Morning Of Drunkenness

Arthur Rimbaud

0 my Good! O my Beautiful! Atrocious fanfare in which I do not falter! Enchanted rack! Hurrah for the undreamed-of work and for the marvelous body, for the first time! It began with the laughter of children, with their laughter it will end. This poison will remain in all our veins even when, by a turn of the fanfare, we shall be returned to the old disharmony. O may we now, so deserving of these tortures! fervently consummate that superhuman promise made to our created body and soul: that promise, that madness! Elegance, science, violence ! We have been promised that the tree of good and evil shall be buried in darkness, that tyrannical respectabilities shall be exiled, so that we may bring here our very pure love. It began with a certain amount of disgust and it ends—we being unable to seize at once this eternity—it ends in a riot of perfumes.

Laughter of children, discretion of slaves, austerity of virgins, horror of the faces and objects of this place, be you made holy by the memory of this vigil. It began in all vulgarity, behold it ends with angels of flame and ice.

Little drunken vigil, holy! if only for the mask you granted us. We affirm you, method! We do not forget that yesterday you glorified each one of our ages. We have faith in the poison. We know how to give our whole life every day.

Now is the time of the Assassins.


A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: vowels, Some day I shall tell of your potential incarnations: A, black corset hairy with shining flies Which buzz around cruel foul odors,

Gulfs of shadow; E, candours of vapors and of tents, Lances of proud glaciers, white kings, tremors of flower bells; I, purples, spat blood, laughter from beautiful lips In anger or drunk with penitence;

U, cycles, divine vibrations of green seas,

Peace of pastures dotted with animals, peace of the furrows

Which alchemy prints on great studious foreheads;

O, supreme Trumpet-call full of strange urgency, Silences crossed by Worlds and by Angels; O the Omega, violet ray of Her Eyes!

0 0

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