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next event in our very busy first month of the new cannabis year. If you're unaware of this tour, it has Marc-Boris St-Maurice, founder of the Marijuana Party of Canada, touring our country and talking to people about resolving marijuana prohibition. He does this through video interviews with many experts in economics, health and medicine, policy implementation and social justice relating to cannabis. Along with these videos, each stop provides a panel of people to assist him in discussing these four pillars of policy with the audience. You can read more about Marc-Boris and his tour at

Our members attending the tours stopped at the Organic Underground on Front Street in Belleville Ontario. The place serves speciality coffees, organic foods and organic meals, to a wide range of organic health care products. The building is very old, with much of its original brick exposed to those on the inside. In other spots, you could see old timber ends and full beams that were used to build the place. Out front, as we walked in, there was a gentleman sitting on a stool busking to those who walked by and a chalkboard sign telling people what is happening on the inside. On this night, it told everyone that legalizing cannabis/marijuana was being discussed inside. Just before and just after the show got going, the place started to get crowded. From up front it appeared there was little room left for people to sit. The place was not filled with a young, youthful crowd as some would imagine. Instead, it was filled with many that were over 40 and many that were over 65. A quick show of hands told us that there wasn't really as many smokers in the crowd as one would think. When it was asked who in attendance was a federal medical marijuana exemptee, it looked like at least 10 to 12 hands remained high in the air.

The panel for this night featured Dr. Craig Jones, the National Director of the John Howard Society, Lynne Belle-Isle, a Programs Consultant with the Canadian Aids Society, Al Graham of MA and a contributing writer for Treating Yourself, as well as Gary Magwood, the coordinator of public and media relations for the Green Party of Canada PE-H federal riding. All of the panelists had different ideas and thoughts on the four pillars. Dr. Jones and Ms. Belle-Isle are two very well-respected people in their fields. Dr. Jones has done many research studies on cannabis and its effects. Ms. Belle-Isle researches in the medicinal field with regards to cannabis' effects with HIV and AIDS patients, and is instrumental in helping those people towards an improved quality of life, something all sick people reach for. A special thank you goes out to Mike, a friend of MA and the man behind the scenes getting this thing organized.

The night was educational to many. For others, it may have been preaching to the choir, but all and any information that can get out to a large gathering is great to see. Now that the seeds have been planted, let's hope that they bear the fruit of knowledge so that those who receive can spread it onto others.

MA can be reached at [email protected]

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