Y Colloquial term for opium.

Y 6047 Clotiazepam.

Ya kayan Colloquial term for amfetamines. Ya-kee Virola.

Ya ma Colloquial term for amfetamines. Ya se llego Spanish colloquial term for effects of marijuana. Yaaseep tit Cannabis. Yabani ot Turkish colloquial term for marijuana.

Yabruh Mandrake.

Yachtjacking Colloquial term for seizure of private motorcraft because they came too close to drug transaction areas, or were mistaken for rival drug traffickers, or were simply desired for drug transportation. Passengers and crew were killed in all instances. For large trafficking organizations the typical vehicles today are planes rather than boats, diminishing the amount of 'Yachtjacking'. Yachuza Colloquial term for organized gangs of Japanese (noted for cutting off a finger to demonstrate group loyalty) and among whose activities are drug sales. Yacoana Anadenanthera peregrina. Yaga-bidoo Turbina corymbosa. See: Ololiugui. Yaga-huii Psidium guajava. Yaga-pi-zija Cacao. Yagabisoya Cacao.

Yage Hallucinogen beverage made from the barque of the tree Banistriopsis caapi, used mostly among the Indians in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.The active alkaloid is harmine. Yage is used after a period of fasting because the first effect is vomiting thereafter comes the hallucinogenic effects. The drug is used by different tribes e g under initiation-rites for boys. The religious believe is that yage can get you in contact with your ancestors and that your soul can fly. Yagona Piper methysticum. Yage Banisteriopsis caapi. Yage cultivado Banisteriopsis caapi. Yage del monte Banisteriopsis caapi. Yage sembrado Banisteriopsis caapi. Yahe Banisteriopsis caapi. Yahoo Colloquial term for crack. Yahoo/yeaho Colloquial term for crack. Yahutli Tagetes lucida. Yaje Yage.

Yaje Banisteriopsis caapi.

Yaji Banisteriopsis caapi.

Yaje Banisteriopsis caapi.

Yajen Banisteriopsis caapi.

Yakee Hallucinogenic snuff made from the resin from the virola-tree.It is used by the yekwana indians in Venezuela. See: Epena.

Yakoana Virola.

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