Kahtsha itu Calamus

Kahe Coca-leaf.

Kaif 1. Russian colloquial term for hashish. 2. Russian colloquial term for marijuana. Kaifirovat Russian colloquial term for being high on hashish or marijuana. Kainever Estazolam.

Kajara Strychnos nux-vomica South Asian and South East Asian tree containing strychnine.

Kajees Colloquial term for marijuana. Kajola Colloquial term for marijuana. Kajolowo Colloquial term for marijuana. Kaka Cacao.

Kakao 1. Cacao. 2. German colloquial term for cocaine.

Kaki Colloquial term for a person whom the addict can trust.

Kakink Withania somnifera.

Kakku Finnish colloquial term for a plate of hashish.

Kaksonjae Colloquial term for smokable metamfetamine.

Kaktus Colloquial term for peyote. Kaktus basi Turkish colloquial term for peyote.

Kalakuta Aconitum ferox.

Kalamos Arundo donax.

Kalamphetin Metamfetamine.

Kalessen Aconitum napellus.

Kali Colloquial term for marijuana.

Kalidron Phenobarbital.

Kaliedescope Colloquial term for LSD.

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