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less per month.

Something just isn't right about this arrangement.

Now, I'm fairly certain this wouldn't include every person willing to become a caregiver, yet, in my dealings with the largest medical marijuana association here in Michigan, it is precisely this notion that is being promoted. Somehow, the patient and their needs have gotten lost in the rush for profit and, I find this appalling and reprehensible.

This leaves low-income patients with the only alternative, growing their own marijuana. The high cost of equipment, the added expense for electricity, nutrients and the initial cost for seeds is equally daunting. Many patients will need to save a few dollars here and there, perhaps even scrimping on their food supplies throughout the month simply to afford this expense in growing their own. Personally, I received a one-time stimulus check from the Federal government in May, which I used to purchase a small 400 watt light system.

In the month of March, I went without food for much of the month simply to afford the $150 fee for my visit to the THC-F clinic, so I could garner my doctor's recommendation letter.

I had spoke with my regular doctor four times about using marijuana medicinally. I explained the high cost of going to this clinic and asked him to please sign the needed documents so I wouldn't need to spend this extra amount from my check. At first he agreed, told me I could pick up the documents in a few days. When I arrived to pick the documents up, instead I was handed a letter written by the doctor stating that he is not knowledgeable enough to know who should or should not receive this authorization. So, I was left with no other choice but, to do without food for almost one month.

I don't have any easy answers of how to counter all these high expenses but, I feel the medical marijuana community should at least be made aware of the burden being placed upon the low-income chronically-ill or dying patients around the country.

One recommendation I have written to my state government is that the requirement of growing this marijuana in an enclosed, locked room should be rescinded and patients be allowed to grow their marijuana outdoors, under the sun as nature intended. This one action would greatly reduce the extra expense of increased electrical bills.

An increase in my electric bill, even modest, places a greater burden on my financial resources.

A second recommendation is that these lighting system manufacturers could offer medical patients a discount on the equipment with appropriate documentation of financial assistance.

Thirdly, I would like to request of the many marijuana breeders in our country to offer discounts or gifts of high quality seeds which many patients simply can not afford to purchase.

I come from the era of the 1960s where Peace, Love and Compassion for one's fellow wo/man was evident. I would like to see a return to these simple principles of living and community sharing. I do not want anything for FREE, I just want a helping hand for the most needy among us during distressing times.

Please consider all these points when speaking with patients regarding their healthcare. After all, the simple act of consuming marijuana shouldn't be the overriding factor in this movement but, the quality of life afforded to people going through hard times.«!"



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