Kick cold turkey 1 Colloquial term for

stop using drugs without any medication.

2. Colloquial term for being in prison and not having drugs.

Kick party 1. Colloquial term for a party where LSD is taken. 2. Colloquial term for a party where marijuana is smoked. Kick start Colloquial term for first drink or drug upon awakening.

Kick stick Colloquial term for a marijuana cigarette.

Kick the habit Colloquial term for withdrawal, originally referred to the muscular jerking of arms and legs during opiate withdrawal, accompanied by muscle cramps and spasms - aches and pains are referred through the nervous system to muscles and bones. Kick the habit on the elevator Colloquial term for mild withdrawal symptoms. Kick, to Colloquial term for stopping the use of drugs.

Kickass high Colloquial term for euphoria resulting from use of very potent marijuana. Kickback Colloquial term for relapse back into drug use.

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