The Buttercup botanical family Ranunculaceae

The Buttercup botanical family (Ranunculaceae Juss.) (Table 13) yields both L-tyrosine and terpenoid alkaloids. This plant family, which has 50 genera and nearly 2000 species, is situated around the Globe in the temperate zones. Tyrosine-derived alkaloids, such as berberine and hydrastine, occur in the Seal genus (Hydrastis L.). Fangcholine and fuzitine have been reported in the genus Thalictrum (Thalictrum orientale), growing in Turkey127. Terpenoid alkaloids, such as aconitine and sinomontanine, appear in the genus Hood (Aconitum L.). Many other alkaloids have been found in this genus. In Aconitum karacol-icum (Rapaics) from Kyrgyzstan, karacoline, karakanine, songorine, nepelline, 12-acetylnepelline, cammaconine and secokaraconitine were detected164. In Aconitum arcuatum (Maxim.), a new alkaloid, arcutin with antibacterial and medicinal impact, was located165. In Aconitum coreanum (Levl.) Rapaics the tangutisine, acorone, acorridine, coryphine and coryphidine were found, all of which have powerful biological impact166. Methyllycaconitine and barbine are typical in the genus Larkspur (Delphinium L.). Delphinium corymbosum contained delcorinine and delsonine167, while Delphinium poltoratskii was found to hold a lot of alkaloids125. These included methyllycaconitine, lycoctonine, anthranoyllycoctonine, ajacine, karacoline and delpoline.

Table 13 General botanical characteristics of the Buttercup family


Botanical Forms and Parts


Table 13 General botanical characteristics of the Buttercup family


Botanical Forms and Parts


Botanical forms


Climbers (rarely)

Trees (rarely)

Vines (rarely)

Special characteristics

A medium-sized plants

Stems with vascular bundles


Alternate with sheathing bases or opposite


Regular or irregular

Usually bisexual


Achene or follicle or berry-like (rarely)


Seeds with endosperm

A minute embryo

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