Kalmusrot Calamus

Kalmuss Calamus.

Kalpler Turkish colloquial term for amfeta-mines.

Kali Banisteriopsis caapi.

Kam Sudanese word for cannabis.

Kama Finnish colloquial term for drugs in general.

Kamaistra Artemisia mexicana. Kamarampi Banisteriopsis caapi. Kamashwar modak Cannabis. Kamazepam Camazepam. Kamesvara modaka Cannabis. Kamonga Hashish.

Kamp Danish colloquial term for cannabis. Kampaana wits Brugmansia candida. Kampachu Brugmansia candida. Kampe Colloquial term for cannabis. Kampana nichim Brugmansia candida. Kamuga Colloquial term for cannabis. Kamugo Colloquial term for cannabis. Kamuku Areca catechu. Kamunnu Areca catechu. Kamuyo Colloquial term for cannabis. Kamyon sofoerleri Turkish colloquial term for cannabis.

Kamyon soforleri Turkish colloquial term for amfetamines. Kanab Cannabis.

Kanabira Colloquial term for cannabis. Kanabis Cannabis. Kanal German colloquial term for vein. Kanalschwimmer German colloquial term for addict who injects into a vein. Kanapes Colloquial term for cannabis. Kanapis Colloquial term for cannabis. Kanaster Older term for dark brown tobacco from South America. It was exported in hampers with five to seven big rolls. They where called canastro. Kancavu Cannabis. Kancha Cannabis.

Kanchurai Strychnos nux-vomica South

Asian and South East Asian tree containing strychnine.

Kane Colloquial term for cocaine.

Kane pulver Colloquial term for morphine base.

Kaneder Colloquial term for cannabis. Kanel 1. Cinnamon. 2. Swedish colloquial term for brown heroin for smoking. Kaneli Finnish colloquial term for cannabis. Kanelpulver Colloquial term for cannabis. Kaneuron Phenobarbital or Phenobarbital sodium.

Kang-tau Colloquial term for having the right connections to the source of drug supply. Kangaroo Colloquial term for crack. K'äni bäk el Solandra. Kaninchen German colloquial term for LSD on paper.

Kanjak Colloquial term for cannabis. Kanna 1. Channa. 2. Swedish colloquial term for a syringe for drug injections. Kanne German colloquial term for a small can used for smoking hashish. Kanon 1. Swedish colloquial term for being drunk on alcohol. 2. Swedish colloquial term for a syringe for drug injection. Kanone German colloquial term for syringe with needle.

Kansas grass Colloquial term for marijuana of poor quality. Kantankattiri Argemone mexicana. Kantaridin Cantharis. Kanten German colloquial term for pieces of hashish.

Kanumodic Pentobarbital. Kanuuna Finnish colloquial term for a needle.

Kanyl Swedish term for injection needle, cannula.

Kanylerust Danish colloquial term for jaundice.

Kanylsot Swedish colloquial term for hepatitis from contaminated needles. Kanüle German colloquial term for syringe. Kao-lumin Phenobarbital. Kaologeais Meprobamate. Kaophen Phenobarbital sodium. Kaphebel Phenobarbital. Kappenblume Aconitum napellus. Kaps Colloquial term for PCP. Kapsel Capsule.

Kapu Finish colloquial term for a capsule. Kapula Finnish colloquial term for a capsule. Kaputte Sprüche machen German colloquial term for faking withdrawal symptoms to receive prescriptions for drugs from a physician.

Kaputter Typ German colloquial term for a person whos health is in very bad condition due to drugs.

Kapuzinerchappli Aconitum napellus. Kapuzinerkappe Aconitum napellus. Kar 1. Turkish colloquial term for cocaine. 2. Turkish colloquial term for heroin. Karachi Colloquial term for heroin. Karamello German colloquial term for hashish from Morocco.

Kardus Older term for a square tobacco packing made of paper.

Karee Thai colloquial term for the young leaves of the cannabis plant.

Karellagras German colloquial term for marijuana.

Karidium Clobazam.

Kariertes Motiv German colloquial term for

LSD on paper.

Karmes Calamus.

Karmoplex Chlordiazepoxide.

Karmsen Calamus.

Karomo Methaqualone.

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