UK investment in research

37. UK investment in addiction research is woefully inadequate. The Government's failure to ensure that sufficient resources are devoted to building the evidence base to underpin drugs policy is at odds with its commitment to adopt an evidence based approach. (Paragraph 87)

38. The Government has been remiss in failing to conduct a proper evaluation of the impact of its policy decisions in this area and has, as a result, missed out on opportunities to gather valuable data to improve policy making in the future. (Paragraph 88)

39. It is essential that the ACMD and Home Office develop better relationships with the Research Councils, particularly the Medical Research Council and the Economic and Social Research Council, and further improve relations with the Department of Health. The fact that the Council has not devoted much effort to this in the past has been a contributing factor to the weakness of the UK evidence base on drugs policy and addiction. (Paragraph 90)

40. We do not underestimate the challenges involved in undertaking scientific studies concerning the misuse of illegal drugs, but the Government must not use this as an excuse for not fulfilling its obligations to undertake proper evaluations of the impacts of its policies and to fund research for the public good. (Paragraph 91)

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