Ultra Rapid Opiate Detoxification

UROD of opiate addicts by naloxone was developed at the University of Vienna in 1987 by Lorimer et al (Lorimer method). During general anaesthesia high doses of naloxone were given. A detoxification of heroin addict could in this way be managed in 2-5 days, the protracted withdrawal response lasted however for several weeks after. In 1994 Legarda et al. developed and modified the method by using the opiate antagonist naltrexone. In contrast to the Lorimer method where the short acting substance naloxone where given intravenously the method by Legarda used long-acting naltrexone via a nasogastric tube. After the detoxification procedure either with the Legarda method or the Lorimer method the patients were treated orally with naltrex-one for 6 to 9 months. The results has been promising and different UROD designs is now developed world-wide. Both naloxone and naltrexone are relatively pure antagonists which block the effects of opiates by competitive binding at the opioid receptors. In practice UROD can be seen as a way to achieve almost instant physical detoxification which creates a good platform for further treatment to overcome the psychological dependence and and for rehabilitation. For highly motivated heroin addicts who are committed to a treatment plan, but fear the painful normal detoxification process, UROD can be an alternative. UROD is however associated with considerable risks, serious adverse events such as inadvertent anaesthetic overdose, aspiration, or death may occur as the inherent anaesthetic risk. To avoid severe and possible life threatening withdrawal symptoms, the patient must be intubated and treated with several substances mainly influencing the functions of the vegetative nervous, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems, this must me done in a professional intensive care setting. Normal opiate detoxification is per se not fraught with a high risk of mortality and it has been argued that UROD has an unacceptable risk:benefit-ratio. On the other hand the drop out ratio in traditional detoxification is very high and the risks of continued heroin use are well-known. Ultra caine Colloquial term for look-alike cocaine (procaine, benzocaine, lidocaine). Ultra set Colloquial term for lidocaine. Ultracaine Colloquial term for ephedrine used to adulterate cocaine or as bogus cocaine. Ultradon Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Methadone hydrochloride. Ultrapyrin Dextropropoxyphene hydrochlo-ride.

UM 1324 Alpha-methylfentanyl. UM 952 Buprenorphine hydrochloride. Umbrium Diazepam. Umbrium 10 Diazepam. Umbrium 2 Diazepam. Umbrium 5 Diazepam. Umburu Brazilian colloquial term for marijuana.

Umenox Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Pentobarbital.

Umfallen 1. German colloquial term for dying as a result of drug use. 2. German colloquial term for making a confession. Umi-Pex Phentermine hydrochloride. Umschlagplatz German colloquial term for a place where drugs are sold. Umsteigen German colloquial term for switching from one kind of drug to another. Umsteigen auf härtere Sachen German colloquial term for switching from hashish or marijuana to other drugs. Umva South African colloquial term for dagga, cannabis. Umya Cannabis.

Un Thai colloquial term for 1.2 - 1.5 grams of heroin no. 4 contained in a 2 x 4 cm plastic receptacle.

Un Singe En Hiver A Monkey in winter. Un pezzo Italian colloquial term for hashish for 10,000 lire.

Uña de gato Anadenanthera colbrina.

Una storia Italian colloquial term for hashish for 50,000 lire. Unacalm Ketazolam.

Unagen Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride. Unakalm Ketazolam.

Uncle Colloquial term for US Federal drug agents.

Uncle Fester Colloquial term for a glass pipe.

Uncle Milty Colloquial term for depressant. Uncle Sam Colloquial term for US drug police agent.

Uncle Sid Colloquial term for LSD. Uncoole Toilette German colloquial term for a toilet which is not often used where addicts go to prepare and inject drugs. Uncumel Phenobarbital. Uncut Colloquial term for pure, not adulterated, drugs.

Under Capricorn Film released in 1982. Director: Rod Hardy. This British TV miniseries, filmed in Australia, is based onthe same source play (by John Colton and Margaret Lindon) and novel (by Helen Simpson) as the 1949 Hitchcock film Under Capricorn. Lisa Harrow stars in the role played for Hitchcock by Ingrid Bergman: the highborn alcoholic wife of lowborn Australian landowner Peter Cousens. Harrow's brother was killed, presumably byCousens, during an attempt to stop the wedding, whereupon Cousens was permitted (under 19th century English law) to emigrate to Australia to begin life anew. Irishman John Hallam, Harrow's cousin, enters the scene. He hopes to bring Harrow back from her drink-besotted state, but this is made impossible due to the behind-the-scenes intrigues of maid Julia Blake, who harbors a fatal secret involving Harrow and Cousens. Under glass Colloquial term for hashish. Under the Volcano Film released in 1984. Director: John Huston. A strange, hallucinatory adaptation of the Malcolm Lowry novel of the same name, filmmaker John Huston's Under the Volcano is set during the Mexican "Day of the Dead" ceremony in 1939. Albert Finney stars as the booze-besotted former British consul to Cuernevarca, who has cut himself off from his loved ones, the better to drink himself to death while surrounded by all manner of skull-and-skeleton decorations. At the urging of Finney's wife Jacqueline Bisset, Finney's half-brother Anthony Andrews goes on a "heart of darkness" search for his missing sibling. It comes as little surprise to discover that novelist Malcolm Lowry was himself a suicidal alcoholic, who poured every drop of his embittered philosophy into the Albert Fin-ney character. If any director could bring

Lowry's difficult novel to life, it was John Huston, whose own record for drunken self-destruction is the source of legend (Huston was the seventh director to tackle the novel, which had originally been optioned in 1957 by actor Zachary Scott). Artists contributing to the fascinating Under the Volcano include the brilliant Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Fi-gueroa, screenwriter Guy Gallo, composer Alex North, and director Emilio Fernandez, cast in a significant cameo as a bartender. Under the influence Intoxicated, especially with alcohol.

Undercover Colloquial term for undercover investigations.

Undercover agent Colloquial term for drug police special agent.

Underground 1. Below the surface of the earth. 2. Of or relating to avant-garde or experimental films, publications, and art. 3. An avant-garde movement. The term was used by the resistance-movement under the second world war but got a new different meaning during the youth revolt during the 1960s hippie-movement. The beat-literature transformed into underground literature, cartoons to underground-cartoons. The term was generally used for drug inspired art often critical and satirical over the establishment and inspired by cannabis and hallucinogens.

Underproof UP. Having a smaller proportion of alcohol than proof spirit. Undestor Testosteron. Une passe Colloquial term for 1 to 2 kilos of cannabis.

Unfall haben German colloquial term for being arrested.

UNFDAC Acronym for United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control. Unforgettable Colloquial term for a deadly combination of heroin, diazepam, and cocaine.

Unhemp Colloquial term for quitting the use of cannabis.

Uni Amobarbital.

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