Mexikanischer Stachelmohn Argemone mexicana

Mexiko-Gras German colloquial term for marijuana from Mexico. Mexmizi Artemisia mexicana. Mezapam Medazepam. Mezc Colloquial term for mescaline. Mezcakuba Colloquial term for mescaline, active ingredient from peyote cactus. Mezcal Distilled beverage from agave plant (like tequila). Mezcalin,-e Mescaline. Mezcalina Mescaline, active ingredient from peyote cactus.

Mezcalinero Colloquial term for mescaline user.

Mezepam Temazepam.

Mezepan Medazepam.

Mezkalina Mescaline.

Mezolun-S Methaqualone hydrochloride.

Mezquitillo Turnera diffusa.

Mezulon Methaqualone hydrochloride.

Mezz 1. Colloquial term for hashish.

2. Colloquial term for marijuana.

3. Colloquial term for a joint of marijuana. Mezz roll Colloquial term for a thick joint of marijuana.

Mezz stick Colloquial term for a thick joint of marijuana.

Mezzony Colloquial term for money. Mezzrow, Milton "Mezz" (1899-1972) American jazz clarinetist in the book Dance to black pipe (1946) he gives a classical picture of the jazz clubs and the use of cannabis and opioids.

MF Colloquial term for metamfetamine, short for "mother fuckers".

Mg 1. Milligram. 2. Colloquial term for marijuana.

Mha Thai colloquial term for a drug police agent.

Mha lai kad Colloquial term for being pursued by drug police agents. Mhu Thai colloquial term for opium mixed with tobacco or marijuana which is smoked. Miadona Methadone.

Miadone Methadone or Methadone hydro-chloride.

Miagret Levamfetamine succinate.

Mialgin Pethidine hydrochloride.

Miami Vice Colloquial term for heroin.

Mic Microgram.

Mica Colloquial term for LSD.

Mich Colloquial term for Michelob beer.

Michaux, Henri (1899-1984) belgian-french author and painter, in five books he described the effects of mescaline.

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