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by Melrose Sanchez

Dr. Jean Talleyrand, a third-generation medical doctor, founded MediCann after completing his residency in San Francisco. His penchant within the medical field is that of family doctor in an era where the concept of family medicine is shadowy at best. It is in the neighborhood clinics of San Francisco, treating those in the most need that he asked himself several questions about his core beliefs. He questioned himself as to how he could best perform as a physician and serve fully in his capacity as a medical doctor. In this self-examination, he also had to consider his familial responsibility to forefathers who also have concepts and ideals. Talleyrand had to interpret long-term personal values in light of today's medical environment. The result of that self-examination is MediCann.

Three times I have visited the offices of MediCann, once as a patient, and twice as an observer. The first visit was to obtain my medical cannabis recommendation. When

Dr. Jean Talleyrand the doctor called me into his office, and closed the door, his total focus was on me and my physical condition. He asked me questions and listened patiently as I explained the impact of frequent and severe headaches, resulting from an auto accident over 15 years ago. The headaches have a large impact upon my life as a writer and editor. Of course prescription and over-the-counter drugs work and take the pain away for 4-5 hours at a time. I can work pain free using those drugs. The drawback is the long-term side effects. I have had a single headache last for 3-weeks and required medicating every 4 hours around the clock. The doctor asked me if cannabis helped. Of course it does, which is why I wanted the recommendation. I currently use ointment applied directly to the base of the neck and I find that cannabis tea can soothe and clam a headache in the earliest stages and prevent it from developing.

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Each of the 3 encounters I have had at MediCann left me with the impression that these doctors do care about a patient's total well-being. I was asked about my diet and exercise program, water consumption, if I smoked tobacco and my personal overall feeling about my health and my responsibility in maintaining it.

From what I experienced and witnessed, this organization is founded in a genuine caring for the patient population it serves. MediCann doctors, along with many others, have a firm foundation in the care and nurturing of the human being as a total unit. Physical issues can lead to emotional and psychological issues. Living with a debilitating illness, and/or living through a health crisis, takes its toll many differing ways. Dr. Talleyrand and his group are dedicated to the "old-style" of doctoring — considering the patient as a whole being rather than a loosely connected series of body parts and most importantly, how a patient's life is impacted while coping with their condition(s).

As I observed the doctors interacting with other patients, the primary care physician's treatment and prescriptions were not only supported by the MediCann doctors, but the details were discussed as to how the prescribed treatment actually works. For example, one patient is suffering from scare tissue related to a back injury. Dr. Talleyrand went into detail explaining how the primary care physician's desire for the patient to exercise the injured area and to stretch regularly helps to break down scare tissue. He explained how the timely use of hot and cold pacts helps to prevent pain before it occurs.

MediCann's primary focus is to bring the idea of health to their patients and they are open to consider and discuss healthful alternatives to achieving the goal of living pain free or with managed pain. It is the goal of the MediCann group to augment and support the primary care physician and to support the patient by considering the overall well being of the patient and his/her quality of life.

Dr. Talleyrand advertises his fee for a medical cannabis recommendation as the lowest fee available. He feels medication should be available to all regardless of economic or social standing. Everyone has the right to feel as healthy and pain-free as possible. He views medical cannabis as a bridge from prescription drugs to living a drug-free and pain-free life. Of course, the goal is not always possible. Many patients have lifelong conditions and it is a case of management more than becoming "cured", however, most patients' shared-goal is to have the lowest dosage of medications that is effective.

The process of obtaining a recommendation at MediCann requires patients to bring medical records stating their condition and supportive documentation like MRIs, x-rays, test results and/or a statement from the primary care

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Doctor/patient consultation.

physician. One of the patient's I observed showed Dr. Talleyrand a medical file containing documentation of their condition and the patient mentioned being recommended to MediCann by an emergency room physician. This was a college-aged patient suffering from severe back injuries incurred while doing athletic pursuits. The patient is not terminal or critically ill as many are, but like myself, locked into a pain management program. The patient's treatment involved traction and powerful pain killers that prohibited proper study, rest and normal activities required of an ambitious college student. The patient's main concern was the ability to study and to maintain the grade-point-average necessary to obtain slated goals.

The MediCann professionalism combined with the compassionate willingness to listen to patients and to discuss at length the options and considerations facing intense and/or long-term medical situations is what sets MediCann apart. I witnessed the real need for patients to have someone to discuss alternative medications that may ease the condition that daily affects their quality of life. The willingness and genuine care I witnessed in the offices of MediCann may not be unique to the MadiCann group since doctors that understand the value of medical cannabis as a support to other medications, tend to be more compassionate and more willing to listen with sense of genuine humanity. Yet, it is worthy of mention that the MediCann offices located in various neighborhoods statewide tend to blend with the neighborhoods they serve, and have gentleness to them that is welcoming and supportive.

To contact MediCann or to get more detailed information about obtaining a medical cannabis recommendation visit or call 1-866-632-6627 the staff is more than willing to answer questions, make appointments and to inform as to the medical documentation necessary. %l


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