Moramidum corpus intermissum

Moramide intermediate. Morbam Meprobamate. Morbusan Methylphenobarbital. More Colloquial term for PCP. Moreau de Tours, Jacques-Joseph (1804-1884), French physician and scientist. The first to in detail describe hashish psychosis and amotivational syndrome. in his work Du haschisch et de l'alienation mentale, 1845. Leader of the famuos Club des Haschischins. Morel Atropa belladonna. Morelle furieuse Atropa belladonna. Morenas Colloquial term for amfetamines. Morf Portuguese colloquial term for morphine.

Morfa Colloquial term for morphine. Morfeen Morphine. Morfelen Pethidine hydrochloride. Morfeol Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Phenobarbital sodium. Morferidin Morpheridine. Morferidin, -a Morpheridine. Morfeta Argentinean colloquial term for morphine.

Morfeus Morpheus.

Morfex Flurazepam.

Morficon Hydromorphone.

Morfiend Colloquial term for a morphine addict.

Morfii, -ni Morphine. Morfikon Hydromorphone. Morfin Morphine.

Morfin, -a, -a, -e, -ia, -u, -y Morphine. Morfin-N-oksyd Morphine-N-oxide. Morfin-N-oxyde Morphine-N-oxide. Morfin-aminooxyd Morphine-N-oxide. Morfina Polish colloquial term for morphine. Morfina cloridrato Morphine hydrochlo-ride.

Morfina etile Ethylmorphine.

Morfina-N-demetilada Normorphine. Morfinaminoxido Morphine-N-oxide. Morfinisci Polish colloquial term for a morphine addict.

Morfinomano Colloquial term for morphine addict.

Morfla Morphine. Morflen Morphine.

Morfodid Hydromorphone hydrochloride. Morfolil-etil-morfina Pholcodine. Morfoliniel-etielmorfien Pholcodine. Morfoliniletilmorfina Pholcodine. Morfolinylaetylmorfin Pholcodine. Morgonfix Swedish colloquial term for the first drug injection in the morning, especially heroin injection.

Morisqueta Mexican colloquial term for marijuana.

Morkku Finnish colloquial term for morphine.

Morning After, the Film released in 1986. Director: Sidney Lumet. An alcoholic ex-actress (Jane Fonda) wakes from a binge to find a corpse in bed with her. Instead of alerting the authorities, she flees, eventually running into an ex-cop (Jeff Bridges) who agrees to help her unravel the events that led to the crime. Fonda was nominated for Best Actress. Morning anxiety The anxiety alcohol and drug misuser feels when waking up in the morning as the drug effects are wearing off and the abstinence symptoms are felt. Morning missile Colloquial term for marijuana cigarette taken upon first starting the day.

Morning shot 1. Colloquial term for the first drug dose of the day. 2. Colloquial term for amfetamines.

Morning wake-up Colloquial term for first blast of crack from the pipe. Morning-glory seeds Ipomoea purpurea. The seeds contains hallucinogen alkaloids. Lysergic acid amide, the predominant active ingredient, is chemically related to LSD. Traditional ingredients in the beverage ololiuqui, among Indians in the south of Mexico. The seeds with the aztecan name tlililtzin is bioled or is placed in cold water under a long period of time. Other names are piule among the ma-zateques- and chinanteques and badoh negro among the zapoteques indians. The seeds themselves are brown or black, and may be eaten whole or ground. If eaten whole, they will likely pass through the digestive tract with little effect on the user. When seeds are chewed, effects begin within approximately 30 to 90 minutes and are similar to those of LSD. Depending on the variety of the seeds, an estimated 300 would produce effects equivalent to those of a 200 to 300 microgram dose of

LSD. Misuse mainly among teenagers occurs now and then in the western world. Ipomea is a popular plant and the seed providers are sometimes warned not to sell to drug users. The hallucinogen effects are relatively mild and is mainly characterized of visual hallucinations,: Lysergic acid amide may also be extracted from the seeds and injected to produce a more immediate and intense experience. Morning glory seeds are packaged commercially and sold legally. Many varieties have been treated with insecticides, fungicides, or other chemicals that can prove poisonous if enough seeds are consumed. Some varieties have also been specially treated to induce nausea if eaten. Symptoms in overdose are pupil dilation.

Mornital Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Phenobarbital.

Moro Colloquial term for 1 gram of cannabis.

Moroccan gold Colloquial term for hashish from Morocco. Morosan Diazepam. Morostan Diazepam. Morotgara Colloquial term for heroin. Morph Colloquial term for morphine. Morphacetin, -um Heroin. Morpheridin, -e, -um Morpheridine. Morpheridine C20H30N2O3i Synthetic substance, under international control according to the UN Single Convention 1961 and its amendments, Schedule I. Molecular weight: 346.5. Percentage of anhydrous base: 100. Morpheridine hydrochloride C20H30N2O3 HCl. Synthetic substance, under international control according to the UN Single Convention 1961 and its amendments, Schedule I. Molecular weight: 419.5. Percentage of anhydrous base: 82.6.

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