Racemate de methamphetamine

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Metamfetamine racemate.

Radedorm Nitrazepam.

Radepur Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordi-

azepoxide hydrochloride.

Radiator fluid Colloquial term for alcohol.

Radipon Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Phenobarbital.

Rae 1. Colloquial term for snorting heroin.

2. Colloquial term for snorting cocaine.

Rafe Cannabis.

Raffe Colloquial term for amfetamine. Rafi Colloquial term for marijuana. Rafo Cannabis.

Rag doll Colloquial term for LSD on paper. Raged Colloquial term for drunken, very intoxicated.

Rags Colloquial term for clothing. Ragweed 1. Colloquial term for inferior quality marijuana. 2. Colloquial term for heroin.

Rahat lakoum Turkish colloquial term fo confection containing hashish. Rahekta Colloquial term for being addicted. Rail Colloquial term for a line of cocaine. Railers Colloquial term for cocaine. Railroad weed Colloquial term for marijuana growing wild on railroad embankments. Rainbow Colloquial term for LSD. Rainbow roll Colloquial term for an assortment of van-colored barbiturates . Rainbows 1. Colloquial term for depressant. 2. Colloquial term for Tuinal - a 50/50 mixture of secobarbital (Seconal) and pento-barbital (Amytal) - blue and red colored cap sules.

3. Look-alike Tuinal - usually an antihista-mine such as doxylamine or chlora-pheniramine, plus an analgesic such as acetaminophen or salicylamide. Raining (it is) Colloquial term indicating that drugs have arrived from a supplier. Rainy day woman Colloquial term for a joint of marijuana.

Rajar Argentinean colloquial term for an escape.

Rakete 1. German colloquial term for a large quantity of heroin for injection. 2. German colloquial term for a long thick joint of marijuana. in form of a cigarette. Raketenflugkorper German colloquial term for LSD on paper. Raki A brandy of Turkey and the Balkans, distilled from grapes or plums and flavored with anise. Turkish rnqi, from Arabic 'araq, arrack.

Raleigh, Sir Walter (1552-1618). English courtier, navigator, colonizer, and writer. A favorite of Elizabeth I, he campaigned in Ireland and Cádiz, explored Guiana, colonized Virginia, and introduced tobacco and the potato to Europe. Convicted of treason by James I, he was released for another expedition to Guiana and executed after its failure. His literary works include poetry, memoirs, and a world history.

Ralf Colloquial term for amfetamine.

Ralopar Normethadone hydrochloride.

Ralphing Colloquial term for vomiting after too great alcohol consumption.

Rama Spanish colloquial term for marijuana.

Rambo Colloquial term for heroin.

Rambol Meprobamate.

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