Laughing tobacco Colloquial term for


Laughing weed Colloquial term for marijuana.

Laulaa Finnish colloquial term for informing the police about the drug scene. Launching pad Colloquial term for a place where addicts injects.

Laundry Colloquial term for a place where money obtained through drug deals are laundered.

Laureal Phenobarbital sodium magnesium. Laurus sassafras Synonym for Sassafras albidum.

Lauryl alcohol CH3(CH2)11OHA, a colorless solid alcohol, used in synthetic detergents and pharmaceuticals. Lausbeere Vaccinum uliginosum. Läusekraut Veratrum album. Lavabo Levamfetamine or Levamfetamine sulfate.

Lavasyl Phenobarbital. Lavey's bible Colloquial term for bible for Satanic worship by Anton Lavey - satanic worship has been frequently drug associated. Lävorphan Levorphanol. Law Colloquial term for a drug police agent. Laxnnec cirrhosis See: Alcoholic cirrhosis. Lay 1. Colloquial term for selling marijuana.

2. Colloquial term for smoking opium.

3. Colloquial term for a quantity usually 1 ounce, 28 gram.

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