W German colloquial term for stimulants. W 4020 Prazepam. W 4744 Mecloqualone. W 5759 Tilidine hydrochloride. W 5759 A Tilidine or Tilidine hydrochloride. W-1206 Fencamfamin or Fencamfamin hy-drochloride.

W.M.P Colloquial term for look-alike amfe-tamines - typically caffeine, ephedrine, pseu-doephedrine, and/or phenylpropanolamine. Wac Colloquial term for PCP on marijuana. Wack 1. Colloquial term for marijuana dipped in PCP, dried and smoked. 2. Colloquial term for marijuana. 3. Colloquial term for marijuana dipped in Raid (insect spray), turpentine, or formaldehyde, then dried and smoked. 4. Colloquial term for PCP. Wacked Colloquial term for being under the influence of PCP.

Wacky stick Colloquial term for a joint of marijuana with PCP added. Wacky tobaccky Colloquial term for marijuana.

Wacky tobacco Colloquial term for marijuana.

Wacky weed Colloquial term for marijuana. Wad 1. Compressed ball, roll, or lump, as of tobacco. 2. Colloquial term for cloth soaked in volatile solvent for inhaling. Wada-kaha Calamus. Wafer 1. Colloquial term for LSD. 2. Colloquial term for methadone. Waffles Colloquial term for hits of LSD. Wagen waschen German colloquial term for retrieving heroin from vehicles used for smuggling.

Wahanie Polish colloquial term for sniffing. Wahashupa Brugmansia suaveolens. Wahnsinnsdroge 1. German colloquial term for heroin. 2. German colloquial term for PCP.

Wahrsagesalbei Salvia divinorium.

Wakazepam Oxazepam.

Wake 'N' Bake Colloquial term for getting high first thing in the morning.

Wake ups 1. Colloquial term for amfeta-

mine. 2. Colloquial term for the first shot of drugs taken upon arising.

Wake-amines South African colloquial term for amfetamine.

Wake-up Colloquial term for the first injec tion in the morning.

Wake-ups Colloquial term for amfetamine. Wakovi Colloquial term for mescaline. Waldnachtschaden Atropa belladonna. Waldnachtschatten Atropa belladonna. Waldnachtshatt Atropa belladonna. Walium Diazepam. Walkenbaum Scopolia carniolica. Walkerbaum Atropa belladonna. Walkerbeere Atropa belladonna. Wallop Colloquial term for a beer. Wally German colloquial term for Valoron. Wandu Brugmanisa insignis. Wans Pentobarbital sodium. Wans No.1 Pentobarbital sodium. Wans No.2 Pentobarbital sodium. Waraquol koka Coca leaf. Warch Calamus. Wardamate Meprobamate. Ware Colloquial term for a drug delivery. Warm-gun Colloquial term for a syringe with an injection needle. Was bringen German colloquial term for accomplishing something in the drug scene. Waschen German colloquial term for withdrawing from drug use.

Waschgang German colloquial term for money laundering of drug profits . Waschk├╝che German colloquial term for a place where profits from drug deals are laundered.

Waschmaschine German colloquial term for banking facilities where profit from drug deals are laundered.

Washed up Colloquial term for withdrawing from drug use.

Washington Colloquial term for a 1 dollar bill.

Wasser, Berliner German colloquial term for opium tincture.

Wasson, R Gordon (b. 1903), banker and explorer of the psilocybine mushrooms. Wrote Mushrooms, Russia and History (1975). Wasted

1. Colloquial term for being drugged, very intoxicated with drugs 2. Colloquial term for being drunk, very intoxicated. 3. Colloquial term for being murdered. Wasted, get Colloquial term for getting high on drugs.

Watchuske mitsu in Calamus. Water 1. Colloquial term for metamfeta-mine. 2. Colloquial term for PCP. Water flag Calamus.

Water pipe Gadget that filters and chill the smoke through water. Used for smoking of tobacco, hashish and marijuana. Water test Colloquial term for for checking the purity of cocaine - determines the type and quantity of diluents and cutting agents.

Water wagon Colloquial term for avoidance of alcoholic beverage.

Watering out Colloquial term for drug withdrawal with medication. Watermelon Colloquial term for injecting watermelon with absolute alcohol and letting the fruit soak up the alcohol - looks innocuous, can be traumatic to an unsuspecting consumer - used in fraternity parties to get women drunk (also grapes and other fruits). Waterpipe Gadget that filters and chill the smoke through water. Used for smoking of tobacco, hashish and marijuana. Wati Piper methysticum. Watts, Alan (1915-1973), brittish priest inspired of asian religiojns. 20 years old, he wrote The Spirit of Zen. that later became a cult book for the hippie movement. He favored the use of LSD and other hallucinogens to deepen the religious exeperiences. Wave Colloquial term for crack. Wavering Winnifred Colloquial term for euphemism about spouses of alcoholics which indicates the ambivalence created by living with a person who is sometimes "dry" and sometimes "wet" and different. Wax Colloquial term for wax impregnated with PCP, and occasionally with other substances, which is smoked in a pipe. Way down Colloquial term for being in dire need of drugs.

Way out 1. Colloquial term for impossible to comprehend. 2. Colloquial term for the best. 3. Film released in 1996. Director Irvin Shortess Yeaworth, Jr. The psychology of drug addiction is examined in this thought-provoking drama. The trouble begins when Raymond introduces his friend Angel, a worker at a brokerage, to crack cocaine. The powerful drug radically changes Angel's life and soon he has quit his job to become a fulltime dealer to insure a constant supply. His wife Monika initially objects, but then she finds herself liking their higher standard of living. But things begin to go wrong when Angel becomes increasingly paranoid and abusive. Meanwhile, Raymond finds himself on a grand power trip because he is a major dealer; he and Angel have a fight and suddenly Angel finds himself without a source. In desperation he does anything he can, no matter how degrading or dangerous, to find enough crack to sell. He is unmindful of his disintegrating family. Interestingly, the film's story is based on a series that had been found in a Bronx tenement. The filmmakers found the author, also named Angel, and have since sponsored his rehabilitation efforts; WC-rol Dutch colloquial term for device for smoking hashish or marijuana.

WCO World Customs Organization. We-we Colloquial term for marijuana. Weak head Colloquial term for hashish or marijuana user.

Weasel dust Colloquial term for cocaine. Webb v. US Colloquial term for 1919 federal law which made a crime to prescribe narcotics to an addict to maintain his/her use or comfort.

Wechel Calamus.

Weckamine German word for amfetamine. Wedding bells Colloquial term for LSD. Wedding bells acid Colloquial term for LSD.

Wedge Colloquial term for LSD. Wedges Colloquial term for LSD. Wee Cannabis. Wee-kees Calamus. Wee-wee Colloquial term for marijuana. Weed 1. Colloquial term for tobacco. 2. Colloquial term for a cigarette. 3. Colloquial term for marijuana. 4. Colloquial term for a mixture of marijuana and PCP. Weed M Colloquial term for weak marijuana growing wild in the USA. Weed eater Colloquial term for a marijuana smoker.

Weed head Colloquial term for s marijuana smoker.

Weed hound Colloquial term for a marijuana smoker.

Weed of madness Colloquial term for marijuana 1930s scare term coined by Harry J. Anslinger, Commissioner of the Treasury Department's Bureau of Narcotics. Weed out Colloquial term for smoking marijuana.

Weed tea Colloquial term for marijuana. Weed, beat the Colloquial term for smoking marijuana.

Weeding out Colloquial term for smoking marijuana.

Weeds Colloquial term for marijuana. Weekas Calamus.

Weekend habit Colloquial term for taking drugs only over the weekends. Weekend tripper Colloquial term for a person who takes LSD only over the weekend. Wehiess Amfepramone hydrochlorides Phendimetrazine bitartrate. Wehkes Calamus.

Weiche Landung German colloquial term for using hashsish to gently come down from a LSD trip.

Weight Colloquial term for a large amount of drugs which is kept at home or at a safe cache. Weightless Colloquial term for high on crack.

Weightrol Phendimetrazine bitartrate. Weihrauchbaum Boswellia sacra.

Weihrauchenstrauch Boswellia sacra. Weiss Niesswurtz Veratrum album. Weisse Engelstrompete Brugmansia sua-veolens.

Weisse Niezwurz Veratrum album. Weisse Trichterwinde Turbina corymbosa. See: Ololiugui.

Weisser Nepalese German colloquial term for hashish from Nepal.

Weisser Riese German colloquial term for cocaine.

Weisser Tod German colloquial term for high grade heroin.

Weisses German colloquial term for heroin. Weissquirlbaum Alstonia scholaris. Wekas Calamus.

Weltschmerz Colloquial term for heroin. withdrawal.

Wen-shee Colloquial term for opium. Wenconal Dipipanone hydrochloride. Werfen German colloquial term for swallowing LSD.

Werkzeug German colloquial term for paraphernalia for drug injection. Wermut Artemisia absinthium. Wermutkraut Artemisia absinthium. Wermutplanze Artemisia absinthium. Wermod Artemisia absinthium. Wernicke, Karl (1848-1905) German professor of psychiatry and neurology in Halle. He published Der apasiche Symtomenkomplex (1874) describing a brain damage mainly among chronic alcoholics, Under ten years he developed the diagnostic methods for Wer-nicke encephalopathy that is the first stage on Wernicke-Korsakoffs syndrome. Wernicke-Korsakoffs syndrom Syndrome of brain damages mainly among alcoholics caused by lack of vitamin B1, tiamin. Wernickes encephelophaty is the acute phase and can with adequate treatment be reversed. Unfortunally the damages is often not discovered until it has been developed into Korsa-koffs syndrome when tiamin not longer in any significant way can influece the brain or eye-muscle functions.The most typical symptoms of Korsakoffs syndrome is disturbance of the memory functions, especially the memory of recent events. See: Amnesic syndrome. Wernicke's encephalopathy An acute, life-threatening, neurological syndrome consisting of confusion, apathy, dullness, a dreamy delirium, palsies of the ocular musclcs and of gaze, nystagmus and disturbances in equilibrium, andataxia. Its most common cause in industrialized countries is thiamine deficiency associated with alcoholism. If not treated immediately with thiamine, the patient is likely to die or progress to an amnesic (ICD-10 E51.2). Named after Karl Wernicke.

Wescomep Meprobamate. Wescophen-S Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Phenobarbital.

Wesmatic Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Phenobarbital.

Wet Colloquial term for currently being a drinker.

Wet brain 1. Colloquial term for edematous brain after drinking. 2. Colloquial term for person with severe brain damage due to drinking.

Wets Colloquial term for paper towel soaked in liquid metamfetamines ("crystal seth") and sold wet.

Wetter ist schlecht German colloquial term for: Drug deals are dangerous at the present time.

Wewe Cannabis.

Weyrauch Boswellia sacra.

WG German colloquial term for a place where people from the drub scene meet.

Whack Colloquial term for PCP and heroin.

Whacked Colloquial term for adultered drugs.

Whacky weed Colloquial term for marijuana.

What do you do? Colloquial term for: What drugs do you use?. What it is like now Colloquial term for [12 Step group term] description of what life in general and specific is like at the present time in recovery, as opposed to the similar events before recovery while drinking and/or drugging.

What it was like Colloquial term for [12 Step group term] description of what life in general and specific was like while drinking and/or drugging before beginning recovery, as compared to what life is like in recovery. What's the word? Colloquial phrase from 1950s - the response was "Thunderbird", indicating desire to drink and have a "good time". Wheat Colloquial term for marijuana. Whee Colloquial term for marijuana. Wheels 1. Colloquial term for amfetamine. 2. Colloquial term for a car used for transport or smuggling of drugs. When-shea Colloquial term for opium. Where is Mary? Colloquial term for: Where can I get marijuana?.

Whickers Colloquial term for drug dealers. Whiff Colloquial term for smoking opium. Whiffenpoppers Colloquial term for amyl nitrite inhaled from ampules. Whiffer Colloquial term for an opium smoker.

Whiffledust Colloquial term for metamfeta-mine.

Whip-it Colloquial term for nitrous oxide, name derives from the propellant.in whipping cream in aerosol spray cans. Whippets Colloquial term for nitrous oxide, name derives from the propellant in whipping cream in aerosol spray cans. Whiskers Colloquial term for drug police agents.

Whiskey Also spelled whisky, any of several distilled liquors made from a fermented mash of cereal grains and including Scotch, Irish, and Canadian whiskeys and the various whiskeys of the United States. Whiskey is always aged in wooden containers, usually of white oak. The name, spelled without an e by the Scots and Canadians and with an e in Ireland and the United States, comes from the Celtic usquebaugh (Irish Gaelic uisce beathadh, Scots Gaelic uisge beatha, both adaptations of the Latin phrase aqua vitae, meaning "water of life"). The earliest direct account of whiskey making is found in Scottish records dating from 1494. The whiskeys produced in each country are distinctive in character because of differences in the method of production, the type and character of the cereal grains, and the quality and character of the water employed. Straight whiskeys are unmixed or mixed only with whiskey from the same distillation period and distiller. Blended whiskeys include mixtures of similar products made by different distillers and in different periods (Scotch) and also whiskeys made with combinations of the neutral whiskeys (which have no distinctive flavour characteristics) and straight whiskeys (U.S. and Canada). Small quantities of other flavouring materials (e.g., sherry, fruit juices) may be included in blends. Governments may require that some whiskeys be aged under their supervision for specific periods. Whiskey wagon Colloquial term for car with many dents and scrapes due to frequent accidents caused by intoxication of the driver. Whisky See. Whiskey. Whisky Galore! Film released in 1949. Alternative titles: Tight Little Island, Mad Little Island. Director: Alexander MacKendrick. A comedy predicated on the notion that all Scotsmen are lushes. The tiny Scots Island of Todday suffers from a wartime whisky shortage. A ship full of the precious liquid is wrecked on a reef. The islanders conspire to smuggle the whisky off the ship right under the noses of the pesky British revenue officials. Numerous clever comic complications occur before the happy ending-which, we are told by the narrator, was not so happy once all the whisky was consumed. Whistling, I came in Colloquial term for being hospitalized in serous condition after drug use.

White 1. Colloquial term for amfetamines. 2. Colloquial term for cocaine. 3. Colloquial term for metamfetamine. White 714s Colloquial term for look-alike methaqualone - typically composed of antihis-tamines (eg. doxylamine or chlorapheniramine and an analgesic such as acetaminophen or salicylamide.

White Christmas South African colloquial term for LSD.

White Demon Film released in 1932. Original title: Der Weisse Daemon. Director: Kurt Gerron. Popular German film star Hans Albers plays the brother of drug-addicted opera star Gerda Maurus. When Albers takes Gerda to a sanitarium, they both become targets of slimy dope peddler Peter Lorre, who fears that Gerda will blow the whistle on him. Lorre kidnaps the woman, leading Albers on a frantic chase. With the help of another opera singer (Trude von Molo), Albers discovers the secret behind Lorre's drug-smuggling operation, rescues his sister, and exposes the respectable "Mr.Big" behind the whole narcotics racket. Filmed in Germany, White Demon (Der Weisse Damon) was also lensed in a French-language version, which also costarred Peter Lorre.

White Eagle Colloquial term for heroin (logo is eagle).

White False-helleborine Veratrum album. White Magic Colloquial term for heroin (logo is Mickey Mouse pointing to the stars). White Night Film released in 1995. Director Arnon Zadok. This upbeat Israeli drama is set within a prison and features real inmates. Filmed in black and white, it is based on prison warden Shlomo Kfir's book. Soon after arriving to the worst wing of a prison, Shlomo, sentenced for assault and battery, is befriended by hardened, drug-addicted prison boss Charlie. Basically a decent fellow, Shlomo tries to help Charlie kick his drug habit so he can leave the drug-filled wing and go to a more humane one. The two make a strange pair and poor Charlie goes through hell as he tries to withdraw from the drugs. Fortunately, loyal Shlomo stands beside him and protects him from the other inmates until the feel-good end. White Owsley's Colloquial term for white tablet of LSD, purported to be highly potent, manufactured by.Augusta Owsley Stanley, III. White Owslies Colloquial term for white tablet of LSD, purported to be highly potent, manufactured by.Augusta Owsley Stanley, III. White Tiger Colloquial term for heroin (logo of tiger).

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