The moss alkaloids annotinine, lycopodine and cernuine occur in the genus Lycopodium L. Gao et al.129 reported on the isolation of new alkaloids from the Lycopodiaceae family. Researchers working on Huperzia serrata (Thunb.), Trev. detected huperzine J, huperzine K and huperzine L. These alkaloids have potential effects on Alzheimer's disease. They occur not only in H. serrata, but also in other species belonging to the genus Huperzia. There are other similar alkaloids, such as huperzine A and its derivatives124). Moreover, Tan et al.137 reported on several new alkaloids isolated from H. serrata (Thunb.). They are 11a-hydroxy-phlegmariurine B, 7a-hydroxyphlegmariurine B and 7a 11a-dihydroxyphlegmariurine. Phlegmariurine was also reported in this species.

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