Explosive bloom leads to huge buds Part 3 Final

By Bart B

A Grapefruit plant in its full glory.

A Grapefruit plant in its full glory.

Huge Buds Cannabis

plants or the clones you took bloom fully so that you know what you can expect. The differences between them can be so great; one plant can give you a considerable amount of weight more than another plant. As I wrote earlier, you could easily choose to raise Grapefruit simply because of its lovely smell. After the harvest too, when you are crumbling up the cannabis, there rises a delicious, sweety-fruity smell. Simply glorious, and a welcome variation to the regular cannabis buffet. For me, the Indica pheno was the best plant in the garden. It was finished with blooming after eight weeks and made rock hard Indica buds. And all this while still managing to retain the Sativa qualities. It was this one too that managed to spread around the strongest typically Grapefruit smell. Grapefruit has the inclination to make a single huge crown bud, with this then ringed by a load of medium-sized buds. I therefore reckon this would make a good candidate for a SOG (See visible crystals on them we end up with only the better quality leaf trim and spare ourselves some hassle. Because 200 grams of leaf with no crystals on it will yield precisely nothing useful. And you will spare yourself the false hope of gathering a large pile of leaves only to find very little coming out of it.

It is very important to make sure that the leaf material is really dry by the time want to separate the crystals from the leaf material. It doesn't matter if you're making water hash or making skuff (dry removal of crystals from the leaf by using a drum sieve). The drier the leaf material, the easier the crystals will be broken loose. The wetter or fresher the leaf is, the lower will be your eventual yield, plus the quality will be much higher using fully dried leaf.

Powder dry

When you are making skuff it is extremely important that the selected leaf material is powder dry. Just 'dry' is not enough, otherwise you'll get nothing out of it and this would be a great shame. The leaf material must not only feel dry to the touch, but must also crumble easily between the fingers. It can take some time before

Grapefruit has the inclination to make a single huge crown bud, with this then ringed by a load of medium-sized buds.

The female adventure has come to an end. What began with a weak start ended in an explosive bloom. Conclusion: despite the fact that female seed is still not 100%, you can indeed still get superb results with it. But even after the lovely buds have been harvested the work is still not over. There is still the leaf material left over to process. How this all happens you can see for yourself in this last chapter all about Grapefruit plants raised from all-female seed.

The last weeks of the bloom are underway; the bud development has been proceeding apace since week five. In the first weeks of bloom things still looked a bit skinny, but since then the clones had come along in their development quite a bit and were already starting to carry nice fat buds. If you work with seed plants this is a normal occurrence. It is during the last weeks of blooming especially that the bud growth comes on really strong, so that by the end they will have developed really cracking buds. So there is no real reason to worry if your cloned plants around week four have much bigger buds on them than the seed plants.

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