1. Elevated plus-maze test apparatus.

2. Activity meters.

3. Strobe lights.

4. Cages for rodents mice or rat strains.

5. Drugs: alcohol, and cannabinoids, e.g., WIN55,212-2.

6. Sucrose.

7. Rodent chow.

8. Stereotaxic surgery set up with frame, cannulae, injection units, drill, and surgical materials.

9. Weighing balance.

10. CB2 polyclonal antibodies and peptide.

11. Mice and rat brain tissue.

12. TaqMan real-time PCR system (ABI 7900).

13. PCR and RT-PCR, real-time PCR reagents.

Fig. 1. Animals were subjected to the CMS protocol as described, and their weekly sucrose consumption was used as a measure of anhedonia. On the fourth week the intake of alcohol was also measured. *Sucrose or alcohol intake by CMS animals significantly different from controls; p < 0.05.

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