Top 5 Tips to Help you Make the Best CBD Flower Recipes

CBD Flower can be used as a key ingredient for a wide variety of delicious recipes. Here are our top 5 tips to enhance your CBD flower entrees.

You can make CBD use a daily routine for all your meals. The CBD can be used in the form of CBD flowers in both foods and drinks. These are non-psychoactive cannabinoids with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. CBD flowers can also be taken by users who need to relax without getting high.

Traditionally, CBD flower was consumed via smoking or vaping. However, today, the CBD flower can be infused in many recipes. CBD flower is lipid-soluble, meaning that it's very easy to add many recipes with fatty based ingredients like coconut oil or butter. Additionally, it can be infused into dessert options such as cakes, brownies, and drinks like cocktails and coffee.

Regardless of the kind of recipe you'll be making in your kitchen, you need to follow some guidelines to avoid making mistakes that will waste these valuable cannabinoids. The following are essential tips always to remember when making your best CBD flower recipes:

  1. Decarboxylation is essential

Recently, there has been a misconception that raw CBD flower is psychoactive. The truth is that it has cannabinoids that aren't in their active form. CBD and THC exist in raw cannabis as CBDA and THCA. Therefore, to convert the two molecules into CBD and THC, the decarboxylation process should take place.

This process involves heating the cannabis using a specific temperature to eliminate the carboxyl group from its molecule. Some hot dishes may have high temperatures that can decarboxylate the raw CBD flowers. To achieve this, ensure you grind the raw CBD flowers and place them on a sheet of baking paper and then heat them for one hour using your oven at 110 to 120 degrees.

  1. Ensure correct consistency when grinding CBD flowers

Although it may seem to be impossible to grind CBD flowers more consistently to get maximum surface area when baking or cooking, it can happen. However, it can make the weed taste to dominate your dish by turning sauces, butters, and dressings to green. You should ensure that the CBD flowers are ground at the right pieces to optimize your dish.

  1. Add the required amount of water

It's advisable to add equal water amounts to your oil or butter to ensure complete infusion, which further boosts the aesthetic and quality of the final product. Ensure the water boils well. Water helps in preventing infusion burning and degrading of cannabinoids.

  1. Timing is key

You must understand that CBD flowers need some patience to be infused entirely in your meal at low temperatures. Therefore, when making your best dish, it's essential to have a kitchen thermometer to ensure the required temperature is maintained.

  1. Be careful when filtering

After the infusion of the CBD flower into your oil or butter, it should be strained with a filter(cheesecloth). The process requires time for the infused solution to drip down into your container. You shouldn't squeeze the cheesecloth in order to speed up the process.

In conclusion, these are some of the essential tips to help you in making your best CBD flower recipes.


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