With ayahuasca there is a pronounced afterglow, of which I am conscious of for two to three weeks, sometimes longer. I have a palpable sense that all is well with the world, a sense of being effortlessly at home in my body, of being fully and easily present. Emotional perturbations are likely to be more short-lived. Coming back to center seems to occur on its own. After the last session, I experienced a very subtle bu. persistent sense of spaciousness as if a refreshingly cool mentholated breeze were blowing through my body. I didn't have to summon it up. It was there. All I had to do was notice it.

Seven weeks after the medicine session I had an extraordinary dream in which my ego was like a fiddle being played by Spirit (Higher Self). Even more spectacular was the fully orchestrated symphony I heard. The music was crystal clear, ethereal, exquisitely wrought. Since I can neither read nor write music, I was left wondering who the composer was. I felt like a Beethoven or a Mozart walking around with spontaneously orchestrated symphonies in my head. I also realized, while still dreaming, that the dream was metaphorical.

After the ayahuasca sessions, I feel cleansed within, throughout, and all about. I have a sense of having been healed at all levels, especially the physical. The ayahuasca medicine seems to have a special affinity for the gastrointestinal system: it snakes its way through the body, seeking out and eliminating obstructions to life energy flow. I sometimes think of it as a form of kundalini, a Liquid Plum'r for the soul. For cleansing and healing, for reconnecting with the vegetable kingdom, ayahuasca is definitely my medicine of choice.

Healing Inside Out and Outside In

Healing Inside Out and Outside In

Inside Out And Outside In Finding Zen Through Spiritual Healing. Practicing spiritualĀ  wellness is the key to living a life of fulfillment, success, peace, love, prosperity, and joy.

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