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In this ground-breaking program you'll learn the subtleties of conversation to pinpoint the specific problems that are ruining your chances with women. You'll learn how to draw people out to talk about more interesting topics in a more natural way instead dragging it out of them. And the mindset tricks so that you can Always be in the zone with women whenever you're talking to them. What's unique about this course is that its based on examples and application and is filled with hundred of little bite size game changers that you'll be able to see an immediate impact on your conversations tonight. More here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Its enough to make you

As I said, much of this book was born during conversations with friends who have served as guinea pigs for much of the content. I would like to thank Kim Weinreich in particular for keeping me mostly sane. She is a remarkable person. All of the cartoons were drawn by Dr Sean Taverna, who, in addition to being an extraordinary cartoonist, is also a very talented scientist. My dear friend Daphne Youree kindly agreed to photograph me and has a knack for making me look more handsome than I am. If it were not for Ian Kingston, you would have had the opportunity to see how badly I can butcher the English language. This book would not have happened if it were not for my editor Sara Abdulla, who was convinced early on that I could write something interesting.

Navigating the Datastream

Hugh, my assistant and link-artist to the telephone net, adjusts his headset, checks a meter, then acknowledges with a nod that the conversation is still being recorded satisfactorily. Craig would not share with me what the message said - only that it motivated his career as a cybenan. This process - finding something that wasn't written about, discovering something that I wasn't supposed to know -it got me very interested. I searched in various other games and tried

Sleep disorders with dopamine receptor agonists

On the other hand, these results have been disputed in another report, with authors in common with the previous report. They presented four case studies, three men and one woman, aged 49-87 years, who had had Parkinson's disease for 8-17 years the longest duration was in the youngest patient (41A). All four were taking levodopa (300-1500 mg day) plus a de-carboxylase inhibitor. All four reported sudden irresistible sleep episodes, even during conversations two also complained of sleepiness distinct from these attacks. Two of the patients

Review of Neuropsychological and Cognitive Data

Difficulties in attention and concentration as well as new complex verbal learning may be directly related, and must be understood in the context of not only these subjects' chronic cannabis use, but also their underlying chronic diseases and clinical syndromes, with attendant fatigue and preoccupation. Interestingly, depressive symptoms are not currently noted at a clinical level in any of the subjects despite their chronic medical conditions or long-term cannabis use. None displayed evidence of social withdrawal or apathy characteristic of the alleged amotivational syndrome. Rather, all were animated, engaging in conversation and demonstrating an active involvement with their ongoing care and the current research.

Knockandtalk searches

In the event that a patient is verbally intimidated by a law officer in an encounter, the patient should terminate the conversation or call 911 and request help from the emergency dispatcher. There are few reports of police intimidation of Oregon patients since OMMA became law.

Mdicaments Vgtaux 1923

Bouquet has described hashish intoxication very well 'Half an hour or an hour after eating a sufficient dose of a hemp preparation, the first effect is felt, and it is a feeling of physical and moral well-being, as Moreau du Tours says, of intense joy well-being, contentment, indefinable joy which you try in vain to understand, to analyze, of which you cannot seize the cause. You feel happy, you say it, you proclaim it with exaltation, you try to express it by all the means which are in your power, you repeat it over and over but to say why or in what you are happy, you cannot find words to express it, to make it clear to yourself.' You feel strong, agile, elegant, capable of extraordinary feats you feel an intense desire for movement. The intelligence remains calm during this period. Then suddenly a certain hilarity, absurd but irresistible, bursts out over an insignificant incident a banal phrase, a very natural act, the sight of someone is enough to start this laughter. The period...

Sparking International Debate

Three of the six letters DPA had published in the Wall Street Journal this year were on the topic of drug-related violence in Mexico, which claimed more than a thousand lives last year. The San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times ran a piece by Nadelmann in which he offered a reality-check on the likelihood of Mexico turning a corner in its fight against the drug trade. Shortly thereafter, the Los Angeles Times editorial board sat down with Nadelmann and subsequently published on their website a lengthy synopsis of their conversation on the drug war, the collateral damage in the U.S. stemming from drug prohibition and what should be done about it.

Keeping Out Of Trouble

Explicit telephone conversations with one's customers are a definite no-no, and such an understanding must be reached with them from the outset. Rather, the conversations should be friendly, filled with small talk, and mostly held to make sure the guy is home. Use of codewords and other such nonsense is for idiots. If one's customer breaks these pre-agreed-upon rules, it is cause for suspicion.

Wednesday 14 June 2006

Joan Ryan I think that is exactly right. There are a number of other schemes in different countries around the world, all of which we are looking at and we are talking to the people involved. I know the committee has had some evidence on some of these issues and our conversations with people in terms of the US visit with the FBI IDENT 1, the police fingerprinting scheme and the Hong Kong scheme where they can use ID to counter on-line fraud. All of these developments continually bring forward, first, that this is a concept of its time now and, secondly, that there are growing advantages. Different bits of the advantages appeal to different people, and that is what they will emphasise. That is why it is important we have our four main objectives. As I said, that should not exclude developmental work on using the card in other ways as time moves on.

Secretary Spy Upsets Coke Case

Discovery that a legal secretary was a government informer has led to acquittal of four cocaine defendants aud new trials for three others. Lawyer Samuel Antonelli had been charged with coke sales after his girl friend and secretary. Susan Reichard, reported lo prosecutors on conversations with Randall Company, whom Antonelli was defending on import charges,

Cannabis Pipe Medicating

The shared medicating experience can be very rewarding. A way to relate with other patients, share experiences and make friends. To keep the experience pleasant, take only one hit of medication before passing it along. Holding the pipe and talking while others are waiting for medication gets wearisome. Be sure to use the pipe, pass it along then continue conversation.

Professional Crisis Intervention And The Selfhelp Approaches

The .avoidance techniques developed by the self-help movement, although less harmful than the approach based on the medical and psychiatric model, are also counterproductive. Attempts to engage the subject in superficial conversations ( talking them down ), to distract them by showing them flowers and beautiful pictures, or taking them for a walk does not solve the underlying problem. This can be seen at best as playing for time keeping the individual occupied with distracting maneuvers until the crisis subsides or diminishes with the waning of the pharmacological effect of the drug. These approaches are based on the erroneous assumption that the drug has created the problem. Once we realize that we are dealing with the dynamics of the unconscious, not a pharmacological state, the short-sightedness of this approach becomes obvious. The danger in using techniques that encourage avoidance lies in the failure to confront and resolve the unconscious material that underlies the emotional...

May the Best Meme

Sirius sits down next to Sarah, and her admirers back off a little. Kirn watches the couple interact, silently gauging their level of intimacy. Perhaps Sirius is only a cyber Warhol, after all. Sarah might be his art project more than his lover. Meanwhile, others wait for Sirius to direct the conversation. Is he in the mood to hear ideas Flow was Toon Town Did he think of the theme for the next issue

Life in the suburbs Colloquial term for

Ligado Argentinean colloquial term for when an addict becomes interested in someone else's conversation and follows it. Liggett Group U.S. conglomerate with major interests in making tobacco products, spirits and wines, and pet foods. Headquarters are in Durham, N.C.In 1980 the Liggett Group was acquired by a British-based conglomerate, Grand Metropolitan PLC, which sold it to American financier Bennett S. LeBow in 1986. LeBow led the company through a merger in 1990, when it was renamed Brooke Group Ltd. The company pioneered the development of low-priced, generic cigarettes while marketing more expensive, classic brands, such as Chesterfield, Eve, and Lark. Light artillery Colloquial term for an addict who injects.

Et mushrooms oneoTchedjawdust

Now that the duties of the three laboratory personnel are clearly defined, working in concert becomes the foremost priority. A well-organized laboratory team achieves a furious pace. Conversation is kept to a minimum. (The person doing the inoculations can't talk anyhow, except between sets of inoculations lest his breath spread bacteria. Wearing a fil ter mask reduces this risk.) However, times arise when one or more of the three-person production flows is interrupted. During these down-times, counter-tops should be vacuumed and wiped clean with alcohol. Garbage can be consolidated. Finally, one's hands are washed prior to any more inoculation activity. The pace during the inoculation process should be both rhythmic and fast. Inoculations are purposely interrupted after every 50 or so bags so periodic cleaning can occur. Depending on the equipment, design of the facility, and experi

Alices Adventures In Wonderland

This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, 'I I hardly know, sir, just at present at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.' Which brought them back again to the beginning of the conversation. Alice felt a little irritated at the Caterpillar's making such very short remarks, and she drew herself up and said, very gravely, 'I think you ought to tell me who you are, first.'

The Researchers Get Together International Conferences

With LSD by Harold Abramson, The Nature of the Psychological Respose to LSD by Ron Sandison, Symbolysis Psychotherapy by Symbolic Presentation by Cornelius van Rhijn, and The Study of Communication Processes Under LSD by Henry Lennard and Mollie Hewitt. A verbatim report was made of the Conference, which fulfilled Dr. Freemont-Smith's initial hope that there would be informal give-and-take, in which people really communicate with one another where we can hope to have.a conversation, a conversation en groupe but at times there were serious problems of communication, especially didactic point- making rather than two-way flow.

Borderline Psychotic States And Endogenous Psychoses

At this point Milada believed herself to be under my hypnotic influence and felt in constant rapport with me, in the LSD sessions as well as during the free intervals. She experienced a mutual exchange of thoughts and even verbal communication. It was interesting that in some of these hallucinated interviews we continued psychotherapy. Milada discussed various aspects of her life with me and carried out activities suggested by my illusory voice, such as several hours of bathing and physical training every day and exercises in feminine housework. In these hallucinated conversations 1 told her that 1 had decided to drop the therapeutic game and become her lover and husband 1 also allowed her to use my last name instead of her husband's name. She was repeatedly assured of my love, was told that her divorce was already arranged, and asked to move with her children into my apartment. It was clear from the context of her LSD sessions that this wishful magical thinking was a transference...

Balzac On Stimulating Foods

Over the years coffee became domesticated and socjalized-lhe lonely worshippers' drug of fortification became a pleasant beverage, a sparker of lively conversation. The traditional method of making coffee-the roasting, grinding and brewing of beans-was developed in the thirteenth century In 1554 the world's first coffeehouse opened in Constantinople, and soon hundreds more sprang up alL over the Mideast and North Africa. When, soon after, sugar was introduced to the drink, travelers from Europe reacted ecstatically The coffee craze swept Europe, quickly spreading to the New World. While the cultivation of cocoa goes back over 3,000 years, folk history first locates chocolate in the court of the Aztec potentate Montezuma, who puiportedly put away 50 cups of chocolatl in the course of a day more when planning a conjugal visit to some combination of his 700 wives. Exalted in the Aztec court1 as a zesty aphrodisiac, chocolate was the subject of a lot of bad press following its...

Introduction Of Hallucinogens

One of my own favorite landmarks is a conversation across the disciplines in 1970 between ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes and anthropologist Weston La Barre that has helped to place the whole psychedelic phenomenon in a culture-historical and ideological framework and has given it a theoretical time depth reaching back into the Paleolithic.

Deatf and Rebirtl in Santo Daime

Santo Daime

Some years later, I attended in North America another UDV hoasca ceremony. Before departing for the session, I had had a telephone conversation with a friend of mine who had participated in a session with these same ayahuasqueros several nights previous. My friend told me that he and his companions had had only a very mild experience, hardly worth the time expended. Thus forewarned of the brew's weak psychoactivity, I brought with me to the session a meditation bench, prepared to at least devote my energies to contemplative practice. I arrived at the designated house and was introduced to the gentlemen from South America. I was instantly struck by how quiet and unassuming they were. They were, I learned, from a remote rain forest town and had been devoted practitioners of ayahuasca for the past twenty years. one would hear moaning and groaning, but also laughter and quiet conversation. The songs and dances continued, relentlessly. After a set of hymns lasting about half an hour, there...

Agrobacterium Tumefaciens En Cannabis

Tissue Culture Box

The same basic ideas and patterns of inheritance of crop production have been applied to marijuana plants. It logically follows that biotechnology should also be applied to Cannabis crops. There are many benefits that biotechnology can offer Cannabis growers, whether they are indoor or outdoor growers. The details of how this can be accomplished are fairly basic but require a fundamental understanding of plant biotechnology to at least have an intelligent conversation or carry out a reliable experiment. As stated by Albert Einstein, imagination can be more powerful than knowledge. However imagination is cultivated more easily through concepts of knowledge, making both imagination and knowledge necessary for maximum progress.

Khat For Lowers Blood Sugar

Known as the flower of paradise, khat has wide recreational use in countries of its traditional origin A survey of over 10,000 Ethiopian villagers found that half were currently using the substance a survey of Ethiopian high school students found a still higher percentage of users. In cultures where khat usage originated, it is a social drug used to lubricate conversation. Users feel more alert and confident and even a little contentious, making for lively gatherings. Persons who have a troubled relationship with khat are generally persons who disregard social customs about it. For example, users will feel a letdown as the drug wears off. People who use khat in its traditional social context are likely to experience that letdown as simply part of a genial gathering breaking up as members go about their individual business and are unlikely to have interest in taking more khat right then. Someone alone in an apartment who feels let down may see more khat as the answer...

JtiiQh AfhlentieR m Mmmvm

That is lo say he had telegraphed me neatly a week after their conversation. Why the delay, 1 reflected, or rather why had he telegraphed me at all Was it loyally or discretion, 1 wondered, studying the rosy face before me, wreathed in cigarette smoke like an elderly cherub on a cloud. lo be shipped 10 Djibouti If ii were to become known that I had disposed of the charas in Bombay lo the Egyptian hashish syndicate, it would undoubtedly compromise the success of any further purchases I might desire to make in India. We ended our conversation with the understanding that I was to inform him at his Cairo address when the charas might be expected at Djibouti- In the meantime he would make all the necessary arrangements for its delivery. In my last conversation with Thrnwell, I learned that my irrepressible agent had still, another scheme up his sleeve. I explained that this lime I had merely come for goods the Canossa was bringing from Bombay. In ihe course of our conversation, I mentioned...

Tle plant Spirits Help Me to Heal Myaelf and Others

The morning after the ayahuasca experience, I noticed how unusually open I remained. I had the sensation that I was outdoors even while being inside the cabin. During a morning drumming ritual, I realized the plant kingdom was talking to me. Plants, berries, flowers, and trees were telling me of their medicinal properties and how to use them. The plant kingdom and I remained in communion all morning long, lost in our own private conversations. The plant kingdom had suddenly come alive to me.

Meeting with Aldous Huxley

A gentleman with a yellow freesia in his buttonhole, a tall and noble appearance, who exuded kindness-this is the image I retained from this first meeting with Aldous Huxley. The table conversation revolved mainly around the problem of magic drugs. Both Huxley and his wife, Laura Archera Huxley, had also experimented with LSD and psilocybin. Huxley would have preferred not to designate these two substances and mescaline as drugs, because in English usage, as also by the way with Droge in German, that word has a pejorative connotation, and because it was important to differentiate the hallucinogens from the other drugs, even linguistically. He believed in the great importance of agents producing visionary experience in the modern phase of human evolution. In our conversation in Zurich, I had already learned from Aldous Huxley that he would again treat the problem of psychedelic drugs in his forthcoming novel. Now he sent me a copy of Island, inscribed To Dr. Albert Hofmann, the...

The Free Fall And Its Relation To The High Feeling

If one eavesdrops around a Drop Zone, he would almost get the impression that there is some sort of mystical-religious cult being practiced. Exclamations concerning the inability to describe the experience in words are commonplace, and to be compared only with conversations during and after psychedelic sessions. Psychedelic methods for expanding consciousness have included sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, psychodrama, Gurdjieff techniques of self-awareness, and more recently certain drugs, including LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Psilocybin, and Marihuana. These drugs have opened up psychedelic art techniques of direct (nonsymbolic) energy stimulation. At least one artist I know is now investigating the possibilities of expanding his consciousness through the Free Fall and is communicating his experiences in his paintings. I feel it only fair to point out that in some cases the Free Fall, unlike the Psychedelic drugs mentioned above, does call to mind similarities...

Bipolar Disorder Syndromes and Their Treatment

Mood Swings Some people, particularly those who have experienced traumatic experiences in childhood, such as sexual or physical abuse, experience pronounced mood swings. Although some clinicians and patients refer to these mood swings as bipolar disorder and may equate the ups with mania, there are several important differences. First, they rarely last more than a few hours, often occurring several times over the course of the day. Second, the ups and downs are generally associated with a specific event, such as a conversation with a family member or boss, and do not have the autonomous quality of a genuine manic episode, in which a person is impervious to the opinions and actions of others and the events around them. Third, mood-stabilizing drugs, so useful for genuine bipolar disorder, provide minimal benefit. Finally, antidepressants often provide substantial benefit without causing a manic episode, whereas they invariably precipitate a manic episode in people with genuine bipolar...

Assessing Cannabis Craving in a Treatment Setting

High-Urge Script You're at a friend's house sitting in a big comfortable chair. You're with people you've known for a long time and you're enjoying yourself very much. You're feeling relaxed and totally at ease. Many of your friends are smoking marijuana. As you sit there listening to the conversation and music, you begin to think about how enjoyable a joint would be. The smoke begins to fill the room and you think about how satisfying it would be to hold a joint between your fingers. The more you think about smoking marijuana, the stronger your desire becomes. Maybe tonight when you're with your friends and having a good time, it would be okay to get stoned. How could you really enjoy yourself fully unless you were smoking pot Your desire to smoke becomes really intense and you know that there's no good reason not to smoke any of the joints being passed around.

The History of Hallucinogens

Hundreds of species of plants contain the chemical substances we call hallucinogens, and have been altering the thoughts, moods, and perceptions of animals and people all over the world for thousands of years. A hallucinogen user may see a song, hear purple, or hold seemingly coherent conversations with family pets or house plants. A minute can feel like hours, and hours can feel like seconds. A user might become intrigued by a piece of furniture that appears to walk about the dining room, a wall that seems to breathe, or a rainbow of colors that appears streaming from his or her outstretched hand.

Early ideas

In one of my first conversations with David D Rutstein, then Professor of Preventive Medicine, he said that he hoped that I could produce ideas on how statisticians might contribute to the early detection of dangers like the thalidomide problem that was then alarming the medical world. At that time, I had never heard of


Please think about this for a moment will you How deeply interested are you in the topics you read about I mean really interested in Enough to investigate more, or just enough to discuss it with your friends, family, colleagues, or your mates down the pub Everyone likes to talk about the stories they read or see on the news, it makes the day to day conversation more interesting, where suddenly, we can talk about terrorism in a real way, discussing the ins and outs of the potential threats to our lives But only until the next big news story arrives.


By doing this we can start to get a clear view in our mind of the negative sides to the company we run, or are employed by, thus enabling us to start a conversation with our employer about concerns we have, or more likely (due to not wishing to be sacked), leave the job and find one that fits in better with our personal ethics. The most important time to make this list though is before starting work for an employer. Most of us know the right questions to ask at an interview. What is the salary What are the career prospects, the health plan benefits, holidays But how many people have ever asked a prospective employer

End Of Me

As I have told you before, my father worked in industry, as a managing director, and had many hundreds of employees worldwide. I remember the way he used to talk to me about the important things he knew about. He talked about the stock market and buying and selling companies, and I remember being impressed, but somehow feeling like I was beneath him, because I couldn't hold a conversation with him about takeovers, and he wasn't interested in the things I was. Just stop and think about it for a moment, would you Look around you when you are in the street, and look at all the people. Not only do they all look different, act different and dress different, they also all have a unique collection of knowledge. No one person's knowledge is superior or inferior. And they pass you by. So not only do you not know what they're thinking, you also have no idea what they know - until you speak to them. How strange. All that knowledge wrapped up in bone and tissue. Inaccessible by any machine except...

Currency exchange

Leading up to her birthday is her biological clock telling her that she really wants kids now She and her husband have discussed it over and over again, ending each conversation with the same rational conclusion that they will start a family when things 'settle down.' Her career has kept her from having kids up until now, and reality has finally set in. She has been all too aware that, as she gets older, the chance of her getting pregnant and having an uneventful pregnancy decreases. She has students, post-docs and technicians who rely on her to run the show every day. There is no good time to have a child. There is no real maternity leave for scientists either. While officially universities will allow professors to take leave, the reality of it is that you are more likely to find an infant in a professor's office than a professor out on full maternity leave. Either way, she will work even if it is from home.


When a patient is brought to an emergency room, the medical and co-medical staffs should doubt poisoning first. When the possibility of poisoning is high, they should communicate with the Japan Poison Information Center on the clinical symptoms and on the results of clinical tests 3 . When estimation of a poison is made only by clinical symptoms and abnormal data, the reliability of such informations is most important. The information exchange should be made between a doctor directly treating the patient and a staff of the Japan Poison Information Center being well aware of the structure of the database according to poisoning symptoms. In their conversation, both of them should clarify clinical symptoms as many as possible according to a case, additional clinical tests may be necessary. When a causative poison is estimated, the talks are extended to an expert of the poison using the expert database. Using our computer systems, the fairly exact narrowing down of poisons can be achieved.


The syndrome of ADHD consists of a variety of behaviors that demonstrate hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsivity. Manifestations of hyperactivity include difficulty staying seated, feeling as if there was an engine inside of you that won't slow down, being constantly on the go, and having difficulty relaxing during leisure activities. Inattention is demonstrated by being easily distracted, making frequent mistakes in work, daydreaming, difficulty starting and finishing tasks, difficulty listening in conversations, losing things necessary for tasks, and being forgetful in daily activities. Impulsivity can be seen by saying things without thinking of their consequences, interrupting people, being impatient while waiting, buying impulsively, and switching from task to task in a haphazard fashion. Some people with ADHD are irritable and find themselves in frequent arguments. Many people with ADHD abuse alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs to alter their mood and thinking.


I would like to begin this conversation with you by saying that it doesn't matter what types of books you read or whether some stuffy intellectual or critic thinks that what you are reading is of no artistic value, or isn't serious reading. What matters is that books are one of the best ways to see into someone else's imagination, and to have that imagination in some small way inspire us.

Mental Health

How sad it was for me to think I could never have a joke with him again, couldn't speak to him on the phone, and would never be able to share a normal conversation. Overnight, all that was gone. He was taken away to a dark place which the doctors say he is unlikely to ever come out of. My aunt was also diagnosed several years ago with dementia. She too sits in a home, taking her medication several times a day to keep her calm. Although she doesn't know she is in a home, she can actually have a conversation. She can laugh, and enjoy spending time with us, but only for a short moment, before she forgets who we are, and we have to start all over again, but at least it's something, to get a glimmer of the person we used to know and still love.

Arbitrating Anarchy

What was that part about Malibu Beach - the flirtatious moment Sex, in VR Lanier readily admits that VR can provide a reality built for two It's usually kind of shocking how harmonious it is, this exposure of a collective energy between people. And so a similar thing would happen in'a virtual world, where there's a bunch of people in it, and they're all making changes at once. These collective changes will emerge, which might be sort of like the Jungian level of virtual reality. Users will literally 'see' what the other means. Lanier's trick answer to the question of sex is, I think everything in virtual reality is sexual. It's eroticizing every moment, because it's all, like, creative. But that answer doesn't satisfy true cyber fetishists. If a cyber suit with full tactile stimulation is possible, then so should be cyber sex A conversation about teledildonics, as it's been called, gets VR enthusiasts quite heated up.

Chapter Eleven

The crowds at the Anaheim rock concert were settling down, waiting for the bands to begin. The air was turning blue with rising cigarette smoke. Here and there you could smell the thick, musty scent of marijuana. The place buzzed with conversation and teenagers walked backwards and forwards getting drinks, chatting to friends. On stage the last pieces of equipment were being moved into place with bumps and thumps. A roadie blew deeply into the microphone, clearing away any electronic gremlins with a sound which came out as a short, almost rasping rush of air. There were cheers from the audience and a thin whine on the amplifiers which strangled itself into an unpleasant, unbroken electric scream. He interrupted the conversation to rummage in a cupboard and fished out a large, clear plastic bag. It was filled to a depth of a foot with hundreds of thousands of doses. Later, Lynd watched Randall and others weighing out the tablets and tipping them into plastic bags. He was in Randall's...


Marijuana alters some aspects of memory, as documented in chapter 4. The subjective experience of memory may differ markedly from the actual ability. The subjective experience parallels many of the laboratory studies. Users rarely report problems remembering material learned prior to intoxication. Laboratory studies generally confirm that people can remember old material while high. In contrast, users do report deficits in shortterm memory during intoxication. Tart's (1971) participants characteristically forgot the topic of conversations even before they had ended. More than half of the sample stated that this forgetting of conversations occurred very often or usually. This effect began at strong or very strong levels of intoxication, as

Feeling Appreciated

Let your partner or friend know how you feel without accusing him or her of neglecting you. Point out that this would be a good time to renegotiate the Supporter Agreement. Start your conversation with the words I feel, not You haven't. Make sure you ask for what you want a little acknowledgment, a relaxing or fun evening, a chance to talk, or whatever you feel is a reward for your efforts.


I used to know someone who was passionate about rugby. He would go to every game, home and away, and his whole conversation in the pub was centred around his passion for the game. He had played when he was younger, was involved in his local team helping youngsters, and even when he was dressed casually he'd always have a rugby shirt on. Wow I thought, he's totally obsessed (having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something) with the game that can't be healthy. But what I was missing out on was that he was passionate. He cared so much, and he was prepared to do anything to help the game of rugby.

Being a Volunteer

Several volunteers in this new group were social or professional acquaintances. Two were academic colleagues in the psychiatry department, one was a friend of my former wife, and seven belonged to a social group to which I was introduced several years after the research began. The nearly three dozen remaining people found out about the study by word of mouth they were friends of volunteers, received psychedelic newsletters describing the Albuquerque research, or just happened to be in a conversation during which the studies were discussed. Alex's first step was to make a phone call to my office, which was fielded by the psychiatry department secretary and subsequently answered by a member of the research team. After a brief conversation regarding age, previous psychedelic experience, and medical and psychiatric health, Alex and I made an appointment to meet in my department office.

Delta V

Larval interpersonal communication is slow, repetitious and static. Caterpillar conversations. Fetal gossip. What is there for terrestrial forms to say to one another How's the weather Where's the food Attack the enemy Shall we breed How are the kids Who is in charge Is this immoral, illegal or dangerous Neurosomatic communication is meta-cultural meta-hive and can take place any place in any galaxy where biochemical communication between bodies can occur. Neurosomatic conversation is blocked by gravity pressure. You must be high to talk body language. Neuro-electric communication is one brain communicating to another at neuro-electric speeds. Verbal, larval communication is extremely slow and banal. We can say (via laryngeal muscles) only one millionth of what we can brain-send in any time unit. Thus we limit larval conversation to simple, obvious terrestrial hive survival situations. Neuro-electric conversation is relativistic. Each neural signal is a moving particle which explodes...


I strongly believe MDMA has huge potential for the treatment of schizophrenia. . . . Another commonality is a sense of well-being, not just in a personal sense but also in a communal sense, a kind of belonging that can manifest as more connected conversations with people or perhaps just more talking for those of few words. For me, this was a key factor in breaking down my own cycle of de-socialization. On MDMA, I found myself more able to talk with almost anyone about almost anything and felt rather freed of most (formerly unrealized or at least not admitted) neuroses psychoses that normally plague me. Just this visceral experience of sharing thoughts and feelings with people, even if only for a few hours, had a lasting effect on my own self-view and worldview. In some sense, it gives me a role model for what sort of personality I would like to achieve without the use of external chemicals, and it gives direct proof that there is a lot of psychological flexibility in my own mind. I...


Each Genetic Creator controls how long and at which age SHe lives. Each Genetic Creator inhabits numerous mini-Earths, and is actively engaged in building and seeding new H.O.M.E.s. And each has the option of cloning Hirself and broadcasting the seeds through the galaxy. Collaboration and conversation with other species also happens.


How many of you believe that conversations like this go on Does it seem real that someone who is not actually angry, viably upset, or startled, has used so many swear words Well, these conversations go on all around the world, without any real reason for using these words apart from emphasis - which on the surface would just look like a lack of language skills on the part of the speaker.


I was up at dawn, travelling to the airport, or hurtling up the motorway at the speed of sound to get to an important appointment. I didn't have time for anything or anybody. Quick bites to eat here and there, snatched telephone conversations with my family. Sorry, got to go, in a rush I liked the excitement of always being in demand. It appealed to my ego. I recall being in burger restaurant in new zealand several years ago, where I overheard the following conversation.


Do you notice that these days People will be out in company at a pub, restaurant, or even the cinema, in fact, anywhere, and they are engaged in a text conversation with someone else Everywhere you look in the street, people are talking with someone who isn't there Anything to keep them distracted from what they are

The New Colonialism

Bob and Kali (yes, she's a TOPY member) are ecoterrorists from the Northwest. They have limited their activities (or at least the ones they're willing to talk about) to 'billboard trashing and revision'. Their hope is to preserve national parks and reverse the propaganda campaigns of would-be environmental violators. Kali, who works as a waitress in an interstate highway rest stop, is an odd mix of American sweetheart blonde and ankle-braceleted Deadhead - on her way from the counter to the tables she can be heard humming 'Sugar Magnolia' through her Colgate smile. ITer unthreatening demeanor allows her to listen in on and even provoke truckers' and construction workers' conversations about ongoing projects. Her boyfriend, Bob, then gives this information to more serious monkeywrenchers in their area over his school's computer network.

Valious Visitors

Sometimes no true conversation occurred, for example with the inhibited young man who arrived on a motorbike. I was not clear about the objective of his visit. He stared at me, as if asking himself can the man who has made something so weird as LSD really look so completely ordinary With him, as with other similar visitors, I had the feeling that he hoped, in my presence, the LSD riddle would somehow solve itself. A young woman sought me out to report on LSD experiences that had been of great significance to her inner development. As a superficial teenager who pursued all sorts of entertainments, and quite neglected by her parents, she had begun to take LSD out of curiosity and love of adventure. For three years she took frequent LSD trips. They led to an astonishing intensification of her inner life. She began to seek after the deeper meaning of her existence, which eventually revealed itself to her. Then, recognizing that LSD had no further power to help her, without difficulty or...


While the data produced by these studies have been fairly well circulated, passive inhalation defenses are still commonly encountered by Medical Review Officers (MROs) in their conversations with donors and are still presented during arbitrations and administrative hearings. In some cases, there are some interesting twists to the story. For example, a landlord who rents property to marijuana-smoking tenants is passively exposed to marijuana smoke while performing household repairs or an individual is passively exposed to cannabis via exchange of bodily fluids with a spouse.

Purple Haze

Second, don't have a constant flow of people coming round to your place day and night, staying for a couple of minutes and leaving again. You don't have to be Einstein to work out what's going down. Loud conversations at the front door about the quality of your gear should also be avoided.

Nagenwurz Calamus

While in conversation, at work, while eating, and even when standing or walking. Sleep may last a few seconds or several minutes, rarely for more than an hour, and the narcolep-tic is easily awakened to an alert state. Narco-leptics may also experience sleep paralysis, which normally occurs as one is either falling asleep or awakening. Although mentally alert, the narcoleptic experiencing sleep paralysis is totally unable to move for a very brief period. Most narcoleptics reveal rapid eye movement (REM) at the onset of sleep, in contrast to normal sleep, in which REM occurs about 90 minutes after the onset of sleep. Associated with narcolepsy is cataplexy, a brief impairment of muscle tone such as a limpness of the arms or legs. Narcolepsy can be treated with central stimulants such as amfetamines. Narcolo Dextromoramide tartrate. Narcologist A psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of addiction to alcohol or other drugs. The term is used particularly in Eastern Europe and...

Neopagan Technology

Fraser has dedicated his life to the spread of pagan consciousness, specifically through the youth culture, which he sees as our last hope for planetary survival. The system cannot be allowed to go on for another ten years or it really will destroy us all, it's as simple as that, Fraser tells me as we walk with his hairless dog from his house in Hampstead to Camden Lock Market. Flis tone is always conspiratorial, reverberating a personal paranoia left over from the sixties, and an inherited paranoia passed down through pagan history. If we had this conversation in the thirteenth or fourteenth century, we'd be burned at the stake for it. We'd never even be able to imagine things being as good as they are now or as bad as they are now. Fraser brings a broad perspective to the archaic revival, helping would-be pagans to see their role in the historical struggle against the forces of monotheistic tyranny. We humans are all shape-shifters, Green Fire comments, getting the conversation back...

Certa or Certo

Certa has something to do with canning. Some people swear by it. Trouble is, it's always somebody else, a third party not present during the conversation, who uses it (Pearson). I've heard rumors about people who smoked right up to the day before the test, consumed fruit pectin (a canning substance similar to Certa), and passed the test. However, there hasn't been any tests to validate those claims. Will someone with a lab at their disposal please test this stuff

Making Connections

Leo is well into his own acid trip of the evening (he says he's been tripping every day tor several months) and sits in a makeshift tent, explaining his philosophy to a young couple who make falafel and beaded bracelets. While his rationale is the result of a few years in the military and a few others with skinheads, he does express the psychedelic concept of interconnectivity and networking from a modern cyberian standpoint. The Deadheads (who many cyberians feel are still caught in the sixties) are deep into a conversation about how they can feel their 'third


External forces could be tipped off to the garden's existence by your telling others about the garden telephone conversations tracking you home from hydroponics stores, other grow houses, or dealers' houses lifestyle computer data tracking and thermal imaging devices. Choose your friends and romantic partners carefully. Most often security breaches are the result of a jealous or vindictive friend, lover, or partner. Many times these friends and partners are pressured by police to turn you in.

Hypertextual Forays

In a phone conversation, Bruce Sterling shares his similar worldview over the shouts and laughter of his children If you realize that the world is nonlinear and random, then it means that you can be completely annihilated by chaos for no particular reason at all. These things happen. There's no cosmic justice. And that's a disquieting thing to have to face. It's damaging to people's self-esteem.

Are We Addicted

I feel a bit exhausted from the constant debate surrounding whether or not cannabis is addictive. Many physicians convince themselves and their patients that they are addicted to cannabis. I became driven to write this article after a conversation with a long-time user last week for whom I have much respect. He was telling me how his doctor knew he was addicted to marijuana. He even, with a great sense of self-doubt, began to tell me of all the reasons his physician gave him that he was beginning to believe. It saddens and amazes me how even the strongest of hearts and minds can become contaminated and turned from their own beliefs when faced with too much doubt, propaganda and nay-saying. Worse still, in the face of someone intelligent and educated, it is even easier to believe that they may know better than one's own self.

M Asters At Work

Dalen, founder of Dutch Passion Seed Bank, in 2005 at the 4th Tokers' Bowl here in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. I was super-stoked to present him with a freshly-cured cola of Power Plant that I just finished growing to near perfection. Henk immediately recognized his own offspring and tried to give it back to me, not believing it was a gift, and then graciously accepted as a symbol of my gratitude for sharing such a wonderful strain with the world. (I remember getting over 9 ounces of dried bud from that one single Power Plant. One feminized seed, one massive plant ) After a few sporadic conversations with an obviously kindred soul I decided that I would really have to interview Henk sometime in the future

Spontaneous Conversation

Spontaneous Conversation

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