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From world-renown hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, M. Ed. comes this eBook Astral Travel Now. The information taught in this book will allow to live a life in your dreams. You will learn astral projection and be able to defy gravity and time, conquer fear of death, walk through walls, visit family members who have passed away, and exist on a higher plane of self-awareness. You think superpowers are only fiction? Steve G. Jones M. Ed. gives YOU the tools to unlock powers that you have never even dreamed of. All of these abilities can Easily be learned by Anyone, regardless of past mental experience. Use astral projection to give yourself powers and abilities that most will dismiss as fantasy. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this ebook, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the excitement was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Minds And Developing Ultraconsciousness

Psychedelics are fascinating because they allow people to have experiences outside the realms we normally consider possible. This can include such experiences as telepathy, astral travel, visibility into the past and future evolutionary blueprint, increased sensitivity of the senses, increased range of the senses such as visibility in the infrared spectrum and audibility beyond the

Use Of Lsd In The Development Of Paranormal Abilities

Much historical and anthropological evidence and numerous anecdotal observations from clinical research suggest that psychedelic substances can occasionally facilitate extrasensory perception. In many cultures visionary plants were administered in the context of spiritual healing ceremonies as means to diagnose and cure diseases. Equally frequent was their use for other magical purposes, such as locating lost objects or persons, astral projection, perception of remote events, precognition, and clairvoyance. Most of the drugs used for these purposes have been mentioned earlier in connection with religious rituals. They include the resin or leaves of hemp (Cannabis iridica or sativa) in Africa and Asia fly-agaric mushrooms among various Siberian tribes and North American Indians the plant

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

Live Your Fantasies Discover How The Master Astral Navigator Perform Astral Projection To Live Their Desired Realities! Finally You Can Fully Equip Yourself With These Must Have Super Tools For Astral Projection Success! In this world full of uncertainty, Wars, economic crisises, killing, rape and robbery, it's difficult for one to lead a calm and peaceful life. Sometimes, the unnervingness of it all can lead to disease and complications which harm our health.

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