Calorimetry method

The idea of calorimetry is based on the chemical reaction characteristic of molecules. The calorimetry method does not allow absolute measurements, as is the case, for example, with volumetric methods. The results given by unknown compounds must be compared with the calibration curve prepared from known amounts of pure standard compounds under the same conditions285. In practical laboratory work there are very different applications of this method, because there is no general rule for reporting results of calorimetric determinations. A conventional spectrophotometry is used with a calorimeter285. The limitations of many calometric procedures lie in the chemical reactions upon which these procedures are based rather than upon the instruments available287. This method was first adapted for quinolizidine alkaloid analysis in 1940 by Prudhomme, and subsequently used and developed by many authors. In particular, a calorimetric microdetermination of lupine and sparteine was developed in 1957281. The micromethod depends upon the reaction between the alkaloid bases and methyl range in chloroform.

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