Fluorescence method

This method is based on the fluorescence characteristics of lupanine and its derivatives in l. albus. They have a fluorescence capacity to light of 366 nm284'285'286. Fluorescence is an emission of light from a molecule which is returning to its normal ground state from the lowest vibrational level of an excited singlet state light285. Fluorescence is closely related to absorption, because absorption must precede fluorescence emission. For this method, a UV lamp with light of 366 nm is necessary. Bitter seeds are fluorescent and sweet seeds are not. Generally, the fluorescence method of lupine seed analysis is considered to be qualitative only286. In reality, this method can, after development, also be quantitative. For this purpose, it is necessary to ensure (1) that the intensity of fluorescence is directly proportional to the molecular absorptivity, (2) that the intensity of fluorescence is directly proportional to the concentration of the fluorescent species and (3) that the intensity of fluorescence is directly proportional to the intensity of the incident light285. This method, with some innovations, is also used currently in the detection of other alkaloids, especially for detection of a 9-acridone moiety in UV of 401, 352, 323, 285, 275 and 269 nm and a xanthone skeleton. The fluorescence method is used in the process of lupine seed qualification. This method is relatively easy. The possible risk of the destruction of seeds does not exist. However, this method is not perfect. The humidity of seeds is a very important factor in their fluorescence. The best results have been obtained with 90-92% dryness of seeds.

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