Biofeedback Mastery

Biofeedback Mastery

Have you ever wondered what Biofeedback is all about? Uncover these unique information on Biofeedback! Are you in constant pain? Do you wish you could ever just find some relief? If so, you are not alone. Relieving chronic pain can be difficult and frustrating.

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Treatment Implementation

It is always advisable to provide patients with information on good sleep hygiene practices (see Table 5-1). Although behavioral techniques such as stimulus control, progressive muscle relaxation, biofeedback, and sleep-restriction seem to complement pharmacotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) alone may have better long-term outcome, compared to the combination of CBT and medications. In contrast, added CBT seems to facilitate the tapering of hypnotics.

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Sand jumped bail and disappeared while out on appeal, leaving Scully to fend for himself. Scully's lawyers argued for a mistrial but lost. While in federal prison on McNeil Island, Washington State, he became a model inmate, designing a computer system for the staff and biofeedback equipment to help drug addicts and the handicapped. This helped him win an early parole in 1979. Shortly before his release from prison Scully was named Man of the Year by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Washington for his scientific innovations.


Treatments for this form of headache remain imperfect. Biofeedback, which trains people to use relaxation and imagery to change blood flow, has proven particularly helpful. With as little as eight sessions of proper therapy, people can learn to shrink the arteries or decrease the blood flow at the site of the pain, bringing meaningful relief to a headache (Elmore & Tursky, 1981). Several medications help alleviate symptoms for some sufferers, but fail to help 30 of people. These drugs also produce aversive side effects in up to 66 of patients. The disadvantages of these medications led some migraine sufferers to try marijuana. Physicians have prescribed cannabis for headache since as early as 1874. Advocates of the treatment protested when it was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopoeia in 1942 (Russo, 1998). Marijuana may have an advantage over other painkillers, such as the opiates, because cannabis not only combats headache pain, but it also inhibits the nausea and vomiting associated...

Migraini Ddications

Migraine suffering is frequently positively influenced by pregnancy. Non-drug processes such as muscle relaxation therapy, biofeedback, acupuncture and acupressure, as well as changes in lifestyle and nutrition, are preferable in the prodromal stage and in the intervals that are free from pain. The analgesic of choice is paracetamol, perhaps combined with caffeine or codeine (see Chapter 2.1.7). Ibuprofen or aspirin can also be considered, but these should not be used from the early third trimester onwards. If necessary, antiemetics like medozine or metoclo-pramide should be given prior to analgesics. To prevent dehydration, intravenous (i.v.) fluids should be given. To control nausea and pain, phenothiazines (prochlorperazine) can be administered intravenously, supplemented if necessary by i.v. narcotics (like codeine) or i.v. corticosteroids. Severe attacks can be treated with sumatriptan (preferably intranasal, s.c. or rectal) other triptanes should be used only...