Methamphetamini hydrochloridum

Metamfetamine hydrochloride. Methamphetaminium chloratum Metam-fetamine hydrochloride. Methanin-diazepoxid Chlordiazepoxide. Methanol CH3OH. A colorless, toxic, flammable liquid, used as an antifreeze, a general solvent, a fuel, and a denaturant for ethyl alcohol. Methanol is a fatal poison. Small internal doses, prolonged exposure of the skin to the liquid, or continued inhalation of the vapor may cause blindness. It can be obtained from wood, but now is made synthetically from the direct combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide gases. Also called carbinol, methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood spirits.

Methaqualon,-um Methaqualone. Methaqualone C16H14N2O. Synthetic substance under international control according to the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971, Schedule II. Molecular weight: 250.3. Percentage of anhydrous base: 100. Blend of meth- and quinazolinon, a derivative of quinoline.

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