomb, Bone, Bonecrusher, Boost, Botray, Boubou, Boulder, Boulya, Bouncing Powder, Boy, Bubble Gum, Bullia Capital, Bullyon, Bump, Bunk, Burese, Bur-nese, Bush, Butler, Butter, C, Cabello Cadillac, Caine, Cakes, California Cornflakes, Came, Canamo, Candy, Candy C, Cap, Capsula, Carnie, Carrie, Carrie Nation, Casper, Casper the Ghost, C-Dust, Cecil, C-Game, Chalk, Charlie, Chemical, Chewies, Chippy, Chocolate Ecstasy, Choe, Cholly, Climax, Cloud, Cloud 9, Coca, Coconut, Coco Rocks, Coke, Cola, Combol, Cookies, Coolie,...

The Economics Of Addiction

2They find it neither typical nor normal despite the fact that they cite figures to suggest that heroin use among American soldiers during the Vietnam War was typical. They also cite figures which suggest that while no particular addiction is common throughout the population, some form of addiction or compulsion is normal, whether it be to wine, mystery novels, or chocolate.

Addiction A Strange Sort Of Magic

Marshall Law

In the book From Chocolate to Morphine, researchers Andrew Weil, M.D., and Winifred Rosen commented on the fundamental nature of addiction, writing Addiction is a basic human problem whose roots go very deep. Most of us have at some point been wounded, no matter what kind of family we grew up in. We long for a sense of completeness and wholeness, and most often search for satisfaction outside of ourselves. Ironically, whatever satisfaction we gain from drugs, food, money and other 'sources' of pleasure really comes from inside of us. That is, we project our power onto external substances and activities, allowing them to make us feel better temporarily. This is a very strange sort of magic. We give away our power in exchange for a transient sense of wholeness, then suffer because the objects of our craving seem to control us. Addiction can be cured only when we consciously experience this process, reclaim our power, and recognize that our wounds must be healed from within. 16

Common Use Drugs Alcohol Tobacco and Caffeine

The coffee bean was harvested around 600 ad in Ethiopia.14 Although coffee was banned in Egypt in the sixteenth century, for instance, the major issues involving caffeinated substances did not involve prohibition but instead international trade and taxation, best illustrated in American history by the colonists' outrage at new taxation schemes imposed by the British Crown and the resulting Boston Tea Party. Today, caffeine is available in coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks, chocolate, cough and cold remedies, stay-awake tablets, and other products, subject in the United States only to minimal restrictions related to purity and labeling.

The Catholic Constabulary Take Note

At the very first, mushrooms had been served. They ate them at a time when, they said, the shell trumpets were blown. They ate no more food they only drank chocolate during the night. And they ate the mushrooms with honey. When the mushrooms took effect on them, then they danced, then they wept. But some while still in command of their senses entered and sat there by the house on their seats they danced no more, but only sat there nodding.

Feeding And Appetite

Endocannabinoids and other A-acylethanolamines (NAPE) have been detected in several foods including chocolate (di Tomaso et al., 1996), milk, oatmeal, hazelnuts, millet and soy beans (Di Marzo et al., 1998b). The presence of endocannabinoids in chocolate is especially interesting and has been investigated further. Although the endocannabinoid concentrations in chocolate are far too low to induce visible marijuana-like euphoriant effects when taken orally (Di Marzo et al., 1998b), two alternative biological explanations may explain the phenomenon of chocolate craving . First, there may be enough endocannabinoids present in chocolate to activate the mesolimbic reward system (see Addiction ) required for craving. Intriguingly, the smell of chocolate reduced theta brain waves, presumably reducing attention and promoting a sense of relaxation (Martin, 1998). Second, non-cannabinoid NAPE's found in chocolate, with entourage properties (see Pharmacological profile of endocannabinoids ),...

From 1500 to 1800

Public drinking establishments evolved, sometimes as important town-meeting places and sometimes as the workers' equivalent of social clubs, with better heat and lighting than homes, with news and gossip, games and companionship. Coffee, tea, and chocolate were also introduced to Europe at this time, and each became popular enough to be the focus of specialized shops. But each was also suspect for a time, while physicians debated whether they were dangerous to the health clergy debated their effects on morality and political and business leaders feared that retail See also Advertising and the Alcohol Industry Chocolate Coffee Tea.


Di Tomaso, E., Beltramo, M. and Piomelli, D. (1996) Brain cannabinoids in chocolate, Nature 382 677-678. Fride, E., Bisogno, T., Di Marzo, V., Bayewitch, M., Vogel, Z. and Mechoulam, R. (1997) Pharmacology of anandamide the chocolate-sleep connection, Society of Neurosciences Abstract 23 1230.

Almost Lost lack

The talented and charming and most beautiful Yvonne The Snake Lady danced for our pleasure. As always she stole the show. She performed with her trusty Bling Bling, an albino Burmese Python, and graciously joined for what proved to be the most decadent ending to a perfect meal, dessert. This evening's dessert was Brake , part brownie and part cake, topped with strawberries and every last bit of it infused with cannabis of course. This meal was scandalous and decadent and one of the best I have had in years.

The Moneylender

A, who cares much more about present money than future money, Mr. B would not give up a large amount of future money for cash in hand. (It should be noted that a negative time preference does not exist, that is, a preference for money in the future over money in the present. This would be equivalent to saying that there would be a preference toward giving up 100 in the present, in order to get 95 in the future. This is irrational unless there are conditions other than time preference which operate. For example, one might want to purchase protection for money that is unsafe now, but will be safe a year hence, etc. Or, one may want to savor his dessert and postpone consumption until after dinner. Dessert-before-dinner would then be considered a different good than dessertafter-dinner, no matter how similar the two goods were in physical terms. There is thus no preference shown for a good in the future over the same good in the present.)

Flying Dutchman

The buds took about 10days drying time. For making bubblehash the orange really comes out in the taste. The trim is high quality and for some reason the dark purple leaf turned the wastewater red The bubble was like white chocolate. When dry the rotten flesh smell disappears from the buds, which smell more like spicy oranges or lemsip when crushed. When smoked the flavours get sweeter (with a 3month cure they would get sweeter still, but we can't wait that long). Royal Orange has a unique taste, slightly sweet with a musty undertone (we couldn't pinpoint the taste). The taste stays in the mouth after smoking for a long time The effects are quite strong, with slight waves of euphoria. The yield was above average. We will be growing this strain from clone again.

Cup sugar

1 2 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. GreaSe j 9-inch square baking pan, Melt butter, cannabis buttei (or shake) and 1 cup of chocolate chips in targe- auc pan tjver low heat remove from heat. Stir In remaining ingredients In order Listed, mixing well. Spread batter m prepared pan. Bake for to 30 minutes or until beginning to slightly pull away from sides o 1 pan. Cool in pan on wire rack. Cut Into 2,-inch squares.


Higher plants (angiosperms and gymnosperms) produce polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) with acyl tails limited to 18 carbons in length, with up to four double bonds (18 4) (Zank et al., 2000). Hence, reports of PUFAs in plants with longer acyl tails, such as AA and endocannabinoids (all 20 4), are problematic. DiTomaso et al. (1996) detected AEA in chocolate and cocoa powder (from seeds of Theobroma cacao). Their results were challenged by Di Marzo et al. (1998), who did not detect AEA or 2-AG in cocoa. Nakane et al. (2000) reportedly extracted cis-5,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid (sciadonic acid, 20 3) from seeds of a conifer, the umbrella pine Sciadopitys verticillata. This analog of 2-AG exhibited cannabimimetic activity at concentrations as low as 10 nM in NG108-15 neuroblastoglioma cells expressing CBj (Nakane et al., 2000). Unlike higher plants, lower nonvascular plants such as club mosses, mosses, and algae express A6-elongase enzymes, and they are capable of producing AA (Zank et...


Beans tiie average is 100-150 nig per cup. Tea, cola, many carbonated beverages, herbal teas, and chocolate all contain varying amounts of caffeine, depending upon the method of preparation. Even some innocent drinks such as orange soda may have caffeine added to them. Caffeine is absorbed quickly and reaches maximum serum time at 60 minutes and readily enters the milk. The milk plasma ratio (M P) for caffeinc is around 0.6.

The Next Generation

Romulan has quickly become one of our new favorite night time smokes. It has a awesome flavor and the Indica make up is perfect for un winding in the evening hours. It tends to bring on the munchies and a session is usually followed by a chocolate snack. Romulan will be staying around here as stash and also as one of our new mother plants.

Hashmaking in Greece

Not surprisingly, most of the eating preparations contained large quantities of honey or sugar. Manzul contains about 10 hashish mixed with sesame oil (and often cocoa butter), powdered chocolate, spices and seasonings. A wide variety of crushed or chopped nuts or seeds may be added, and the thick paste is often cut up into flat discs one cm thick and three cm across. Hashish is sometimes added to the helwa (haloua, heluuaj type of confection so popular in the Middle East. These sweets are characterized as aphrodisiacs in Arab mcdicinc with opium, cantharides (Spanish fly) and seeds of Strychnos nux-vomica containing strychnine frequently added. Majagun is very similar except that honey and then gum arabic powder arc added to form a paste which is made into pellets for swallowing. Synonyms are magoon (India), majun (Turkey), and madjun (North Africa).

Anergia Anergy

Angelica Mixture of partially fermented wine, grape juice and brandy. Sweet, fortified dessert wine said to have originated near Los Angeles, for which it is named. Angelica is one of the oldest California wines it was probably originally made from the mission grape, a European variety brought to California in the 18th century by Spanish padres. Angelito Turbina corymbosa. Angels trumpet Brugmansia candida, Any of several New World plants of the genera Brugmansia or Datura, having large, variously colored trumpet-shaped flowers. All parts of the plants contain the poisonous belladonna alkaloids.

The Mezz

Poppa, you never smacked your cliops on anything sweeter in all your days of viping. It liad sucli a wonderful smell and the kick you got was really out of this wodd. Guys used to say it tasted like chocolate candy, a brand Hershey never even thouglit of. I laid it on the cats in the Barbeque, and pretty soon ail Hatlem was after me to light them up. I wasn't working then and I didn't have much money left to gaycat with, but I couldn't refuse to light my friends up. Before I knew it I had to write to our connection for a large supply, because everybody I knew wanted some. Man, you can be rid in' on rubber in no time with that stuff, and it ain't against the law neither,', the cats told me. 'Just think how many cats you can make happy , they kept saying. Before I knew it, I was standing on The Corner pushing guage. Only I did no pushing. I just stood under the Tree of Hope, my pokes full up, and the cats came and went, and so did all my golden-leaf.


Olifantenpaadjes Cartoon

Place the first three items in a bowL. Using an electric hand-mixer, beat the cream cheese, ghee and sugar until smooth and fluffy. Add the sour cream, almond extract and chocolate-flavored syrup beat until well- mixed, fold by hand the thawed frozen dairy whip into the chocolate mixture, Spoon into Lhe chocolate-flavored pie oust and smooth the top with a spatula, Chi LI until firm. Keep refrigerated. NOTE Serve with sprinkled cocoa, shaved chocolate or toasted almonds over dollops of additional whipped cream.

Alkaloids in food

However, some alkaloids are used as additional components of food. The most well known is the use of the quinine as a bitter in tonic water according to an established procedure. Theophylline is an important component of black tea. Caffeine is a well-known component of coffee. Theobromine is found in cacao plants but not in the final products based on cacao seeds, such as cacao drinks or chocolate. Theobromine is removed during fermentation and processing. Processing is very important for the production of the final alkaloid product consumed. In the case of coffee, a high-quality product is possible only from the ripened berries600'601. There are two methods of processing coffee. The first one is the so-called dry method , used especially in Brazil and in tropical Africa. It is based on the simple drying of berries in the sun. In humid areas this method cannot be used, as sun-drying can prove difficult. In these places, the so-called wet process is preferred. Berries are first crushed...

Purine Alkaloids

Much more important as a drug compound because of its muscle relaxant properties, utilized in the relief of bronchial asthma. Theobromine is a major constituent of cocoa*, and related chocolate products. Although cocoa as a drink is now rather unfashionable, it provides the raw material for the manufacture of chocolate and is commercially very important. Cocoa (or cacao) is derived from the roasted seeds of Theobroma cacao (Sterculiaceae), a tree widely cultivated in South America and West Africa. The fruits develop on the trunk of the tree, and the seeds from them are separated, allowed to ferment, and are then roasted to develop the characteristic chocolate flavour. The kernels are then separated from the husks, ground up, and processed in various ways to give chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa butter. Cocoa seeds contain 35-50 of oil (cocoa butter or theobroma oil), 1-4 theobromine and 0.2-0.5 caffeine, plus tannins and volatile oils. During fermentation and roasting, most of the...


Informal Names A-Bomb (with opium or heroin), Acapulco Gold, Acapulco Red, Ace, Afgani Indica, African Black, African Bush, Airplane, Alamout Black Hash (with belladonna), Alice B. Toklas (baked in brownie), AMP (with PCP, formaldehyde, or other substance), Angola, Ashes, Assassin of Youth, Astro Turf, Atomic Bomb (with heroin), Atshitshi, Aunt Mary, Baby, Baby Bhang, Bad Seed, Bamba, Bambalacha, Bammy, Banano (mixed with cocaine), Bar, Bash, Bazooka (with coca paste), Belyando Spruce, B-40 (mixed with tobacco and alcohol), Bhang, Black, Black Bart, Black Ganga, Black Gold, Black Gunion, Black Mo, Black Moat, Black Mote (with honey), Blanket, Blast, Block, Blonde, Blue de Hue, Blue Sage, Blue Sky Blond, Blunt, Bo, Bo-Bo, Bobo Bush, Bohd, Bomb, Bomber, Bone, Boo, Boo Boo Bama, Boom, Broccoli, Bud, Buda, Buddha (with opium), Burnie, Bush, Butter, Butter Flower, Cambodian Red, Cam Red, Cam Trip, Can, Canade (with heroin), Canadian Black, Canappa, Cancelled Stick, Candy Blunt (with...

Oral Administration

Possibly a more accurate assessment of oral bioavailability that utilized GC MS to quantify THC in plasma samples was reported by Ohlsson et al. (1980). Peak THC concentrations ranged from 4.4 to 11 ng ml and occurred 1 to 5 h following ingestion of 20 mg of THC in a chocolate cookie. Oral bioavailability was estimated to be 6 . Slow rates of absorption and low THC concentrations occur after oral administration of THC or cannabis. Several factors may account for the low oral bioavailability of 4 to 20 (as compared to intravenous drug administration) including variable absorption, degradation of drug in the stomach and significant first-pass metabolism to active 11-OH-THC and inactive metabolites in the liver.

Caapi Pinima

Cabona Colloquial term for inhalants. Cabronal 1. Phenobarbital calcium. 2. Phenobarbital. Cabuim Anadenanthera colbrina. Caca Colloquial term for heroin. Cacahoatl Cacao. Cacahua Cacao. Cacahuatl Cacao. Cacalia cordiflora See Matwu. Cacao 1. An evergreen tropical American tree (Theobroma cacao) having leathery, ellipsoid, ten-ribbed fruits borne on the trunks and older branches. Also called chocolate tree. 2. The seed of this plant, used in making chocolate, cocoa, and cocoa butter. In this sense, also called cacao bean, cocoa bean. The usefulness of the cocoa bean was well known to the Pre-Columbian inhabitants of tropical Meso-America-particularly the Mayas and Aztecs, who used the bean not only to produce a beverage but also as a medium of exchange. During the 16th century cocoa beans were carried to Europe, where refinements in processing led to the development of cocoa and chocolate and to the extraction of cocoa butter (q.v.), a natural...


I grab some chocolate as a treat, and maybe a celebrity magazine or two. Checkout now. Do I have card Visa or mastercard Yes, of course I collect points Enter your pin, transaction complete. You rush to the car, load up and start up, and a few minutes later, you're home safe and sound. Do you even know that food has to be grown I'm not being funny here but it seems to me that most of us assume that a chocolate biscuit grows in its wrapper on a chocolate bar tree The number of ingredients necessary to make all of these processed foods is huge, and that means resources. Chocolate has to be grown (in only a few countries) in the form of cacao beans that have to be harvested, roasted, ground and then processed into our favourite chocolate bars, then wrapped and shipped to distribution points. Then it's off to the individual shops, then unwrapped in three seconds and eaten in ten. What a waste. But I enjoyed it, you say. I like chocolate. Ultimately, the human being has been so successful,...

What Is a Drug

Most people would agree that heroin is a drug. It is a white powder that produces striking changes in the body and mind in tiny doses. But is sugar a drug Sugar is also a white powder that strongly affects the body, and some experts say it affects mental function and mood as well. Like heroin, it can be addicting. How about chocolate Most people think of it as a food or flavor, but it contains a chemical related to caffeine, is a stimulant, and can also be addicting. Is salt a drug Many people think they cannot live without it, and it has dramatic effects on the body.


PRECAUTIONS Warnings At doses over 10 mg day, selegiline can cause a hypertensive crisis in which your blood pressure rises dangerously high, putting you at risk for a brain stroke, brain damage, and death. This reaction is unlikely to occur on its own but is possible if used in combination with foods or medicines which contain tyramine or substances similar to epinephrine. In theory, at doses below 10 mg day, selegiline can be safely used without the dietary precautions necessary listed below. However, hypertensive crises have occurred even at this low dose. The following medications must be avoided while you are on selegiline and for two weeks following its cessation in order to avoid a hypertensive crisis Prescription medications Antiasthmatics that contain epi-nephrine or epinephrine-like compounds, most antidepressants, antihyperten-sives, antiparkinsonian agents, barbiturates, buspirone (Buspar), carbamazepine (Tegretol), disulfiram diuretics, narcotics, stimulants...

A poisoning case [4

An unidentified male was found naked from the waist up in a park at about 10 00 p. m. he was suffering from some difficulty in breathing. He was sent to a nearby clinic and diagnosed as exsiccosis he was brought to a hospital, but he was found dead in the bed of the hospital in the next morning 7 h after admission. On the day of his death, autopsy was performed there are no notable disorders, but the colors of all organs and blood were chocolate-brown. The blood methemoglobin concentration was thus measured it was as high as 78 . Since the fatal concentration of methemoglobin was reported to be about 70 1, 2, 5 , the cause of his death was diagnosed as methemoglobinemia. The poison causing his methemoglobinemia was analyzed by the present method it was disclosed that he had ingested nitrate. The analytical results for nitrite and nitrate in his blood and stomach contents are shown in Table 5.2. An example of the gas chromatograms in the present case is also shown in Figure 5.2. The...

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