The Effects Of Marijuana Legalization In MI

The sale of recreational marijuana has commenced in Michigan. Anybody 21 and over can now buy from an authorized vendor. The state has made almost $32 million in income, with a continuous increase every week. At the height, Michigan is predicted to attain over $1 billion in sales. Over 65% of income will pass to schools, road's and the counties or cities that have accepted the law. A shortage is expected in the future by medical patients and recreational users.

Quality Issues and Shortages

Caregivers which were unlicensed were forced to stop in the beginning.  They were temporarily allowed to operate to make up for demand once again. Licensing troubles and shortages have triggered problems around the state. Even more, problems continued with molded products and E.coli. Flower is the only thing allowed to be provided by caregivers. It's doubtful how costs will be affected by phaseout in the future. It's become obvious that a shortage will continue in the months ahead.

For medical patient's better quality and more choices are normal things. However, the caregivers were blamed for the quality issues and the lung problems associated with vaping. Providing patients with medical marijuana is the state regulator's main focus at this point. The market for recreational use has only created more issues.

Laws Can Be A Benefit To Everyone

The laws in Michigan allow up to 12 plants to be grown in each household. Ten ounces can be held in each household, not including what is grown on the property. A town cannot ban the use of cannabis for individuals, only commercial businesses. A micro license costing $4000 allows for the growth of 150 plants that can allow processing, packaging, and sale. Jobs can also be created since businesses can zone areas for private use. This makes them exempt from laws that prohibit public use since it is no longer public property.

The only things that are against the law are more self-explanatory. You can't smoke in public or sell pretty candies that look fun to children.  You can't smoke a joint and then go for a joy ride or sell your stash to a friend. Don't try sending a parcel to a friend a couple of hours away.

Grow Your Own And Be Carefree

Clearly, growing your own marijuana is the best way to go. You are well within the law, and you can avoid plenty of issues. Controlling the quality of what you receive and cutting the cost even further from the current prices. You would begin to provide yourself or others with affordable medicine. This takes away the need for a black market and encourages businesses to keep costs low. It violates the rights of people when forcing them to buy a plant they can't produce from the comfort of their own home. This is especially true with low-quality products at an unworthy price.

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