Adulteration of Hair and Saliva Specimens for Drug Testing

Hair and saliva specimens are alternatives to urine specimens for drug testing (see Chapter 11). Several products available through the Internet claim that washing hair with their shampoos can help pass a drug test. Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo claims to remove all residues and toxins within 10 min of use. One application is sufficient for shoulder-length hair, and the effect can last for 8 h. Root Clean hair-cleansing system shampoo has also been commercially available. However, no systematic study has been reported to investigate the effect of using these products in a drug test. Saliva samples are also used for drug testing. The chances of adulteration of saliva specimen are very low to non-existent. However, the manufacturer of a commercially available mouthwash claims that by rinsing the mouth twice with this product, a person can beat saliva-based drug testing, which is a popular method of testing by insurance companies. The same company claims that its specially formulated shampoo cleans hair of any drugs or toxins. A product to clean fingernails to pass a drug test is also available.

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