Polytoxicomanie French term for multiple drug use

Polery Drug containing more than one substance under international control: Ethylmor-phine hydrochloride and Codeine. Pombe Alcoholic beverage from Eastern Africa made of durra, maize, rice, batata, millet, honey or bananas.

Pomo 1. Finnish colloquial term fora small glass container with about 1 gram of heroin. 2. Colloquial term for an ampule. 3. Mexican colloquial term for an inhalant. Pomol Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Pemoline. Pomolin BI Pemoline. Pompa 1. Italian colloquial term for an intravenous injection. 2. Italian colloquial term for a syringe.

Pompen Dutch colloquial term for an intravenous injection.

Pompidou-group Group under the European Council for cooperation in the drug abuse field. Named after theFrench president Georges Pompidou.

Pompie Dutch colloquial term for an intravenous injection.

Pompje Dutch colloquial term for an intravenous injection. Pondex Pemoline.

Pondinil Mefenorex or Mefenorex hydro-chloride.

Pondinol Mefenorex hydrochloride. Pong Weight measure for opium in South East Asia, 0,375 kilo.

Pong khao Thai colloquial term for white powder heroin.

Ponnummattai Argemone mexicana. Ponnummattu Argemone mexicana. Pony 1. Colloquial term for crack. 2. 7.75 gallon keg of beer ("quarter keg"). 3. 6 ounce beer [Tennessee].

Poof Colloquial term for smoking ice. Poofe German colloquial term for a bed. Poohbutt Colloquial term for someone who thinks he is a gang member, but is not worthy. Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story Film released in 1987. Director: Charles Jarrott. In this made-for-TV bio-pic, Farrah Fawcett stars as Barbara Hutton, the oft-married heiress to the Woolworth fortune who battled against substance abuse. Poor man's pot Colloquial term for inhalant.

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