Variations Of Dmt In Samples Of P Viridis

From thirty-seven samples of P. viridis, collected in the morning on the same day from several locations throughout Brazil, the DMT concentrations were found to range from 0.00-17.75 milligram per gram (mg/ g) of dried leaf (Callaway, Brito, and Neves 2005). Most samples had a value of approximately 7.50 mg/g DMT, and only one had undetectable amounts. It is possible that this specimen was not P. viridis, but another species of Psychotria.

Most remarkable were the results from consecutive samples taken from the same plant at several different times throughout the day. The highest levels of DMT were found in those leaves that were collected at dawn (8.97 mg/g) or before dusk (9.52 mg/g DMT). The leaves that had the least amount of DMT were those collected at midnight (5.57 mg/g), and another depression in alkaloid content appeared near 10:00 am (8.01 mg/g DMT) and subsequent values remained low throughout the hotter parts of the day. One could argue that these are simply variable values from different leaves, although special consideration was taken to include leaves at equivalent stages of development. It is also important to note that these quantitative results are in agreement with what has been observed qualitatively over years of practical experience.

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