Xray method

As structure and function are intimely related, X-ray crystallography is the most comprehensive technique, which elucides the three-dimensional structure of the molecule. X-ray crystallographic study provides an accurate and complete chemical characterization of the compound. This method has successfully been used for the analysis of such opioid alkaloids as morphine and has evaluated as very precise and even suitable for the research of novelizations of compounds. The use of this method can also help the estimation of the receptor, because compound structure is important in binding to the receptor.

Quinolizidine alkaloid analysis also utilizes the X-ray method, which is based on the absorption of X-rays, diffraction of X-rays, wavelength, and radiant power measurements of X-rays. When an atom is excited by the removal of an electron from an inner shell, it usually returns to its normal state by transferring an electron from some outer shell to the inner with the consequent emission of energy as an X-ray. The X-ray method is applied to quinolizidine alkaloids which have a crystalline form. In this sense it is the same as the RTG methods, which can be applied only to crystalline materials. X-rays can be absorbed by material and this gives rise to X-ray absorption spectra296. The spectrum provides material for the identification of compounds.

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