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If you have never known what it is like to be at one with the universe, this is the book for you. This ebook from Stephanie Mulac gives you all of the tools to unlock the best zen state that you ever heard of in your life. You will learn how to let your chakra flow; chakra is the name for the 7 energy centers all along your spine. Once you learn how to tap into that energy, you are well on your way to balancing your energy. But here's the thing: it only takes ONE of these circles being out of place to throw your entire personal universe out of alignment. This ebook teaches you how to make sure that all 7 centers are aligned and then your life is in balance. It really is just that simple! From bad relationships to lack of confidence, you will learn how to take control of your own life and energy! Continue reading...

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This book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

The Chakra Tapping

The Chakras are the energy centers in your body, that govern all of your choices and the decisions that you have and will make in your life. Once a choice is made, you can never take that choice back. It is done forever. This eBook guide shows you how to make the choice not just to keep your life on track, but how to take the best advantage of every choice that you will ever make in your life. In your own body is the potential to wealth, freedom, great relationships, and life-changing friendships. This guide is the key to mastering your Chakras to create the most amazing life that you could ever dream of. The choice that you make affect who you are as a person; learn to control them and you have a life that almost no one can ever have. With this knowledge, you will Never feel stuck or alone. You will always control your life. Learn to control your Chakras and you have control of your life!

The Chakra Tapping Summary

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Ralph Metzner PhD and Sophia Adamson

Teachers and practitioners of meditation and other forms of spiritual work describe the experience as being fundamentally an opening of the heart center. The heart center (or chakra) is considered to be related to healing and involved in all interpersonal relationships, especially familial and intimate ones. In many systems, because of its location midway between the abdominal and pelvic lower centers and the throat and brain higher centers, the heart center is regarded as the bridge between the mental and spiritual aspects above and the bodily and instinctual nature below. Thus, the opening (even partially) of this center is seen as the foundation for all further psychospiritual growth and practice. As an example, one woman observed, in her first experience with MDMA, a kind of knot in her heart center. As she focused warmth and caring attention on it, it seemed literally to loosen and unravel simultaneously, she was aware that several of her personal relationships were somehow being...

Reflections Two Years Later

Day in the surrounding desert on solo vision quests, shedding our busy lives, communing with nature, and fine-tuning our intentions. At the end of the day, we gathered once again in the house and began to prepare for the journey. The circle ritual was opened with an invocation of the four directions and an honoring of the spirits of the place. At about 7 00 pm, I was given 90 ml of a liquid preparation of ayahuasca. It was not unpleasant tasting, a rich chocolaty molasses flavor. At first, I experienced the medicine only somatically. I felt nausea, but it was faint at first. I breathed into it as the guide had suggested and rode it. I found myself using my hands to channel light to my body and my chakras. I felt a connection to the earth and a sensuality, similar to my first MDMA experience with a therapist the previous month. I wasn't sure what to look for in terms of a vision. The guide had said it might not be visual, but a combination of thought and awareness patterns. The first...

Transpersonal Experiences

In a large group of transpersonal experiences, the extension of consciousness seems to go beyond the phenomenal world and the time-space continuum as we perceive it in our everyday life. Quite common examples are the experiences of an encounter with spirits of deceased human beings or supra-human spiritual entities. LSD subjects also report numerous visions of archetypal forms, individual deities and demons, and complex mythological sequences. An intuitive understanding of universal symbols, or the arousal of the Kundalini and activation of various chakras are additional examples of this category. In the extreme form the individual consciousness seems to encompass the totality of existence and identify with the Universal Mind. The ultimate of all experiences appears to be the Stipracosmic and Metacosmic Void, the mysterious primordial emptiness and nothingness that is conscious of itself and contains all existence in a germinal form.

Integration Of The Drug Experiences

Complete itself, the sitters should do intense activating work with the client, following the principles outlined earlier for the reentry period. An interesting alternative to the approach that encourages exteriorization and abreaction is the use of prolonged hyperventilation. This technique, based on the Indian science of breath, pranayama, was recently rediscovered by Leonard Orr (72) and adopted in his rebirthing programs. Intense breathing, continued for a period of about thirty to forty-five minutes, tends to collect the tensions in the body into a stereotyped pattern of armoring and eventually release tlieni. This is associated with activation of important material from various levels of the unconscious. The muscular tensions concentrate in the arms and legs (the so-called carpopedal spasms of medical terminology)-1 and in several circular constrictions of the head and body corresponding to the levels of the different chakras in the Indian system of Kundalini yoga. In this...

Tle plant Spirits Help Me to Heal Myaelf and Others

Understanding, knowledge, and control of these energies it became time to explore in a more focused fashion what these experiences had to teach. The ayahuasca circle setting offered the perfect opportunity. I was drawn to ayahuasca because I had heard of it being a catalyst for deep connecting powers and for grounding the energies of the lower chakras.

Cannabinoid receptor gene expression

Reported in the rat brain, mirror the expression of mRNA products of the CB1 Cnr gene. The highest densities of the expression of the CB1 receptors are consistent with the marked effects that cannabinoids exert on motor function tests, like spontaneous locomotor activity and catalepsy in rodents (Onaivi et al., 1996 Chakra-barti et al., 1998). There is however, a relatively low number of CB1 receptors in the human cerebellum in comparison with rodents. The low abundance of CB1 receptors in the human cerebellum is consistent with the more subtle defects noted in human gross motor functioning following marijuana use. Soderstrom and Johnson (2000) reported on CB1 Cnr expression in brain regions associated with zebra finch song control. They demonstrated using in situ hybridization that, CB 1 mRNA is expressed at high levels in the higher vocal center (HVC) and the robust nucleus of the archstriatum (RA), areas that are involved in song learning and production.


N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and 5-Methoxy-Dimethyltryptamine are naturally occurring psychedelics found in a variety of plants around the world, several of which are native to the Amazon region. These alkaloids, which are usually found together in the plants, are also found in the human brain as neurotransmitters, as well as m our blood, urine, and spinal fluid 1 . DMT is produced in the human pineal gland which is correlated to the 3rd eye or Ajna Chakra in the Indian spiritual system. Meditative states attained by yogis who concentrate on the 3rd eye may be the result of increased DMT levels. DMT is produced in heavy concentration in the glands of some tropical toads, such as Bufo Alvarius. Some people actually make a practice of squeezing out this venom, then drying and smoking it to get high.


Kundalini yoga operates by activating each chakra in turn, from the bottom up. Activation is accomplished by steady concentration* on the chakra until its alleged energy is experienced and new perceptions appear. Many claim that if the musical notes are struck on an instrument before and repeatedly during such meditation-activation, the effect emerges faster. Medical and physiological science has not found any physical basis for these alleged chakras because these events are neurological not anatomical. Kundalini yoga does produce effects that are measureable on an electroencephalogram. The yogi is obviously doing something real to hir nervous system while concentrating on these imaginary chakras. Since we propose that there are eight potential circuits in the human nervous system, it is possible that kundalini yoga is a primitive system for reception, integration, transmission, programming, re-programming and meta-programming on these circuits.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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