Muirungi Khat

Mujer Colloquial term for cocaine. Mujeritas Colloquial term for psilocybine. Mula Colloquial term for courier or transporter of drugs, "mule". Mulatinha Cannabis.

Mule 1. Colloquial term for carrier of illegal drugs. 2. Colloquial term for a drug courier. Muleta Colloquial term for (crutch) a device to hold a marijuana cigarette. Multacodin Hydrocodone bitartrate. Multico Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Phenobarbital.

Multiple Colloquial term for use of several drugs.

Multiple drug use The use of more than one drug or type of drug by an individual, often at the same time or sequentially, and usually with the intention of enhancing, potentiating, or counteracting the effects of another drug. The term is also used more loosely, to include the unconnected use of two or more drugs by the same person. It carries the connotation of illicit use, though alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are the substances most frequently used in combination with others in industrialized societies.

Multiple drug use disorder (F1g) is one of the "Mental and behavioural disorders due to psy-choactive substance use" in ICD-I0, diagnosed only when two or more substances are known to be involved and it is impossible to assess which substance is contributing most to the disorder. The category is also used when the exact identity of some or even all of the substances being used is uncertain or unknown, since many multiple drug users often do not know themselves what they are taking. The French term "polytoxicomanie" conveys a meaning similar to that of multiple drug use, except that dependence on one or more of the drugs taken is assumed. Synonym: Polydrug use (abuse) Multisedil Meprobamate. Multum Chlordiazepoxide. Mumun Piper auritum. Mumun te Piper auritum. Munchies Colloquial term for the intense feeling of hunger and thirst that can follow after smoking cannabis. Munchira Brugmansia candida. Mundidol Morphine sulfate. Mundyadi vatika Cannabis. Mungondo Tabernanthe iboga. containing the stimulant ibogaine.

Mungy Colloquial term for the feeling of having an oily face, especially after LSD use. Muni begum Colloquial term for opium. Munkeredet Norwegian colloquial term for a prison.

Munsh Colloquial term for opium. Munta Colloquial term for cannabis. Muntah Colloquial term for cannabis. Murcil Chlordiazepoxide or Chlordiazepox-ide hydrochloride.

Murder 8 Colloquial term for fentanyl. Murder Incorporated Colloquial term applied to the organization headed by Mafia leader, Buggsy Segal who developed the concept of Las Vegas and owned the Flamingo Hotel in the 1940s.

Murder one Colloquial term for heroin and cocaine.

Murder weed Colloquial term for marijuana.

Murelax Oxazepam. Mureler Colloquial term for LSD. Muriatic acid Substance used in extracting propoxyphene from inhalers for injection. Murphy Colloquial term for morphine. Musaril Tetrazepam.

Muscle relaxer Colloquial term for barbiturates.

Mushies Colloquial term for mushrooms containg psilocybine which produce hallucinogenic effects.

Mushroom 1. Colloquial term for mushrooms containg psilocybine which produce hallucinogenic effects. 2. Colloquial term for LSD on paper.

Mushroom stones Ancient small sculptures portraying humans, gods and mushrooms. Related to the traditional use of hallucinogen mushrooms in South America. Mushroom tea Colloquial term for a tea prepared from mushrooms with strong hallucinogenic effects.

Musiklehrer Colloquial term for a prosecutor.

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