Raphael C Wong and Harley Y


The use of commercial adulterants with the aim of defeating urine drug tests has become a growing problem for the drug-testing industry. Such products are easily available and act by substitution, dilution, and chemical adulteration. Regulatory guidelines to detect the presence of adulteration have been established. Several on-site adulteration test products are available. One of the widely used devices is Intect® 7 (Branan Medical Corporation), which is a dipstick covered with seven dry reagent pads that tests for creatinine, specific gravity, pH, nitrite, glutaraldehyde, bleach, and pyridinium chlorochromate. Intect 7 has been shown to detect all currently available commercial adulterants. For two oxidizing adulterants that appear to dissipate within a short period of time, Intect 7 was shown to be useful in detecting their presence on site.

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