Mexican prickle poppy Argemone mexicana

Mexican red Colloquial term for marijuana. Mexican red hair Colloquial term for potent sinsemilla marijuana.

Mexican reds 1. Colloquial term for depressant. 2. Colloquial term for secobarbital (Seconal).

Mexican shit Colloquial term for marijuana. Mexican sinse Colloquial term for potent sinsemilla marijuana with red and orange hairs - imported from Mexico, or grown from seeds.

Mexican thistle Argemone mexicana. Mexican thorn poppy Argemone mexicana. Mexican wormwood Artemisia mexicana. Mexican yellows Colloquial term for pen-tobarbital (Nembutal).

Mexikanerhüte German colloquial term for psilocybe mushrooms.

Mexikanische Zauberpilze German colloquial term for psilocybine. Mexikanischer Beifuss Artemisia mexicana.

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