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State of Affairs and the real deal with

Medical Cannabis today

Medical Marijuana is a loose term conveniently over used by many growers nowadays to camouflage predominantly recreational use. Considering there is no real definition or set of regulatory standards to work from, just calling it medical is not enough!

Cannabis does truly help a lot of people where traditional medicines seem limited or not worth the side effects. But due to the lack of authorized regulations placed on this industry it would seem that those who grow for sincere and possibly medical ailments will be a minority. We are here to investigate this a little closer and try to define, set some standards and try to help those suffering from medical conditions find a strain appropriate for their illness. We are not doctors nor do we try to be, we arejust breeders doing work for decades on the plants we love. We know about the strains we developed and have a lot of years experience with these particular strains. We have thousands of grower's worlds wide who follow us and have grown our hybrids. If time and experience count for anything then we feel our work can help many people find alleviation to their ailments in some way.

I tend to think of this inexact science as a Pain Management aid and a way to use nature's gifts instead of blindly believing in traditional medicines and the big drug company's propaganda.

Since the advent of proposition 215 in 1996 in the USA; a defining moment for the new push of compassionate use of Cannabis for the terminally ill, rather a lot of previously dubious or undecided people are now trying their hands at cultivating their own medicinal marijuana. The mere fact that people with terminal illnesses are prepared to cultivate a plant that takes at best 2-3 months to produce is proof that alternative medicines have a lot of merit in treating the sick. Most of these self produced plant products do not do more than help the quality of life for those who use them, and cure is not really a word used by any of them. However a better quality of life for the sick is already a big step up from the side effects of prescribed medi-

According to old literature and recipes documenting ancient Chinese life, Cannabis was a useful plant for so many illnesses. It is from information like this we can state with confidence that Cannabis has a long and successful history as a remedial plant. Not many compounds or plants have such longevity in medicine or human application as the Cannabis plant. This factor is very important and hard for anyone to deny, that Cannabis has a place in modern medical times.

As the owner/ breeder of Mr Nice Seedbank and moderator of the information site, I daily receive enquiries as to which strain is recommended for certain medical conditions. People who have never cultivated Cannabis in their entire lives and who now are confronted with finding an alternative to care for a sick family member, contact me to ask my opinion about the effects of certain strains on certain sicknesses. This is a phenomenon that has recently gained momentum and shifted the question of legality of the Cannabis plant to the fore front of debate, since it was outlawed in the 1930s.

from recreational use of cannabis if I was to be totally honest. However the alcohol industry and the tobacco industry also came into being due to recreational use and now flourish as the foundations for governments to tax and regulate. In fact the alcohol industry and the tobacco industry knowingly cause health risks but are still allowed to contribute to a government's treasury. Therefore the governments and big business are making it clear that people must be trusted to make their own choice to do to themselves as they wish. How else would alcohol move from prohibition less than 80 years ago to nowadays being readily available in service stations? You can refuel, buy a bottle of wine or some beers and drive away...trusting people do the right and responsible thing.and do not drink and drive. Governments are taxing every alcohol purchase knowing people can also do the wrong and irresponsible thing? So is it not time to trust a plant, which does not need to be processed nor has killed a single person in its 1000s of year existence?

When an individual confronts me and explains their particular problem and concerns, I always try to ask as much as possible to get a fuller understand of the person and their condition. Without prying into the personal details of the individual I do my best to analysis the character of the person and the needs and goals best suited to that individual. I can only help with the strains I am familiar with and never masquerade the truth as I see it. The only real element of Cannabis that a lot of people seem to agree upon is that Indica dominant plants seem to aid with muscle relaxing, appetite stimulation and pain manage ment while Sativa dominant plants seem to be more suited

Cannabis Sativa Koehler Scientific drawing
2700 BC, Cannabis listed in Chinese Emperor Shen Nung's pharmacopoeia

Glandular trichomes contain most of the cannabinoids and essential oils responsi ble for therapeutic effect, aroma & flavor.

Glandular trichomes contain most of the cannabinoids and essential oils responsi ble for therapeutic effect, aroma & flavor.

I treat questions from suffering individuals with more soberness than anything else in my life. In fact it is the most serious thing I have willingly put my time into for many years without really thinking about. I feel it is the reason why my life's work has leads me to this self chosen vocation. As a child I would not have ever thought about doing a job like this. Therefore when I am asked to give advice on an issue of health from a sick person I treat it with the utmost importance. This all stemmed

Pure Haze, 8 weeks Mango, 16 weeks Super Silve Haze

Cannabis contains more than 60 different cannabinoids and a lot of terpenes (aromas) that are unique to this plant. Finding the plant is the difficult part and takes trial and error to achieve. With persistence and a lot of help from online users/growers we are finding great results for many sick people.

for those with anxiety related problems, mental fatigue or stress related disorders. I tend to think of indica as a body aid while sativas are more conducive to cerebral conditions. Due to the poly-hybrids we now breed we see we can combine effective blends that satisfy a lot of symptoms. However it is an individual and personal quest to find the plant best suited to the individual.

Haze x Widow, Critical Haze, Super Silver Haze and G13 x Widow all seems to be excellent medical blends that bring a combination of pain management with cerebral clarity. Of course due to the inexact science; more trial and error methods, and lack of true controlled and standardised research into poly hybridization, it seems that a community of persistent medical growers will be the back bone of the medical plant research. In a way it is no different to all agricultural products we now use for food, medicine and decorative aesthetics in a garden. These all came from selective breeding from generation to generation, nothing simple or quick. So why or how would we expect it to be different for Medical cannabis?

Two examples are the Afghan/Skunk x Afghan/Haze plant we nickname ASH and N.H.S (National Health Service-Northern lights 5 /Haze x Skunk) at MNS. For some time now we have been trying to blend into single plants genetics that satisfy certain criterion and get results. Other blends such as Neville Haze x Skunk, Early Queen x Afghan Haze, Master Kush x Afghan Haze, Mango Haze x Afghan Skunk, Mango

To avoid a lengthy explanation I will paste a link of several areas to go visit if you wish to see how various growers/care givers exchange information on particular strains. Documented with photos, the grow reports act as the most independently serviced and unbiased controls from the actual seed purchased from a packet of MNS. So to help standardize growing for medical use and since we do not yet have a set standard of rules to grow by y for medicinal use, it will be necessary to allow these sort of independently controlled grows be the medical guide points for the meantime.





The particular elements of the plant that concerns the medical community are the cannabi-noids and terpenes contained on the plant itself. Our knowledge is increasing with the scientific research put into this field of study. So far we have found that the combination of high CBD and THC at a ratio of 1:1, seem to achieve excellent results for the general problems of disease. Once it was only possible to find such a ratio in Hash. With a lot of independent laboratory testing and access to precise methods of extraction we are now gaining a lot of knowledge in the plight of the sick and those plant breeds that are used to aid these people suffering. MNS is engaged in research with other breeders to try and obtain a plant that can offer an

all-round beneficial medical effect based on the cannabinoid content and proportions. Time and testing will tell, but due to the lack of funding or recognition our main research comes from dedicated hobby breeders and growers, and seems to remain so for the near future.

Medicinal users world wide are giving the push towards a clearer and compassionate use for the cannabis plant. Most recreational growers are benefitting. As more and more genuine patients achieve a better quality of life from the use of cannabis the story will unfold. I only hope that the elements of greed, power, and self importance remain far enough away to not let this industry go the normal ways. Medical use has been for thousands of years already, it is a resilient plant and a friend for all who use her...not to those who abuse her. *

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