Murray Lappe


New federal regulations proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services for drug testing of federal employees includes the addition of alternative specimens as well as the addition of alternative technologies for screening samples at the point of collection. Alternative technologies called point-of-collection tests (POCT) may use urine or oral fluids, and are either visually read or instrumented. eScreen® (eScreen, Inc.) is an instrumented urine POCT with an integrated SVT, adulteration assay, Web-based information management system, and paperless chain of custody form. eScreen's instrumented system eliminates many potential areas of concern when testing samples at the point of collection. Safeguards that are present in a laboratory-based drug-testing environment are duplicated in eScreen's decentralized point-of-collection drug-testing model. The key to eScreen's robust point-of-collection model lies in the use of an extensive installed base of Internet-enabled eReaders and Web tools.

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