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People I meet and smoke with always ask me, how do you get your pot to taste so good. I am an intense caretaker and lover of plants, when I do it I am fanatical in working with them, making little sacrifices in my own life so that the plants can feel the best they can. I always think medicine first, bills, money, problems, second.

To get medicinal cannabis I grow on organic soil, rich in worm castings and all the other nutrients and trace minerals needed for a healthy weed plant. I don't use pots to grow my buds, I use beds, flowering beds. These beds are made of wood put together with metal braces and screws; they are on wheels that rotate 360 degrees. They are 1.25 meters wide by 1.25 meters long and 35 centimeters high, (sorry after being here so long I think in centimeters). They are lined with waterproof plastic. The bottom 5 centimeters is clay pebbles called Hydrocorals.

I then take plastic coated chicken wire and place it on top of the hydrocorals. On top of that I put a layer of felt root cloth, the kind most nurseries use under their potted plants. Roots of the Marijuana plant love air so I mix a lot of perlite in with my organic soil mix before filling the beds up. In each corner of the bed, I have a PVC tube 70 MM wide and 35 centimeters long. The tube goes down into the hydrocorals, through the root cloth, up through the 25 centimeters of soil, leaving 5 centimeters above the soils surface. These 4 tubes in each bed help the roots to have a constant air- flow, and the hydrocorals underneath make it almost impossible to over-water your garden.

The plants are spaced out as evenly as possible affording each plant as much light and space as they can get. They are given liberal amounts of black and brown seaweeds, both foliar and in the soil until the end of the 3rd week in flowering. Each plant has at least one stake supporting it as the buds get heavier and heavier. Leading up to the 3rd week in flowering, I have twisted and bent my tops in the tried and true method of super-cropping, giving them that added stress which makes the yield and taste better. In the 4th week, I give the plants some organic flowering food with an NPK of 1.5-13-14. I give it to the plants twice in that week. From the end of the 4th week in 12/12, I start to give the ganja my secret ingredient, Guano tea. The guano I use is a mix of bat and seabird guanos with an NPK of 2-15-2; this particular one comes from Indonesia. I like it because it has no smell. I take 100 grams of the dried guano and mix it with 2 quarts of hot water, stirring it with a plant stake until it is almost all dissolved. I then take an 8-ounce cup of the tea and add it to 10 liters of water with a PH of 6.6. I water the beds twice a week with this tea waiting until they are dry before applying it. I keep doing this until the middle of the 7th week in 12/12. With 10-week plants like the ones I'm growing now, I like to give them a good flush with water for two weeks or more before harvest.

In the 32 years I have been growing this most Sacred of plants, I have tried all kinds of plant foods, from miracle grow, to 10-52-10 with all its heavy metals. I have never found anything that beat the guanos for taste, yield or potency. It is 100% organic besides.

The taste that the cannabis acquires when using this guano is so fruity and clean tasting that the taste lingers on your tongue for at least 5 minutes after finishing the joint. The bud quality and yield that comes from using the beds instead of pots is incomparable. I use nothing but neem oil and ladybugs for insect control, and I only take the large fan leaves off when I first harvest the plants, waiting until the plants are dry before the final manicuring. There are so many Mango farmers out there using guano fertilizers on their crops. If you want, the fruit of your labor to taste like mangos try growing with guano. Wishing all you farmers out there, bountiful green harvests with the taste and smell of fine fruit.

Until next time, Keep it GREEN, LOVING and full of LIGHT. Peace, Soma

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