Final product

In many cases, alkaloid synthesis is not the end of the metabolic pathway as part of the secondary metabolism block. An alkaloid is generally the sub-product of this metabolism, and in many cases can be used by living cells in neuro-physiological activity. Part of the alkaloid substrate can again be metabolized to the alkaloid postcursors in the metabolic sub-pathway in the form of synthesis or degradation. In the case of a primary metabolism it is relatively simple to show the final product. In the case of a secondary metabolism, it is not possible in every case to predict the final product, because there are many possibilities of stopping or prolonging the reaction chain according to physiological needs and signallings. Although alkaloid pathways exist, they are parts of the more general secondary metabolism. Alkaloids are not the final products of this metabolism, and their nature is to be a part of the metabolic chains.

2.7.2. Structural approach

Alkaloids as non-final products of the secondary metabolism are very different in their structure and life functions in organisms. Many different groups of alkaloids are known. As mentioned, they have different precursors and rings. They also have different sub-pathways and intermedia.

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