The product of a drug test is information. Drug-testing laboratories have benefited from automation and information systems since they became practical to implement. Decentralization of the drug-testing laboratory, using the eScreen system, allows thousands of networked Internet readers to perform the immunoassay screen at the point of collection using lateral-flow drugs-of-abuse strips embedded in eScreen's eCup. The eScreen123 software platform allows each service provider real-time access to the drug-test record, creating a digital pathway of drug-test information from initiation of the drug-test order until the completion of the test, either at the point of collection or MRO service. allows employers to schedule events and manage their drug-testing program at more than 1000 points of collection nationwide, each following a standardized method and standard operating procedures. The eReader removes subjective interpretation, bias, and transcription errors, and protects the donor's confidential information.

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