Yerba del pasmo Yohimbe

Yerba mala Colloquial term for PCP and marijuana.

Yerbanis Tagetes.

Yerva mora Atropa belladonna.

Yesca Colloquial term for marijuana.

Yesco Colloquial term for marijuana.

Yesil Turkish colloquial term for hashish.

Yesilimsiler Turkish colloquial term for am-


Yesillik Turkish colloquial term for marijuana.

Yeta Argentinean colloquial term for a drug ampule.

Yets (came of the) Colloquial comparative term which indicates problems that have not occurred as yet, and which convinces many drinkers that they are not alcoholic and therefore may continue to drink (as in, "I haven't lost my license/job/wife yet"). Yets (the) Colloquial term for [12 Step term] those negative results of drinking which have not occurred at the present time but will probably occur if drinking.drugging continues (e.g., lost jobs, family, car, DUI, other). Yeyo Spanish colloquial term for cocaine. Yh I Pemoline.

Yhuba gold Colloquial term for marijuana from Yhuba.

Yierba Mexican colloquial term for marijuana.

Yimyom Colloquial term for crack. Ying Colloquial term for marijuana. Ying Yang Colloquial term for LSD on paper.

Ying gee Colloquial term for marijuana. Ying por tor or Colloquial term for a method of heroin smoking: heroin is added to a cigarette or is dusted into the burning end. Yipee beans New Zeeland colloquial term for amfetamine.

Ylimeno Colloquial term for effects of LSD being too strong. Yoco Anadenanthera peregrina. Yodeina Codeine hydriodide. Yohimbe Stimulating tea made of bark from the West African tree Corynanthe yohimbe. Contains several alkaloids, the most important yohimbine can also be made synthetically as yohimbine hydrochloride and be snuffed. The intoxication often starts with 30 minutes of vomiting where after follows a mild euphoria. Yohimbe has been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac. Yohimbin See: Yohimbe. Yohimbine See: Yohimbe. Yoidore Tenshi Drunken angel. Yololique Turbina corymbosa. See: Olo-liugui.

Yop Anadenanthera peregrina. Yopa Anadenanthera peregrina. Yopo 1. Epena. 2. Anadenanthera peregrina.

YĆ³po Anadenanthera peregrina.

Yor uba Cannabis.

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