Are Cheap Cannabis Seeds Any Good

Growing marijuana can be costly. However, you can keep the costs of your initial investment down by opting for a more affordable choice of seeds. There are a lot of cheap cannabis seeds out there you can buy for your marijuana plantation. But the problem is that not all cheap seeds are worth even the small amount they are being sold for because they will either not reach maturity or produce a low-quality product in the end.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that you cannot find high-quality cheap cannabis seeds for your project. In this article, we are going to provide you with some great tips on how to access the best quality strains at low prices.

Generally, the main difference in price between any two seeds is usually their type – regular or feminized. The prices of marijuana seeds often range from one end of the scale to the other, though it is not always right to correlate price with a price. Most of the time, prices are determined by a seed's brand and popularity.

Commercial marijuana seeds usually maintain more consistency, but certain strain breeders never uphold standard breeding methods. Rather, they simply produce hybrids of hybrids that have not been inbred for stability.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds

In case you don’t know, marijuana seeds are only produced by female cannabis plants. So, when looking to grow marijuana, the aim is to grow the female plant as they are the ones that grow buds.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • The Strain: Due to growers and breeders who have been practicing proper growing of marijuana over the years, there are many different strains as well as varieties of cannabis plants. So before choosing the seed you want to grow, be sure you have chosen the strain that suits your needs.
  • Feminized seeds over regular seeds: Usually, there is a chance that the growing marijuana seeds will be split in 50% female seeds and 50% female seeds. But when you want to grow buds, you should only go for female seeds. You can grow all the seeds and half of them will be female or just go for specialized, feminized seeds, which is the more viable option.

How to Select a Marijuana Seed

If this is your first time buying marijuana seeds, it is likely that you don’t know what they look like. But don’t worry, below are the main factors that can guide you to buy fine cannabis seeds:

  • Pattern: The pattern of the marijuana seed will help you identify the strain. For instance, Indica seeds are typically larger and have a striped pattern, while sativa seeds don't have any pattern and have only a single color as well as smaller than indica seeds.
  • Color: Generally, a high-quality cannabis seed is dark, but with dark brown, tanned or black pattern on the seed. Try to avoid seeds that are light or green in color.
  • Hardness: The last thing you should look for in a cannabis seed is its hardness. The general rule is; the harder the shell of the seed the better quality it is. Having said that, avoid softer seeds.

Different Strains of Marijuana Plants

By understanding the different strains of cannabis seeds, you will know exactly which kind of seeds you want to grow for your marijuana plant. A strain means the genetic type of the plant and it is what determines its basic traits. All marijuana plants originated from cannabis sativa. Here are the four major strains of marijuana plants:

  • Cannabis Sativa: This is the most common strain of the marijuana plant. It is usually tall and thin and usually takes longer to reach full maturity. However, it produces a high-quality product than Indica plants. Sativa strain can make you high and think creatively.
  • Cannabis indica: Unlike sativa strain, indica plants usually grow short and bushy, which makes them mature early. However, it tends to produce lesser output and when consumed, makes you high, which is lethargic and enables you to rest and relax.
  • Ruderalis: These strains usually grow faster due to the plant’s ability to consume light day and night. But these kinds lack potency and typically crossed with other breeds to improve its THC levels.
  • Hybrids: This variety occurs as a result of cross-breeding between two or more strains. Hybrid marijuana usually has different effects in terms of psychoactive experience.

Final Words

The most expensive cannabis seeds are not always the best quality. When looking to buy a cannabis seed, make sure you focus your research on the seed strain that you feel will suit you better. Don’t worry about the price, as cheap cannabis seeds are also as good as the well-known branded ones. However, don’t cut corners on seed pricing, the cost of the seeds is actually the less expensive parts of your marijuana growing. Check out for the best cheap cannabis seeds.

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