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Most Powerful Aphrodisiac For Women

Ever since (lie dawn of history man lias been agonizingly pursuing the answers (o two questions 'Wlial is the meaning and purpose of life ' and, 'Where can i get a good aphrodisiac ' The somewhat amazing axiom of modern science llial there are no true aphrodisiacs steins more from semanlic puhe-splitting tlian from realities about sexual arousal, performance and exhilaration. To maintain llial melliaqualone does not significantly, obliterate inhibitions and inflame the libido, that cocaine does not sufficiently., boost sexual stamina and that LSD is not enough of a sensual enhancer is to set unattainable standards for aphrodisiacs. There exists no substance thar' will ignite sexual bonfires in every individual on all occasions, no chemical guaranteed to lum distaste into desire, no sure-fire seduction pill, erection balm or antifrigidity spray. So while some will pursue the chimera of the omnipotent aphrodisiac forever, otliers content themselves in the here and now by fucking their...

Endocrine and Sexual Effects

All standard antipsychotic drugs elevate serum prolactin levels by blocking the tonic inhibitory actions of dopamine on lactotrophic cells in the pituitary. Among second-generation antipsychotics, risperidone and amisulpride can produce dose-dependent hyperprolactinemia to a greater extent than firstgeneration antipsychotics, whereas clozapine, olanzapine, ziprasidone, and quetiapine do not cause a sustained elevation of prolactin above normal levels. Aripiprazole, being a partial DA agonist, produces no elevation of prolactin and even suppresses prolactin levels slightly. Hyperprolactinemia in women can lead to menstrual disturbances, including anovu-latory cycles and infertility, menses with abnormal luteal phases, or frank amenorrhea and hypoestrogenemia. Women have also reported decreased libido and anorgasmia, and there are reports of increased long-term risk of osteoporosis although this is controversial. Antipsychotic-induced gyneco-mastia has been reported in 3 of women and 6...

Pregnancy Category None

A tropical aphrodisiac compounded from the dried venom of toads has been found to contain bufotenine. A traditional Chinese medicine called Chan Su is rubbed on a spot of the body to numb the area and is also used for heart ailments and to fight nosebleeds Chan Su is prepared from toads and contains bufotenine. Other toad venom preparations have been used to relieve toothache, to help bleeding gums, to promote urination, and to help people cough up phlegm. Deaths Associated with a Purported Aphrodisiac New York City, February 1993- Sandroni, P. Aphrodisiacs Past and Present A Historical Review. Clinical Autonomic

Syndromes of Depression and Their Treatment

How to Start Several antidepressants are first-line treatments, that is, they are the most likely to help you with the fewest side effects. I usually recommend a trial of an SSRI because these medications are the most frequently effective and the most easily tolerated. Unfortunately, they frequently inhibit sexual desire and impair sexual responsiveness, effects that intensify at higher doses. You may not care about this when you first start medication if you are focused mostly on the relief you hope to derive, but as you improve, this may become more important to you. After a couple of weeks paroxetine tends to make people tired after a dose, so this may be a useful one to try first if you experience insomnia. Some people try venlafaxine first, but blood pressure can rise and needs to be closely monitored. Bupropion is a reasonable drug to start with, although it can cause anxiety and insomnia. Additionally, the dose needs to be carefully monitored in order to prevent seizures. If...

Combined Antidepressant Therapy

Open trials have supported the use of combined therapy of a TCA and a serotonin reuptake inhibitor in patients for whom either class alone has failed. When antidepressants are combined, it is important to remember that the serotonin reup-take inhibitors can potentiate TCA levels, and this should be monitored carefully. MAOIs have also been used in combination with TCAs, although this should be monitored closely given the risk of potential toxic interactions. Given the risk of a serotonin syndrome, MAOIs should not be combined with serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Bupropion is frequently added to an SSRI to enhance efficacy or to alleviate side effects such as decreased libido, fatigue, and sedation.

Family Bombacaceae Kunth 1822 nom conserv the Kapoktree Family

Pharmaceutical interest Examples of Bombacaceae are Durio zibethinus Murr. (durian tree), Och-romapyramidale (Cav.) Urban (balsa wood tree), Adansonia digitata L. (baobab) and Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn. (kapok-tree). The resin of Bombax malabaricum DC. is the source of the gum of Malabar which is used in Asia for its tonic, aphrodisiac and haemostatic properties. It will be interesting to learn whether more intensive future research on this family will disclose any molecules of therapeutic interest.

Its getting harder every day

Birth control pills are a different story. It is far more simple and has everything to do with biology. Since women ovulate once a month and the hormones that regulate ovulation are well known, it was relatively easy to control it simply sustain the hormone that prevents ovulation. The ultimate problem with regulating sperm production, on the other hand, is that men make sperm pretty much all the time. Worse, the key driving hormone is testosterone, which, not coincidentally, is also responsible for sex drive. So, if you stop testosterone, you stop the desire to have sex. Granted, this would be a really effective form of birth control, but it misses the point of contraception development though. Comparing stopping ovulation to stopping sperm production is like comparing shutting the windows when it is raining outside to actually stopping it from raining outside. In addition, there were some initial clinical trials to see if Viagra could work in women. Since the drug works by...

The Neuropharmacology Of Mescaline

One of the principal neurotransmitters in the brain is the chemical serotonin, also called 5-hydroxytryptamine (abbreviated 5-HT). Serotonin has many functions in the brain, including the control of mood, pleasure, hunger, sex drive, and sensation and perception. Over the years, scientists have discovered more than a dozen receptors for serotonin in the brain (recall that a receptor is a protein located on the surface of a nerve cell that binds a specific neurotransmitter and tells the neuron whether or not to change its electrical activity). These serotonin receptors are each encoded by a separate gene located on various chromosomes.

General Information

In a study of the effects of various combinations of desogestrel and testosterone, including a sequential pattern, the optimal dosage to induce azoospermia seemed to be desogestrel 300 micrograms day by mouth and testosterone enantate 50 mg weekly by intramuscular injection (1). Among 24 subjects, there were no withdrawals clearly related to the treatment. During weeks 1-3, adverse effects were reduced sex drive (n 4), tiredness (n 1), and a sensation of depression (n 1) during weeks 4-24 they included mild acne (n 10), increased sexual interest (n 3), emotional lability (n 2), tiredness (n 2), night sweats (n 1), and headache (n 1). However, laboratory studies showed that desogestrel had clear effects on lipid metabolism in dosages of 150 micrograms day or more, with reductions in HDL cholesterol, apolipoprotein, A1 lipoprotein, sex hormone binding globulin, and to some extent total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. If this approach can be developed to provide a more convenient dosage...

Interaction Of Warfarin With Herbal Supplements

Anticoagulant effect of warfarin increases if combined with coumarin-containing herbal remedies such as bilba, fenugreek and dong quai or with antiplatelet herbs such as danshen, garlic and ginkgo biloba. Conversely, vitamin K-containing supplement such as green tea may antagonize the anticoagulant effect of warfarin. The international normalization ratio (INR) was increased in a patient treated with warfarin for atrial fibrillation when he started taking coumarin-containing herbal products boldo and fenugreek. After discontinuation of herbal supplements, his INR returned to normal after 1 week (68,69). Increased anticoagulation due to interaction between warfarin and danshen has been reported. (70,71). Two cases of increased INR were mentioned in patients taking garlic previously stabilized on warfarin (72). A likely mechanism is an additive effect because garlic has antiplatelet activity.

The Pharmacological Basis Of Therapeutics 1955

Cannabis has been considered as a breeder of crime, especially in psychopathic individuals, a concept supported by the acts of violence presumably committed while under the acute influence of the drug. Suicide, homicide, and sexual assaults have been blamed on marihuana. It has been contended that inhibitions are removed and personality traits exaggerated, and that the criminal is thereby emboldened to do violence. Evidence on which the above view is based is not always of the most acceptable variety. The sociological, psychiatric and criminological aspects of marihuana were studied and reviewed by Bromberg (1939) and Shoenfield (1944), and no positive relation could be found between violent crime and the use of the drug. Marihuana is no more an aphrodisiac than is alcohol, and the drug apparently is not used for sexual stimulation. No cases of murder or sexual crimes due to marihuana were established, and Shoenfield concluded that the smoking of marihuana was not associated with...

Pharmaceutical interest

Uses In Cambodia, the roots are used to counteract poison, combat fever, and treat jaundice, dropsy and cachexia. In Indonesia, the root bark and root are used to combat fever, stop diarrhea and soothe swollen parts. In Malaysia, the root bark is used to combat fever, invigorate the body, and heal wounds and ulcers the plant is used to treat dropsy, ascite and to counteract poison. The wood of the roots is cut in small pieces which are boiled in water to make a drink which is taken by men as aphrodisiac. In Vietnam, Eurycoma longifolia Jack is used to combat fever, promote digestion, expel intestinal worms, treat dysentery, counteract poison and treat lumbago. Other properties A number of publications have attempted to substantiate the aphrodisiac claim of Eurycoma longifolia Jack. For example, male rats receiving up to 800mg Kg of the plant daily for 10 days, display a dose-dependent increase in mounting frequency but not in erection or ejaculations (Ang HH etal., 1997).

Physiology and Pharmacology

Effects on sexual arousal and ejaculation occur through a central mechanism, because the drug can induce arousal even after genital anesthesia (144) and it reverses clonidine-induced inhibition of ejaculation (145,146). However, the mechanism of action of yohimbine on erectile function was not fully understood and its site of action was not conclusively identified until it was demonstrated few years ago that functional a2 receptors are expressed in the human corpus cavernosum (147). It is now believed that yohimbine exerts its erectogenic action by blocking post-synap-tic a2 receptors in the corpus cavernosum and thus inhibits the contractility of the caver-nosal tissue (128). In addition to its a-adren-ergic effects, yohimbine exerts a stimulatory action on the mood and may increase anxiety. This effect is at least partially attributed to yohimbine's central serotonergic activity although it has not been adequately studied.

Imino2 phnyl5 oxazolidinone4

Imperial Group Leading British manufacturer of tobacco products, including Player and Embassy cigarettes, Wilson's snuff, and several brands of cigars. Its other products included beer, prepared foods, and packaging. Corporate headquarters are in London. Impfen German colloquial term for adding opium to hashish. Import Colloquial term for crack. Impotence Inhibited sexual excitement in a man during sexual activity that, despite an unaffected desire for sex, results in inability to attain or maintain a penile erection. Impotence can result from psychological factors (performance anxiety or fear of abandonment or unwanted pregnancy), sociocultural factors (negative sexual attitudes or religious beliefs) or, less frequently, physical causes such as hormonal abnormalities, drug abuse and alcoholism. Treatment of impotence depends on the underlying cause. Many drugs are used as aphrodisiaca. Central stimulants lika amfeta-mine and cocaine initially acts as sexual stimulants but can have...

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number 8007930 Formal Names Atropa belladonna

Erotic dreams may occur from ingestion, and reputedly belladonna is considered an aphrodisiac in Morocco. Users have reported hallucinating interactions with landscapes and other persons, experiences so compelling that their hallucinatory nature was unapparent until the belladonna dose wore off.

The evolution of Captagon

Amphetamine Smuggling Routes

The primary market for Captagon has traditionally been countries in the Near and Middle East, where it is popular among the younger, affluent population and where it has also enjoyed a reputation as sexual stimulant since the beginning of the 1980s. The presence of many of the other ingredients cannot be explained easily based on their pharmacology and that of the original drug fenetylline, and remains open to speculation. Synergistic effects, reputation (for example as sexual stimulant), or contamination from the production process are all possible explanations.

Diethylstilbestrol stilbestrol

Alone do not relieve all menopausal symptoms. Adding androgens has sometimes been found to improve relief of vasomotor symptoms, as well as alleviating some psychosexual problems. However, evidence has also been advanced that part of the value of estrogens lies in their ability to exert a positive inotropic effect on cardiac muscle and to increase cardiac output, left ventricular mass, and end-diastolic volume. In theory, one might expect the addition of androgens to interfere with these effects. This possibility has now been examined by an Italian group using Doppler flowmetry in an open randomized study in 40 patients over 8 months. All were using transdermal E2 (50 g day) and cyclic medroxyprogesterone acetate (10 mg day). Half of the trial subjects now received in addition testosterone undecanoate (40 mg day). The investigators concluded that while the androgen improved sexual desire and satisfaction and had no effect on endometrial thickness it did in part counteract the...

Kordilat Phenobarbital

The liana Tanaecium nocturnum, mainly growing in the Amazons delta. In traditional medicine it has been used against diarrhea and is used among the Choco Indians in Colombia as a hallucinogenic beverage and as aphrodisiac High dosage can be lethal. The active substances are not known. Koribo Tanaecium nocturnum. See Koribo. Korkesse Colloquial term for barbiturate tablets.

Lycoperdon marginatum GiiWa Lycoperdon mixtecorum GiiWa Lydia Pinkhams Vegetable Compound

Popular US patent medicine, patented 1876 by the housewife Lydia Estes Pinkham whose husband Isaac lost all his money in the 1873 financial crash. Widely advertised as The Greatest Medical Discovery Since the Dawn of History. The compound of black cohosh, liferoot plant, fenugreek seeds, and other herbs in a 21 percent alcohol solution promises to remedy female complaints. Lydol -um Pethidine hydrochloride. Lydolum Pethidine. Lyladorm Nitrazepam. Lyopect Nicocodine or Nicocodine hydro-chloride.

Mandragora Theophrasti Atropa belladonna

The mandrake has long been known for its poisonous properties. In ancient times it was used as a narcotic and an aphrodisiac, and it was also believed to have certain magical powers. Its forked root, seemingly resembling the human form, was thought to be in the power of dark earth spirits. It was believed that the mandrake could be safely uprooted only in the moonlight, after appropriate prayer and ritual, by a black dog attached to the plant by a cord. Human hands were not to come in contact with the plant. In medieval times it was thought that as the mandrake was pulled from the ground it uttered a shriek that killed or drove mad those who did not block their ears against it. After the plant had been freed from the earth, it could be used for beneficent purposes, such as healing, inducing love, facilitating pregnancy, and providing soothing sleep.

Steroids in sport 19451960

However, as noted above the development of hormonal therapy was gathering pace in the United States by the 1940s. In 1945 the American magazine Business Week proclaimed 'Of all the sex hormones, testosterone is said to have the greatest market potential' (cited in Hoberman 2005 3). Also in that year, Paul de Kruif published the influential book, The Male Hormone, which outlined a highly positive appraisal of the drug's potential. He argued that it could enhance the sex drive of men and women, and that the established medical societies such as the AMA were not taking it seriously because of its connections with sexual activity. Despite this, doctors were recommending hormones for a range of ailments, notably those related to the ageing process. De Kruif used it himself, claiming that it extended his sense of vitality and manhood even though he was in his mid fifties.

Cannabis indicae herba Cannabis

A dried beetle, used as a aphrodisiac, counter irritant and vesicant. Consists of the broken dried remains of the blister beetle (q.v.) Lytta vesica-toria.It has been a traditional sexual stimulant fed to male livestock to facilitate breeding. In-humans the substance produces skin blisters on contact, and attempts to ingest it as an aphrodisiac are considered extremely hazardous. Synonyms Russian fly, Spanish fly.From latin kantharis, a beetle.

Classical Mandrake Prescriptions

Recreational Drugs America

The surgeon Sushrula listed over 760 plant drugs, including anesthetics, poisons, naicotics and spices. Licorice and pepper were his favorite medicines mangoes, myrobolans, peppers and datura were his aphrodisiacs of choice. He was the world's first plastic, surgeon, rebuilding noses cut off as punishment for adultejy. Sushruta fumigated operating rooms with aromatic herbs and used deadly nightshade, Indian hemp and datura to induce stupor. Snakeroot (Rauwctfia serpentina), from which modern chemists extract the tranquilizer reserpiite, was prescribed for fever, snakebite, cholera, difficult childbirth and moon madness, or lunacy. The origin of Chinese pharmacology is ascribed to the mythical emperor Shen Nung. Tradition has it that he tested a hundred drugs on himself and, because he could make his system transparent at willl (what a nice metaphor for seeing into oneself _ with drugs), he was able to observe their action and take an antidote if necessary. He was thus able to classify...

An Ancient Mushroom Ceremony

Simple Jewish Tree Life

Magazines like High Times carry ads for lettuce opium, magic mushroom spores, aphrodisiac yohimbine smoking mix, cosmic think-drink (Gotu kola). Legal grass contains Korean ginseng leaves, damiana, high-grade lobelia herb, yohimbine bark and hops. A combination of yohimbine bark and kavakava root is described as feeling like mellow acid. Kola nut and chia seeds are combined in organic speed. Sales of pamphlets on legal highs and herbal aphrodisiacs and numerous magic-mushroom field guides testify to the mania for organic highs. Far more species of psychoactive plants exist than have been declared illegal, and new ones await discovery. The Ch urch of the Tree of Life and other Neo-American religious groups have followed the example of the peyote using Native American Church in declaring as their sacrament plant hallucinogens that are presently legal

Medical And Behavioral Toxicity Overview

Cortisol is a hormone (chemical messenger) responsible for multiple effects on the body, including changes in the immune response, glucose regulation, fat breakdown, blood pressure, and mood. Alcohol-induced cortisol excess can mimic Cushing's disease (a condition associated with excess cortisol production, often caused by a tumor on the adrenals) and is known as pseudo-Cushing's disease. Alcohol affects the hypothalamus (an area of the brain), where it modifies chemical-releasing factors, which in turn control release of hormones from the pituitary (a gland in the brain linked to the hypothalamus by a special blood supply), which in turn affect endocrine organs throughout the body. Acutely, alcohol also inhibits the release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) from the posterior pituitary, which results in increased urine production. The best documented chronic endocrine effect of alcohol is male hypogonadism, a condition resulting from low sex-hormone function. Signs of the condition are...

Yerba del pasmo Yohimbe

Ylimeno Colloquial term for effects of LSD being too strong. Yoco Anadenanthera peregrina. Yodeina Codeine hydriodide. Yohimbe Stimulating tea made of bark from the West African tree Corynanthe yohimbe. Contains several alkaloids, the most important yohimbine can also be made synthetically as yohimbine hydrochloride and be snuffed. The intoxication often starts with 30 minutes of vomiting where after follows a mild euphoria. Yohimbe has been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac. Yohimbin See Yohimbe. Yohimbine See Yohimbe. Yoidore Tenshi Drunken angel. Yololique Turbina corymbosa. See Olo-liugui.

How Can K Channels Contribute to Learning and Memory

Before K+ channel gene cloning, K+ current mutants were shown to be defective in acquisition (Sh5) or retention (eag) of conditioned courtship behaviour.21 Courtship in male Drosophila is a ritual involving reorientation, attempted copulation, licking, pursuit and vibration, and is susceptible to mutation at many loci (reviewed in ref. 51). This behaviour depends on the reception of a pheromone secreted from the female cuticle, and is most pronounced in the presence of a virgin female. Its moderation in the presence of a mated female may depend on the secretion of an anti-aphrodisiac by females that have copulated. The identity of this substance has proved elusive, but its existence would account for the behaviour known as courtship conditioning, in which male flies that have courted a mated female subsequently show suppressed courtship of virgins for 3 hours, and of mated females for 24 hours. As if the mated female had given out a 'mixed signal' of mating and anti-mating substances,...

Balzac On Stimulating Foods

Over the years coffee became domesticated and socjalized-lhe lonely worshippers' drug of fortification became a pleasant beverage, a sparker of lively conversation. The traditional method of making coffee-the roasting, grinding and brewing of beans-was developed in the thirteenth century In 1554 the world's first coffeehouse opened in Constantinople, and soon hundreds more sprang up alL over the Mideast and North Africa. When, soon after, sugar was introduced to the drink, travelers from Europe reacted ecstatically The coffee craze swept Europe, quickly spreading to the New World. While the cultivation of cocoa goes back over 3,000 years, folk history first locates chocolate in the court of the Aztec potentate Montezuma, who puiportedly put away 50 cups of chocolatl in the course of a day more when planning a conjugal visit to some combination of his 700 wives. Exalted in the Aztec court1 as a zesty aphrodisiac, chocolate was the subject of a lot of bad press following its...

The Lure Of The Mandrake

International Women Day

Arc each expanded to the fullest so that people experience overwhelming, oceanic sexual desire for those they find attractive and total repugnance for those that tui us them off Tripping drugs of another type have been used as aphrodisiacs and fertility aids since Old Testament days at the very least In Genesis 30 14-17, the childless Rachel wants her sister Leah's mandrakes so much that she lends her man to Leah for a night in exchange for the magical roots. Mandrake, along with datura (jimson weed), deadly nightshade (belladonna) and henbane, (thorn apple), contains the powerful alkaloids scopolamine, atropine and hyoscyamine. Sometimes called the belladonna alkaloids, these drugs pack profound, otherworldly and unpredictable highs. People often experience the sensation of flying and hallucinations that can completely replace reality for extended periods of time, unlike the everchanging visual tricks that characterize the LSD trip. The main aphrodisiacal effect of these substances...

Deatf and Rebirtl in Santo Daime

Santo Daime

After ingesting the tea, I lay down and relaxed. Soon my body was taken over by powerful physical sensations, starting with an intense sexual arousal. I had visions of flames in the pelvic area rising up through my spine in undulating movements. The perception of my body changed and took the form of a leopard. It was as if I actually was a leopard, an animal that has been present in my dreams for many years. I felt the alertness, the ease, strength, and total surrender to the power of instinct.

Ape Drunk Colloquial term for being slightly

Aphrodisia Greek aphrodisia sexual pleasures, sexual excitement. See Aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiac 1. Exciting the libido. 2. Any drug that arouses the sexual instinct. Aphrodisiacs are agents reputed to stimulate or excite sexual desire. Throughout the ages many foods have been considered sexual stimulants. Similar claims have been made for alcohol, amfetamines, cocaine, LSD, marijuana, morphine, opium, and mescaline. These substances break down inhibitions, the cause of much sexual malfunctioning but if taken in large enough quantities, they diminish rather than enhance sexual capacity. Cantharides (Spanish fly) and yohimbine are also considered aphrodisiacs. The former, by irritating the genitourinary tract and concomitantly dilating the associated blood vessels, does produce a certain stimulation of the genitals, and yo-himbine stimulates the spine nerve centers that control erection. dilate blood vessels, is reputed to intensify orgasmic pleasure again, valid data for aphrodisiac...

Psychedelics And Society

It is often said that psychedelics have no recognized medical use. Anyone who examines the technical literature with even a modicum of critical competence realizes that this is true simply because there has been virtually no adequate research. Psychedelics clearly have tremendous potential in medicine (e.g., psychotherapy, antide-pressants, appetite stimulators, analgesics, aphrodisiacs, etc.) as well as in biology and psychology. Psychotherapy is the most obvious area of application, and though many studies have been done, very few deserved publication. Careful selection of subjects, adequate *

Siberian Ginseng Asian Ginseng and Ashwagandha

More recently, Ashwagandha (loosely also called Indian ginseng) has become available on the U.S. market. Although labeled as ginseng products, this herbal supplement is prepared from entirely different plants. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years as an aphrodisiac, liver tonic, anti-inflammatory agent, and astringent. The major biochemical constituents

Family Caesalpiniaceae R Brown in Flinders 1814 nom conserv the Caesalpinia Family

Caesalpiniaceae Family Characteristics

Pharmaceutical interest Classical examples of Caesalpiniaceae are Ery-throphloeum guineense G. Don (sassy bark), Hymenaea courbaril L. (locust) and Copaifera pubiflora Benth. (purple heart wood).The pods of Cassia senna L. (Alexandrian senna) and Cassia angustifolia Vahl (Tinnevelly senna) have been used from time immemorial to relieve the bowels of costiveness on account of laxative anthraquinone glycosides. Tamarindus indica L. (tamarind) has been used for the same purpose but on account of organic acids. Caroub flour, obtained from the seeds of Ceratonia siliqua L., is an effective absorbent to stop diarrhea in infants. The seeds of Trigonella foenum graecum L. (fenugreek) are of dietetic value as the galactomannans they abound with lower gly-caemia, cholesterolaemiaand lipidaemia. Of relatively recent interest is cesalin characterized from Caesalpinia gilliesi which has been scheduled for use in pharmacology as a chemotherapeutic agent. Medicinal Caesalpiniaceae often owe their...

Khat For Lowers Blood Sugar

Although khat has no approved medical use in the United States, elsewhere it is used against depression, stomach problems, headaches, coughs, as a mild stimulant, appetite suppressant, bronchodilator, aphrodisiac, and as a gonorrhea remedy. An antiinflammatory compound has been found in the natural product. Khat raises body temperature, breathing rate, blood pressure, heart action, and muscle tension. Additional information. Khat's main effects are attributed to the presence of the illegal drug cathinone (also called norephedrone), which is similar to dextroamphetamine and can be manufactured in a laboratory. Volunteers taking cathinone show higher blood pressure and pulse rate, feel pepped up, and have a brightened mood. Scientists believe the substance has pain-relieving properties when given to rats. Animal experiments indicate the drug has 50 or more of amphetamine's strength and that caffeine has a multiplier effect, boosting the impact of a cathinone dose. Animal experiments...

Cannabis Intoxication And Its Similarity To That Of Peyote And LSD

Whatever aphrodisiac qualities cannabis may possess, virtually all investigators agree these are cerebral in nature and due to the reduction of inhibition and increased suggestibility. It is probable that it is little, if any, more effective than alcohol in this respect. In fact, Chopra writes, 'Amongst profligate women and prostitutes bhang-sherbet used to be a popular drink in the course of the evening when their paramours visited them. This practice has, however, been largely replaced by the drinking of alcohol which is much more harmful.'11 Chopra also mentions that certain 'saintly people who wish to renounce world pleasure use cannabis drugs for suppressing sexual desires.'

Hair Growth Disorders

The clinical dose of finasteride is well tolerated. The main side effects reported in phase III clinical studies were sexual function disorders including decreased libido, ejaculation disorders, and erectile dysfunction. All these sexual disorders were mild-to-moderate and were reversed on discontinuation of the drug, and in some patients, they resolved even with continued therapy (86). A 5-mgdose in hirsute women was well tolerated with no significant side effects, although the risk of developing abnormalities in the external genitalia of male fetus, if the drug is taken or a crushed tablet is handled by a pregnant woman, causes a great

Most Parents Dont Know If Their Teen Is Depressed

Obesidad Sobrepeso Quotes

Joseph Glenmullen, author of Prozac Backlash, has another view on antidepressant use for teenagers. He tells the story of a depressed high school student who he counseled and hesitantly prescribed antidepressants to. Her depression appeared to get better, although she still complained of anxiety and family stress. After about a year or so, the girl began to voice concern over her lack of interest in boys. All her other friends, she noted, were completely crazy about boys, talking about them incessantly, and getting excited about sex. The girl was completely unaware that the SSRI she was taking often decreases sexual desire and responsiveness. After Glenmullen told her of this side effect, he suggested she taper off her antidepressant use. After a few months, the girl was gratified to discover her increasing awareness of boys and feelings of desire.

Marijuana Medicine in 19th Century America

By the 1890s, some of the most popular American marriage guides recommend cannabis as an aphrodisiac of extraordinary powers no one ever suggested a prohibition law against cannabis. And while there was talk of an alcohol prohibition law, a number of women's temperance organizations even suggested hasheesh as a substitute for demon alcohol, which they said led to wife beating.

Ginseng and Male Sexual Behavior

Abstract Ginseng is widely used in Asian countries as a tonic to promote and maintain good health and as a constituent in herbal medicines used to treat various diseases, including liver dysfunction, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, postmenopausal symptoms, and impotence. Very few controlled clinical studies have been performed to validate the medicinal use of ginseng or its constituents in humans. However, laboratory studies, primarily using rodents, have elucidated potential medical uses for ginseng and ginsenosides in the treatment of a number of human disorders, including impotence and loss of libido. Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolius have both been shown to enhance male cop-ulatory behavior in laboratory studies. Human studies have suggested that ginseng ingestion may be a safe and effective alternative method for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Ginsenosides have been shown to interact with steroid receptors and, through nongenomic pathways,...

General adverse reactions

There are clear differences of opinion about the use of androgens in women. An Australian reviewer has argued that women may have symptoms secondary to androgen deficiency and that prudent'' androgen replacement can be effective in relieving both the physical and psychological symptoms of such insufficiency (13). The reviewer suggested that testosterone replacement for women is safe, with the caveat that doses should be restricted to the therapeutic window for androgen replacement in women, such that the beneficial effects on well-being and quality of life are achieved without incurring undesirable virilizing effects. The predominant symptom of women with androgen deficiency is claimed to be loss of sexual desire after a premature or natural menopause, while other indications for androgens include premenopausal iatro-genic androgen deficiency states, glucocorticoid-induced bone loss, management of wasting syndromes, and possibly premenopausal bone loss, premenopausal loss of libido,...

Marijuana And Alcohol

Marijuana is currently popular at Oxford and other universities. It is generally smoked in the company of others and its chief effect seems to be an enhanced appreciation of music and color together with a feeling of relaxation and peace. A mystical experience of being at one with the universe is common, which is why the drug has been highly valued in Eastern religions. Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not lead to aggressive behavior, nor is it aphrodisiac. There is no hangover, nor so far as is known, any deleterious effect. As with other drugs, there may be some danger that people turn to it as an habitual escape from life's problems.' Its supposed pleasures have at times been rather tediously over-sold. Much has been made of the supposed aphrodisiacal quality of cannabis. Shaw once argued that the great majority of sexual encounters take place out of boredom because the individuals concerned cannot think of anything else to do. Under the influence of cannabis, when most things are...

Ginseng and Copulatory Behavior Animal Studies

Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolius have both been shown to enhance male copulatory behavior in laboratory studies (Table 4.1) 18-20 . Copulatory behavior can be examined in male rodents by placing them with sexually receptive female conspecifics and measuring the following parameters mount latency time from introduction of the female until the first mount with pelvic thrusting intromission latency time from introduction of the female until first mount with pelvic thrusting and vaginal penetration ejaculation latency time from the first intromission until ejaculation and postejaculatory interval or the refractory period time from ejaculation until next intromission. A reduced latency to mount the female would indicate increased male sexual arousal, whereas a decreased latency to intromit or ejaculate would be indicative of increased copulatory performance. In male mice whose normal copulatory behavior was compromised as a result of prolonged individual housing, the daily...

Immunomodulatory Effects of Phytocompounds

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a Brazilian native plant with aphrodisiac properties that also has a stimulant effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system. Most of its properties are due to its caffeine content and related compounds such as theophylline, which are also presented as medicinal products for enhancing analgesic and bronchodilatory effects. However their potential risks to human health are not known.

Classical Herbal Drugs of Abuse 1931 Cannabis and Tetrahydrocannabinol

Cannabis is reported to have been first used by the Chinese in 2737 BCE. It was also known on the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula well before the birth of Christ as an herbal remedy. The remains of cannabis seeds discovered in Germany date to 500 BCE. Cannabis was used as an antimalarial and antirheumatic drug, a narcotic, an aphrodisiac, a carminative, and as a remedy to treat nausea and headache.

Cannabis in India ancient lore and modern medicine

In the Sushruta Samhita (meaning the verses of Sushruta), perhaps dating from the third to the eighth centuries bce, cannabis was recommended for phlegm, catarrh and diarrhea 18 . As noted, an anti-phlegmatic would be interpreted in Ayurvedic medicine as possessing a wide variety of effects. Similarly, Dwarakanath 19 has maintained that cannabis was employed in Indian folk medicine in aphrodisiacs and treatments for pain in the same era 19 , while Sanyal observed 20 that They also used the fumes of burning Indian Hemp (Canabis Indica) sic as an anaesthetic from ancient times . the exciter of sexual desire, the rejoicer, delight-giver, causer of elation the exciter of sexual desire

Contributors The Drugs

ROBERT LEMMO got his journalistic feet wet at ihe Long Island Press where he was a copy person. After dabbling in college publications, he founded (wilh Bob Sacks and Andy Kowl) The Express, a New York alternative magazine that he edited for two raucous years. He began working for Trans-High Corp. (parent company of High Times) in 1974 and is currently Senior News Editor of High Times. Lemmo was the executive editor of the encyclopedia as well as the author of Chapter Four Household Highs,, ' Chapter Five Aphrodisiacs and Chapter Eleven Pharmaceuticals. 5. Aphrodisiacs 97

The Effects Of Lsd On Animals

LSD has been reputed to have aphrodisiac effects in man (Leary, 1966), but one investigator reported that sexual activity in rats was depressed by LSD (Gillette, 1960). On the other hand, Bignami (1966), working in Frank Beach's laboratory, reported that LSD, as well as a variety of other stimulants, increases the sexual activity of rats.

The Medical Use Of Cannabis Sativa

Charas is the resinous exudation that collects on the leaves and flowering tops of the plants. It is the most active part of the plant and is a valuable narcotic, especially in cases where opium cannot be used. It is of great value in malaria, chronic headache, migraine, acute mania, whooping cough, asthma, anaemia of the brain, nervous vomiting, tetanic convulsion, insanity, delirium, dysuria and nervous exhaustion. It is also used as an anesthetic in dysmenorrhoea, as an appetizer and aphrodisiac, as an anodyne in the itching of eczema, in neuralgia, in pain from the various kinds of corns, etc. Homeopathic-ally it is a wonderful remedy for stuttering, yielding remarkable results. In the lower potencies, it is used against bladder troubles with urine retention and painful urges. It has been known to relieve the symptoms in cases of oppressed breathing and palpitation. It is also given against nightmares. Charas is given in doses from one-sixth to one-fourth of a grain, and is also...

Nutmeg in European Medicine

Nutmeg achieved great importance in European medicine in the Middle Ages, but it was apparently unknown to the Greeks and Romans. In fact, it does not seem to have reached Europe until the first centuries of the Christian era, presumably through the agency of Arabian spice traders. Arab physicians set down its numerous therapeutic applications as early as the seventh century, but in Europe it is nowhere mentioned in literature until the twelfth century, and its source, the Banda (Nutmeg) Islands in the East Indies, was to remain unknown until the Portuguese reached them in 1512. It is not generally realized that early exploration by the Portuguese and their European rivals was largely spurred by the search for nutmeg and other precious spices of the Orient, which in those days were much sought after not as condiments but as medicines, among them narcotics and aphrodisiacs as well as panaceas. Nutmeg was, in fact, widely regarded as an effective aphrodisiac and still enjoys that...

Sexual and reproductive function

Ironically, some of the drugs that increase a teen's risk of engaging in sexual activity can also impair his or her sexual and reproductive functioning. A large number of studies have shown a link between alcohol use and sexual dysfunction. According to Medications That May Contribute to Sexual Disorders, a 1997 article in the Journal of Family Practice, chronic alcohol abuse can suppress normal hormonal functions such as sexual arousal. It can also reduce the size of the testes. The 2003 Health Professionals Follow-up Study reported that impotence was more common among men who drank alcohol. Drugs other than alcohol can also have a negative effect on sexual function. The 1997 article reported that cocaine use may hinder the ability to attain an erection or achieve orgasm. Like cocaine, chronic use of amphetamines also affects orgasm and erection. Barbiturates can impact sexual function as well by reducing desire and making it difficult to achieve erection or orgasm. A 1996 article,...

An estrogen an androgen

Finally, androgens actually appear in some respects to counter the desired effects of estrogens in this patient group. Doppler flowmetry has been used to study the cardiovascular effects of adding an androgen to an estrogen in an open, randomized study in 40 patients over 8 months, all of whom were using transdermal estradiol (50 micrograms day) and cyclic medroxyprogesterone acetate (10 mg day) (4). Half of the subjects then received additional testosterone undecanoate (40 mg day). The investigators concluded that while the androgen improved sexual desire and satisfaction and had no effect on endometrial thickness, it did in part counteract the beneficial effects of the estrogens on cerebral vascular activity and lipids. The most notable change was a significant increase in the pulsatility index of the middle cerebral artery. The androgen also resulted in a 10 reduction in HDL


Effects Contains cineole, a mild central nervous system stimulant, which may account for its reputation in Arab cultures as a male aphrodisiac. Cineole also kills bacteria that cause bad breath, and cardamom has been used to treat asthma, emphysema, gas, heartburn, acid indigestion, laryngitis, and vaginitis. Cardamom also contains the compound borneol, which is helpful in treating gallstones.


Been evaluated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study in 25 children with Down syndrome (60c). Piracetam did not enhance cognition or behavior, but was associated with adverse events 18 children completed the study, four withdrew, and three were excluded at baseline. The adverse events were CNS related, such as aggression (n 4), agitation irritability (n 2), sexual arousal (n 2), poor sleep (n 1), and reduced appetite (n 1).


The recreational use of cannabis likely followed its early prescription for physical ailments. The intoxicating effects of the plant may have contributed to the ancient Scythian practice of huffing the smoke during funerals, as first reported in 450 B.C. By 100 A.D., the Chinese Taoists used the drug to induce visions. The intoxicant inspired stories of sexual arousal, like the one in 1,001 Nights, which appeared by 1200 A.D. News of the drug's psychoactive properties spread throughout Europe. Napoleon's soldiers brought hashish to France from Egypt in 1798. Moreau, the French physician, supplied the drug to many French artists and writers in the middle of the 1840s. Literary work about hashish contributed to experiments in the United States, where Fitz Hugh Ludlow published a tale of his intoxication in 1857. Use did not spread in America until after the turn of the century. By the 1930s, the drug was illegal in every state. Despite this legislation, use increased in the 1960s and...


AKA Turnera aphrodisiaca, Turnera diffusa. Effects It may have a calming or sleep-inducing effect. It is traditionally thought of as an aphrodisiac, and has been used to treat impotence and sterility, not to mention diabetes, kidney disease, bladder infections, asthma, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. Precautions It can interfere with the absorption of iron. Evidence for its supposed aphrodisiac qualities is only anecdotal, though it is generally considered a safe herb. There appear to be no reports of toxicity.


Effects Traditionally used as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, and appetite suppressant, and used by herbalists to treat diarrhea, fever, and headaches. It does not cause the caffeine jitters that coffee normally does, possibly because the fats and oils in the seeds allow the caffeine to be digested much more slowly, resulting in a milder and longer-lasting high, though research has, as yet, not borne this out. The various saponins in guarana may enhance the health benefits of this herb.

Tongkat Ali

Results showed that E. longifolia enhanced the sexual qualities of the middle-aged male rats by decreasing their hesitation time compared to controls throughout the study time 50 . The authors used the outcome of this study to support the folk use of E. longifolia as an aphrodisiac. Another study evaluated the effect of tongkat ali in sexually sluggish old male rats, 24-month-old rats and retired breeders 51 . The rats received 200, 400, or 800 mg kg of various fractions of E. longifolia Jack, twice daily, for 10 d. The control rats received 3 ml kg of normal saline. Ang et al. monitored the effect of treatment by the act of yawning and stretching. This is because yawning, either alone or associated with stretching, is considered an ancestral vestige surviving throughout evolution that promotes sexual arousal. They showed that 800 mg kg of E. longifo-lia Jack increased yawning by 50 and stretching by 16.7 in sexually sluggish old male rats, by 676 to 719 and 31to 336 ,...


Yohimbine is derived from the bark of the West African yohimbe tree. It is an indole alkaloid that has been reputed to have aphrodisiac properties for over 70 years. Pharmacologically it is an alpha-2-adrenergic antagonist, and its activity is mediated by blocking these receptors in the brain.

Sexual Dysfunction

Reduction, skipping of a dose of an SSRI with a short half-life (e.g., sertraline), or changing to an antidepressant of a different class. Anorgasmia may be treated by the addition of yohimbine or amantadine or by the use of bethanechol or cyproheptadine one to two hours before sexual activity. Decreased libido may be treated by the addition of the antidepressant bupropion in general, this agent has the best profile with respect to sexual dysfunction. Trazodone has been associated with priapism in rare cases this must be treated urgently to avoid long-term impairment.

The Case of Dr Leary

The LSD trip-LSD as a ticket to an adventurous journey into new worlds of mental and physical experience-became the latest exciting fashion among academic youth, spreading rapidly from Harvard to other universities. Leary's doctrine-that LSD not only served to find the divine and to discover the self, but indeed was the most potent aphrodisiac yet discovered-surely contributed quite decisively to the rapid propagation of LSD consumption among the younger generation. Later, in an interview with the monthly magazine Playboy, Leary said that the intensification of sexual experience and the potentiation of sexual ecstasy by LSD was one of the chief reasons for the LSD boom.


Precautions Glutamic acid, unable to cross the blood-brain barrier, provides no known benefit. Over 2 g day of glutamine can cause manic behavior. One individual taking high doses of glutamine experienced sleep loss, hyper-activity, and vivid uncontrollable thoughts. In a second reported case, a man taking four grams a day of L-glutamine for three weeks became psychotic, with hallucinations, grandiose delusions, insomnia, and a voracious sex drive. Those with sensitivity to the food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG) may experience an allergic reaction to glutamine.


This drug comes from roots of an equatorial African rainforest shrub called Tabernanthe iboga. Traditionally the natural product has been used in low doses as a mild stimulant, rather like coca or areca nut, to fight hunger, thirst, and weariness and also to improve confidence. The natural product's active ingredient ibogaine was found in 1901. Its stimulant qualities gave it a potential role in Western medicine as a means of treating nervous exhaustion and generally helping sick persons recover from worn-down states. The drug was also viewed as a treatment for influenza and for illness caused by microscopic animals called Trypanosmatina protozoa. None of those applications received wide use. Ibogaine is, however, used as an aphrodisiac and has also seen illicit duty as a performance-enhancing substance in athletics.


Few topics are more controversial in American society than sex and drugs. Their combination often generates confusion and concern. Marijuana's link to sex may be as old as the drug itself. As with other effects, this one first appeared in literature. One of the tales in The Arabian Nights (1,001 Nights), published and popularized by 1200 B.C., mentions sexual arousal in a man who has eaten hashish. Louisa May Alcott's (1869) short story a rePerilous Playa * suggests hashish may speed seduction. Harry Anslinger spun tales of cannabis enhancing sexuality in his hypoactive sexual desire disorder, might benefit from marijuana. The hallmark symptom of this disorder is an extremely low sex drive. A decreased desire for sex commonly arises from medical or psychiatric conditions as well as poor relationships. Once these potential causes have been eliminated, marijuana may prove a fruitful way to increase sexual desire. Despite this potential promise, studies of cannabis's impact on sexual...


Stimulate sexual desire Do I disgust you Does the very mention of what I have done make you want to put this book down now If so, why Is it because you have been told that it is sinful Is it against everything in your religion, or your morals, or values, or whatever else you like to call it For me, looking at images of the opposite sex is stimulating. Like most men, I have a high sex drive, although that doesn't mean I want to have sex every moment of the day. I have been celibate now for over one year. That was a personal choice.

Pregnancy Category B

Some persons experience euphoria from methadone. Unwanted effects can include vitamin deficiency, constipation, sleepiness, breathing difficulty, and low blood pressure. People may feel faint if they suddenly stand up from a sitting or prone position. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, urinary difficulty, sweating, lowered sex drive, and impaired sexual performance are other well-known problems. Liver disease may allow dangerous buildup of methadone levels from normal doses.


Medical uses of methandrostenolone include promoting growth in small boys, although with the risk of accelerating increase in height for awhile and then stopping further increase permanently. The drug has also been used to bring on male puberty when that development is delayed. A research study found that the substance increases sexual desire in men while simultaneously reducing their fertility. The drug has been given to control hereditary angio-edema, a disease producing giant hives on the skin. A lung disease called silicosis has been treated with the drug, and so have burns, cancer, and a type of anemia. Using the substance against a brittle bone condition called osteoporosis has been tried, with mixed results. Protection against lead poisoning was noted in a rat experiment. Levels of triglycerides, which are associated with heart attack and stroke, declined in diabetic humans who received the drug.


Research on marijuana's impact on fertility in human women offers mixed results. One study showed increased rates of marijuana use in women who are infertile. In the infertile group, 61 of the women had used marijuana. In the fertile group, only 53 had smoked cannabis. Nevertheless, infertile women did not use marijuana more often or for a longer period than those who were fertile. The use of cocaine had a much larger impact on fertility. Once the investigators controlled for cocaine consumption and other factors that contribute to infertility, the impact of cannabis decreased (Mueller, Daling, Weiss, & Moore, 1990). In contrast, a later study found that women who used marijuana regularly conceived more quickly than women who did not use the drug (Joesof, Beral, Aral, Rolfs, & Cramer, 1993). Perhaps these data say more about marijuana's alleged functioning as an aphrodisiac than anything about a direct impact on fertility.


Out to be loners with a cold family background Fully 10 said their closest family relationship was with the dog 30 said they weren't close to any family member at all. Almost all the persons using methaqualone as an aphrodisiac had previously been using other drugs for the same purpose. None of the persons seemed capable of intimacy while sober, and all used methaqualone and other substances simply to get intoxicated enough to permit some form of temporary superficial imitation of intimacy. Such drug use has an air of desperation and sadness inconsistent with the normal understanding of what an aphrodisiac does.


Effects A mild marijuana-like high for about an hour. It is said to induce a restful sleep filled with sexually oriented dreams when taken an hour before going to bed, and said to act as an aphrodisiac when taken an hour before sex. The psychoactive ingredient is not known.


Various chemical subvarieties of nitrite inhalants exist. Isobutyl nitrite is popular in some teenager circles and has been called the cocaine of poor people. Although anyone is physically free to use any drug, authorities find that nitrite sniffing has particular appeal to male homosexuals, especially during sexual activity. Aphrodisiac qualities are claimed for the substance. Amyl nitrite sniffers report euphoria and muscle relaxation. Isobutyl nitrite users report losing their sense of who they are and also becoming calm or, in contrast, becoming prone to wild conduct differences that may illustrate the impact that someone's personality and surroundings have on drug experiences. Regardless of exact content of a nitrite experience, sensations are brief. Some persons have confused nitrites with nitrates they have a similar spelling but are different substances.


Guarana (Paullinia cupana Mart.) is a Brazilian native plant, the seeds of which are the only part suitable for human consumption. Guarana seeds derivatives are used as ingredients of a variety of phytopharmaceutical products. Guarana has been shown to be an aphrodisiac and analgesic, and to produce bronchodilator effects over the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems. Guarana seeds contain high concentrations of caffeine (approximately 3-6 ), very small amounts of theophylline and theobromine and large quantities of tannins 83, 84 .

Hashmaking in Greece

Not surprisingly, most of the eating preparations contained large quantities of honey or sugar. Manzul contains about 10 hashish mixed with sesame oil (and often cocoa butter), powdered chocolate, spices and seasonings. A wide variety of crushed or chopped nuts or seeds may be added, and the thick paste is often cut up into flat discs one cm thick and three cm across. Hashish is sometimes added to the helwa (haloua, heluuaj type of confection so popular in the Middle East. These sweets are characterized as aphrodisiacs in Arab mcdicinc with opium, cantharides (Spanish fly) and seeds of Strychnos nux-vomica containing strychnine frequently added. Majagun is very similar except that honey and then gum arabic powder arc added to form a paste which is made into pellets for swallowing. Synonyms are magoon (India), majun (Turkey), and madjun (North Africa). For dawamesk (or dawamesc) the hashish powder or flowering tops are simmered in butter or oil of almonds or sesame and strained. The...

Trompillo Virola

German colloquial term for causing a good feeling. 2. German colloquial term for smoking hashish. 3. German colloquial term for taking drugs. Turnera Humifusa Turnera diffusa. Turnera aphrodisiaca Turnera diffusa. Turnera diffusa Damina The leaves were originally used as medicine by the indigenous cultures of Central America, particularly Mexico. Today the plant is found in hot, humid, climates including parts of Texas. It is used today as herbal mecdicne agaoinst depression and impotence. Damiana has been hailed as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, particularly by the native peoples of Mexico. Other folk uses have included asthma, bronchitis, neurosis, and various sexual disorders. It has also been promoted as a euphoria-inducing substance at various times. Most research has been done on the essential oil of damiana, which includes numerous small, fragrant substances called terpenes. As yet, it is unclear if the essential oil is truly the main active fraction of damiana....


Historically ephedrine has seldom been abused, but in the 1990s it was cited as growing in popularity among youths, as a recreational stimulant with euphoric and aphrodisiac effects. Such characteristics have allowed illicit dealers to market ephedrine falsely as cocaine, methampheta-mine, and MDMA. Some cocaine users find ephedrine less satisfying but still a satisfactory substitute. Reports of ephedrine addiction exist.


For many there will be recurrent episodes. Organic depression is identifiable by pathological sources, such as degenerative brain processes following trauma, tumor development, or infections. In the majority of cases we are dealing with endogenous depression, which is usually characterized by phases of depression alternating with periods of apparent normalcy and manic manifestations, hence a manic-depressive psychosis (Fig. 12-23). In classical endogenous depression, patients show consistent sadness, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, guilt, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite and weight, decreased libido, and personality changes. All these symptoms are amenable to drug treatment. Feelings of self-pity, anger, resentment, and unhappiness frequently are not.

Ansialan Meprobamate

Antacid abuse See Abuse of non-dependence-producing substances. Antagonist A substance that counteracts the effects of another agent. Pharmacologically, an antagonist interacts with a receptor to inhibit the action of agents (agonists) that produce specific physiological or behavioural effects mediated by that receptor. Antalgic Drug alleviating pain. Antaphrodisiac Drug which reduce the sexual desire.

Ginkgo biloba

In their study, all patients (men and women) were taking antidepressants, with the majority of patients taking regular SSRIs. Seventy-six percent of patients reported decreased libido, 54 reported inhibited or delayed orgasm and 19 had difficulty with erections. The authors prescribed an average dose of 207 mg a day to 63 patients while maintaining their regular antidepressant therapy. They found that 84 of patients experienced a positive effect on their sexual function, with more women reporting relief (30 33) than men (23 30). Again, there were no reported side effects 22 . Ginseng has been long alluded to in Chinese folk medicine as a sexual stimulant, and there appears to be some scientific truth to this. In animal studies, a concentration of 1 mg mL of ginseng extract relaxed corpus cavernosal tissue in rabbits. This action was mediated by an increase in the sequestration of intracellular calcium and in the corpus cavernosal sinusoids by an increase in the release of nitric oxide...

Spanish fly

Spanish fly (SED-11,1023), also known as cantharides, is the dried blistering beetle (Cantharis vesicatoria and related species), which contains cantharidin as a major active constituent. A related insect, which serves as an alternative source of cantharidin in the East, is the Chinese blistering beetle (Mylabris species). Spanish fly has gained a considerable reputation as an aphrodisiac, following observations that nearly toxic doses could cause priapism in men and pelvic congestion, occasionally with uterine bleeding, in women. These effects are due to an irritant effect on the genitourinary tract, which could be misinterpreted as increased sensuality. Cantharidin was formerly used medicinally as a counter-irritant and vesicant, but this use has been abandoned because of toxicity.

Toad venom

The dried venom of the Chinese toad (Bufo bufo gargar-izans) is one of the ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine kyushin. It has been used as an aphrodisiac and contains the bufadienolides bufalin and cinobufaginal, which are structurally related to cardenolides, such as digoxin, and create the false impression of high plasma digoxin concentrations (54). Digoxin Fab fragments have therefore been used to treat toad venom poisoning (55).


According to Pelletier 40 an alkaloid is a cyclic organic compound containing nitrogen in a negative oxidation state which is of limited distribution among living organisms . Sometimes it is not possible to draw a clear line between true alkaloids and certain plant bases. Simple bases, such as methylamine, trimethylamine and other straight-chain alkylamines, are not considered alkaloids. Other compounds such as betaines, choline and muscarine (present in fig agaric, Amanita muscarea) are also excluded from alkaloids by some experts. These compounds are synthesized from amino acids and categorized as biological amines or protoalkaloids because their nitrogen is not involved in a heterocycle system. Similarly, polyamines (pu-trescine, spermine, spermidine) are also excluded. Some authorities even exclude the phenylalkylamines, such as P-phenylethylamine (mistletoe, Viscum album barley, Hordeum vulgare), dopamine (banana, Musa sapientum), ephedrine (Ma huang, Ephedra sinica), mescaline...

Ecstasy Introduction

Every weekend around the world, nearly a million people are taking a drug they call Ecstasy They hear from friends and the media that this love drug is an aphrodisiac, capable of creating feelings of love and empathy with others, or that it induces a blissed-out state, marketed as euphoria. The British government estimates that more than half a million hits of Ecstasy are sold every weekend in the United Kingdom, and authorities calculate that the use of Ecstasy increased by more than 4,000 percent between 1990 and 1995. In the United States, hundreds of thousands of doses of Ecstasy are consumed weekly in the first five months of 2000, over four million hits of the drug were confiscated.

Amphetamine Class

Amphetamines stimulate the central nervous system (the brain and associated anatomy). At one time evidence of damage to nerve cells was not clear enough to satisfy some credible researchers that such a hazard exists, despite any theoretical reasons for concern, but in the 1990s evidence was becoming persuasive. Among other things, researchers have found that persons who continually abuse amphetamines and persons with a certain type of organic brain injury ( focal damage to orbitofrontal PFC prefrontal cortex ) have similar problems in making decisions.4 Severity correlates to length of amphetamine abuse. Nonprescription sales have long been banned in Sweden due to kidney system damage, and amphetamines are suspects in liver damage involving hepatitis. Amphetamines also excite the heart, increasing pulse rate and blood pressure. Normally cardiac effects are unharmful but can be risky at high doses. To a lesser extent, amphetamines help to open air pathways in the lungs while...

Cannabis L

This and several other species of Cacalia have been referred to in parts of northern Mexico as Peyote and may possibly have once been employed tor hallucinatory purposes. In Mexico Cacalia cordifolia is a presumed aphrodisiac and cure for sterility. An alkaloid has been reported from the plant, but there is no evidence of a chemical constituent with psychoactive properties


Mixed Use Brindley Area

The use of drugs for the treatment of impotence and other sexual disorders is very old. Yohimbine has been used in folk medicine by men and women for various forms of sexual dysfunction, mainly as an aphrodisiac for over a century. In the United States, yohimbine hy-drochloride has been marketed and prescribed by doctors for more than 75 years (154). Be

Sanskrit Sources

The Cannabis sativa has been used from a very remote period both in medicine and as an intoxicating agent. A mythological origin has been invented for it. It is said to have been produced in the shape of nectar while the gods were churning the ocean with the mountain called Mandara. It is the favorite drink of Indra the king of gods, and is called 'vijaya', because it gives success to its votaries. The gods through compassion on the human race sent it to this earth so that mankind by using it habitually may attain delight, lose all fear, and have their sexual desires excited. On the last day of the Durga pooja, after the idols are thrown into water, it is customary for the Hindus to see their friends and relatives and embrace them. After this ceremony is over it is incumbent on the owner of the house to offer to his visitors a cup of 'bhang' and sweet-meats for tiffin. 'Sidhee, Subjee, and Bhang (synonymous) are used with water as a drink which is thus prepared About three tola's...

Making Connections

E is an aphrodisiac and promiscuity is big. In everyday life men usually repress their 'anima'. Ecstasy forces you to experience what's really going on inside. Diana (who runs her own house club down the block) is amused by Jody's inclination to talk about taboo subjects. Jody goes on proudly, exuberantly, and loud enough for everyone else in the street to hear. Being publicly outrageous is a valued personality trait in E culture adapted from Kesey's Merry Pranksters.

Naturally gay

More recent data using brain imaging has revealed some significant differences in the way the homosexual and heterosexual male brains react to odors. Two compounds, one found in female urine and the other found in male sweat, are suspected to be pheromones based on animal studies. When gay men smelled the male compound, the part of their brain involved in sexual arousal became more active the same happened with women, but not heterosexual men. When gay men smelled the female compound, nothing happened, whereas in straight men the brain became active.

Scotch Broom

Effects Intoxication, relaxation, euphoria, intellectual clarity, and a heightened sense of color for about two hours. It may also produce intense hypnagogic imagery (hypnagogia is the half-awake, half asleep state that can occur just before or after sleep), but not hallucinations. In Europe, it has been used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac drinks. It is used by the Yacqui medicine men of northern Mexico as a supposed hallucinogen, even though its cytisine alkaloid has not been proven to have psychoactive properties.

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