Application of Gold Conjugates to the Test Strip

After conjugation, the gold-labeled antibody will be dried down onto a pad. The method in which the gold is applied to the pad, the buffer it is supported in, and the method of drying will affect performance. The detector or conjugate reagent in a lateral-flow assay systems can be presented in a variety of ways—for example, as a ready to use liquid or as a lyophilized reagent that is reconstituted before use—but is predominantly incorporated as part of the dry assay strip. In use, the sample or a chase buffer in the system is typically used to reconstitute a dried conjugate reagent as part of the lateral-flow assay system. There are many ways that the drying of the conjugate reagent may be achieved; this is largely dependent on the scale of the manufacturing process, and ranges from simple hand application of the reagent with passive drying to semi- or fully automated application and forced drying.

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