Overall level of evidence of adverse effects C

Compound Metoclopramide (A03FA01)

Disease treated Healthy

Quantification Sperm parameters, hormones of adverse effects

No. of patients treated 24

Age group Treatment period Dose

Treatment consequences


Randomization of patients Dose arms 1-3 Study quality Reference


Young 7 weeks

10 mg/4 times/day Sperm parameters, alteration

No alteration Yes

Metoclopramide; placebo 1786: Graf KJ, Schmidt-Gollwitzer M, Horowski R, Dorow R. Effect of metoclopramide and lisuride on hypophyseal and gonadal function in men. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 1982 Sep;17(3):243-51. English


Metoclopramide (AG3FAG1 )

0 0

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