Megahallucinogen Colloquial term for STP

Megalomani Illusions of grandeur common symptom with use of stimulants as amfetamine and cocaine.

Megarexi The striving of having as big muscles as possible. Psychological disturbance among many sterioid abusers. Megasedan Medazepam. Megg Colloquial term for marijuana cigarette.

Meggie Colloquial term for marijuana. Megobar Phenobarbital. Mehenxtohku Jimson weed. Mehl German colloquial term for cocaine. Meier 1. Dutch colloquial term for 100

guilders. 2. Dutch colloquial term for drugs worth 100 guilders. Meilax Ethyl loflazepate. Meiriat Phendimetrazine bitartrate or Phen-metrazine hydrochloride. Meiriat 105 Phendimetrazine bitartrate . Meiter Colloquial term for morphine. Mejicanear Argentinean colloquial term for stealing from a drug trafficker. Meklokvanol Mecloqualone. Mekodin Methadone hydrochloride. Mekopon Opium, mixed alkaloids of. Melampodium Veratrum album. Melfiat Phenmetrazine. Melibor Chlordiazepoxide. Mellanol Swedish term for middle-strong beer (3,5- 4,5 volume per cent alcohol) Was allowed for sale in ordinary grocery stores in Sweden 1965-1977. But a strong public opinion criticized it for causing alcoholism and violence among teenagers. Since 1977 it is only allowed to be sold in she state monopoly alcohol stores Systembolaget. Mellow 1. Colloquial term for almost high. 2. A smooth non-irritating drink. Mellow Drug of America Colloquial term for methyldioxyamfetamine. Mellow dude Colloquial term for being an addict for many years.

Mellow yellow 1. Colloquial term for dried banana skins which are smoked. In the late 1960s it was a common believe that scrapings from ordinary bananas when dried and mixed with tobacco or marijuana could give hallucinogen effects, it was called poor mans LSD. The theory was that the scrapings when smoked transformed into DMT like substances. Scientific studies has not confirmed this and self-suggestion, hyperventilation and other ingredients are the possible explanation of the reported effects. 2. Colloquial term for LSD.

Mellowed out Colloquial term for a sufficient drink or drug to obscure troubles, but not sufficient to pass out.

Mellowing Colloquial term for the crash following use of stimulants such as amfetamines or cocaine. Melode Diazepam.

Meloka Drug containing more than one substance under international control: Metamfe-tamine hydrochloride. Melpalzil Diazepam. Melpazil 5 Diazepam. Melsed Methaqualone hydrochloride. Melsed,-in Methaqualone. Melsedin Methaqualone hydrochloride. Melsomin Methaqualone or Methaqualone hydrochloride or Methaqualone resinate. Melt the wax Colloquial term for smoking opium.

Melter Colloquial term for morphine. MEM Pholcodine.

Member Colloquial term for a fellow addict. Memine Pholcodine.

Memmies Colloquial term for barbiturates. Menalgin Drug containing more than one substance whereof one under international control: Meprobamate.

Menchenwurzel German colloquial term for mandrake.

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